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  1. 2 hours ago, nico002 said:

    He’s a FA right?

    why aren’t we talking about signing him?

    I'm not a fan, he's a good route runner, has decent speed and good hands, yet there has always been something about him that to me isnt right.   It seems his effort is bi-polar like - some games he's electric, while others he looks like he's just going through the motions and cant wait to go home.

    I hate the thought of trying to protect Darnold with rookies, hasnt he been through enough already?  Most of our cap space should be spent on the two best OL that Douglas can recruit.   Draft a WRs in rnd 1 and rnd 5,  EDGE Rnd 2, G and CB rnd 3, RB rnd 4...and yes Mr. Douglas must hit on every pick.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Guilhermezmc said:

    Who do you rather have amari cooper or Nelson agholor

    I dont want either, especially considering the salary they will command.  I think Laviska Shenault will turn out to be the best WR in this draft and he should be available at 11,  The two best OTs will be gone before 11 and that leaves Austin Jackson who I am not high on and Becton - who is intriguing but certainly not a value pick at 11 as he has a lot to learn.

  3. 28 minutes ago, The Voice of Reason said:

    Brady to Chargers.... BB stays.... McDaniels to Cleveland only on a huge deal (Gruden-esk)... if not he stays in NE.

    I do believe Brady is leaving the Pats - Chris Collingsworth basically said its decided according to his knowledge.  So the question is who will be the Pats QB in 2020?  Stidham has talent but is prolly far from ready for showtime.  Consequently can you picture Eli Manning becoming the Pats starter in 2020?  

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  4. Both Brady and Brees looked old.  Brees looked a lot like post injury Pennington - just cant get enough on the ball to throw sideline or deep middle routes.  I'd grade both on a slight curve tho, as both were short on targets and the Titans and Vikings essentially took Edelman and Thomas out of each game and there were no other reliable targets to throw to.  Having said that, I think Brady has more left than Brees and Bress should consider retirement.

    Once the Texans made adjustments and shut down the Bills run game, Allen looked like garbage in the 2nd half and cost his team a victory by being unable to make accurate throws to open receivers.  

    Losing Wentz basically ended the Eagles chances - McCown painted a nice stat sheet but he was off target a lot and therefore cost the team yards after the catch opportunities and he most likely left a lot of points on the field.  His decision to try and run 8 yards to the end zone at the end was not a wise one considering he's not fast and he looked like he strained a hammy.   Nevertheless,what a performance by Clowney, if he played like that every game he would be worth a huge contract - but how can you trust him considering all the plays and entire games he has taken "off" in the past.

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  5. 9 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    11-5 is the reality.  The injuries and a bad kicker made it 7-9.

    Yes, next year's AFC West NFC West schedule is rough, but Bills and Pats all play the same schedule and we're taking the division so it doesn't matter.

    The playoffs are the key.  Home against Houston.  At Kansas City.  At Baltimore.  We need an offense that can keep up with those RPO quarterbacks and a D that can stop them.  All signs pointing up.

    SAR I

    Hence we need speed at ILB - another reason to ditch Williamson and hope that Cashman is the man.

  6. 1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

    Joe Douglas spoke to reporters for 22 minutes on Tuesday, going over the 2019 season and looking ahead to 2020.

    There were a lot of words spoken, but one simple sentence summed up what lies ahead for Douglas.

    “There’s a lot of work to do,” Douglas said.

    You can say that again.

    The Jets’ 7-9 season showed off plenty of roster holes. Years of poor drafting and poor free-agency decisions have left the Jets with one of the worst rosters in football. Now, Douglas, who was hired in June, gets to start fixing it.

    He laid out what he wants in players to build the culture he seeks.

    “It’s going to take people with the right level of commitment, character and competence,” Douglas said. “Every person, every player that we bring into this building, they’re going to be assessed on their fit within our culture and their ability to help us achieve our ultimate goal, which is win a Super Bowl, year in and year out.”

    Culture is only half of the equation. He also needs to bring in some talent.

    Douglas probably does not need our help, but we’ll offer it anyway. Here is how we would handle the big decisions of the Jets offseason.

    Taking care of their own

    The Jets have just under $60 million in cap space, according to overthecap.com. That number can jump to closer to $80 million with a few cuts – Trumaine Johnson, Brian Winters and Avery Williamson all range from definitely gone (Johnson, Winters) to possibly (Williamson).

    That may sound like a lot of cap room, but the Jets have 22 unrestricted free agents and their best player is going to be looking for a raise, so much of that space could be gobbled up before free agency arrives.

    I would start with star safety Jamal Adams, who has two years remaining on his rookie deal but is underpaid and deserves a big deal. Adams is due to make $3.5 million in 2020, a far cry from the $14 million per year the top safeties get. Landon Collins got a six-year, $84 million deal with $44.5 million in possible guarantees from the Redskins. That is the starting point in my mind for Adams. I would make him the highest-paid safety with a six-year, $90 million contract with $50 million guaranteed, making the team’s commitment to its best player clear. Douglas would send a clear message to the locker room — if you perform, you will be rewarded.


    After Adams, I would try to re-sign Jordan Jenkins, who led the team with eight sacks, and won’t break the bank.

    The Jets need to fix the offensive line in free agency and the draft, but I would re-sign guard Alex Lewis, who played well when he became a starter. I would also bring back tackle Kelvin Beachum with the hope that the Jets land a tackle in the draft who could either play left tackle with Beachum moving to right or play on the right side for one year before replacing Beachum at left tackle in 2021.

    The trickiest decision may be wide receiver Robby Anderson. It is hard to replace speed like Anderson has. However, the prices being thrown around for Anderson would scare me. If I’m Douglas, I am not going higher than $12 million per year. If Anderson gets more than that from another team, wish him well and count on your scouts to find you a speed receiver.

    As for running back Le’Veon Bell, I don’t think the Jets really have a choice. He is due $13 million guaranteed in 2020. No one is trading for that contract and I don’t think it makes sense for Douglas to eat money to make a trade.

    Free agency

    The Jets made a huge splash in free agency last year. They committed $122 million in guarantees quickly as former GM Mike Maccagnan went for it. This year, Douglas needs to be smarter and I think he will be. I already have the Jets making a big investment in Adams.

    If I’m Douglas, I am pretty much sitting out the first two days of free agency when the funny money gets spent. Then, I’m pouncing on value.

    The Jets’ player acquisition priority should be simple: Protect the quarterback and affect their quarterback. That is what the Jets failed to do enough of in 2019.

    Enlarge Image Dante FowlerGetty Images

    Redskins guard Brandon Scherff is the top offensive lineman expected to hit free agency. I think he might be too expensive for my plan, though. The Patriots’ Joe Thuney is scheduled to be free. If he hits the market, that might be a more affordable option at guard.

    The Jets are going to need at least three new starters on the offensive line between free agency and the draft. Getting a guard and a tackle during the second wave of free agency would remove some pressure during the draft.

    Edge rushers are hard to find in free agency. If a team has a good one, it usually does not let him go. Jadeveon Clowney is the big name expected to be free. I would not go near him.

    Bud Dupree of the Steelers is interesting, but Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin said re-signing him is a priority. He also may cost too much.

    Dante Fowler of the Rams may hit the market and may carry a more palatable price tag.

    The Jets also need a cornerback. James Bradberry of the Panthers could be an attractive option.

    One other priority I would have in free agency is backup quarterback. Sam Darnold has missed six games in his first two years. The Jets are 0-6 in those games. Jets coach Adam Gase has not had much success with backups in Miami or this season.

    Teddy Bridgewater may have options as a free agent to compete for a starting job, but if he would entertain coming back to the Jets, he is worth a one-year, $10 million deal like they gave Josh McCown two years ago. The position is too crucial to pinch pennies.

    The draft

    It is impossible to forecast the draft in January. The Jets’ needs are going to change after free agency and players are going to rise and fall on draft boards.

    Enlarge Image  

    The Jets have eight picks, four in the top 80. Those four players need to be starters or major contributors.

    With the 11th pick, the Jets should take the best offensive lineman/edge rusher/cornerback available. This should not be “best player available” and draft another defensive tackle. Douglas should zero in on those three positions and figure out who the best player from that group is.

    The best player at those positions figures to be off the board, but if someone like Georgia tackle Andrew Thomas or Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah falls to the Jets, they should pounce. More likely Iowa edge rusher A.J. Epenesa or his teammate Tristan Wirfs, a tackle, will be the pick.

    Wide receiver is also a huge need for the Jets. The good news is this is a deep draft for receivers, according to the draft gurus. Douglas should be able to find a starter in the second or third round to either pair with Anderson or replace him.

    Like Douglas said, there’s a lot of work to do.

    If Douglas pay $10M for a backup QB I will personally murder him.   If Okudah falls to the Jets and he picks him, same.  1st round pick must be an LT, EDGE or a WR - no exceptions.

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  7. 6 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

    Of us in the rebuild? Can someone find that old thread where about 6-8 of you made the case for how much better the browns would be this season and how smart their front office is?

    That thread aged well...

    Their team was poorly coached, unmotivated and undisciplined.   If they bring in a competent coach who can handle the personalities on the team then we'll see what they can do.

  8. 24 minutes ago, Butterfield said:

    Austin, Maulet, Hairston, Poole and a mid round draft pick seems fine to me.  There are much bigger needs.

    Hell no, unless you are content with playing cover-2.   I dont trust Austin's health - tho I do believe if healthy he has the ability to be above average.  Maulet and Hairston cant play bump n run.  Reasonably speaking - we need one elite edge rusher, one elite LT, one elite OG. one elite WR and one #2 WR, and one elite CB.

    Eunuwa has spinal stenosis - he's done and a fool if he tries to ever play football again.  If he does he will herniate a disk again.

    Positions we are set with:  DL, ILB, S and FS, and TE.  

  9. 3 minutes ago, lounap23 said:

    He has no burst,  where was he bursting to. He was getting tracked down?  He was on a phone booth every play.  He didn't have one run where he was in the open field running free all year. I think your meaning of being tracked down isn't what you think it means.  It's one thing to hit a hole and be running down filed and being tracked down from behind and it's another to get through the OL and trying to make a move to get past the 2nd level and getting tackled or as you say tracked down. Show me one play where he was tracked down from your perspective?  Cause I never saw him tracked down because his burst or speed is gone?  The OL was bad.  With that said I will say this.  Bells style does not fit this OL.  He tries to be patient and let them get to there blocks and create space for him, They never make the blocks they should.  This OL needs someone that sees a crack and immediately hits it and gets positive yards.  Not saying any other RB would have had a great season but a RB that does that might have been better.  Bottom line is fix the OL.  Bell isn't the problem his vision, his burst and his ability is still top notch. 

    Bell was never Shady McCoy - he's never been speedy, he's like Blair Thomas with a brain - he needs to have a paved path to run through and once he gets going, he's a downhill runner who is hard to tackle due to power and moves.   Bell ran a 4.6/40 at the combine, for comparison, Saquon ran a 4.4, Nick Chubb ran a 4.5, Leonard Fournette ran a 4.5, Dalvin Cook ran a 4.5, McCaffrey ran a 4.48,   Bell is slow relative to an elite back...and yes 1 tenth of a  second in a 40yd dash is a big difference.

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  10. 5 hours ago, Newjetsfan said:

    Big Ben averages 1INT a game for the last 6 years...

    Rivers the same...

    Brees as well....

    So they must not be franchise QBs?

    Its more than just interceptions bro - Darnold's inaccuracy and misreads have not improved.  I am hoping an improved OL and WRs will help the jitters go away.

  11. 1 hour ago, Pac said:

    If the Jets don't re-sign Robby then it was idiotic not to trade him for anything they could at the deadline.  Not sure I buy it.

    If the point was to see how he played the rest of the year then he's won.  He's performed well and earned a nice contract. 

    If they let him go even after he proved his worth, then what the hell was the point of giving him the opportunity?  They should have taken a 3rd or 4th and moved on.



    What if JD deemed that what was offered for Robby was not enough to overcome the opportunity cost of losing Sam's best target. Also, say if only a 4th was offered could it be JD felt we would get a compensatory pick for losing Robby that was barely worse than what we would have gotten in a trade?

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  12. 2 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

    So our HC thinks our QB is an idiot... but he’s a good kid.

    I never wanted to say that here, but seeing some of the decisions he makes out there it’s been something I wondered about.

    When Sam doesn’t have enough time to think in the pocket, he makes some nice plays. They even put up a stat during the telecast last Sunday showing he performs worse the more time he has during a play.

    The other nuggets you gave were really good, thanks.

    BTW  you post fairly often, and you never mentioned you work for the team. Can you keep this type of stuff coming?

    This reality of Sam being a mature version of Mark Sanchez just ruined my Holidays.  I had always hoped he was an intelligent football junkie and his poor decisions were more due to poor play design or read errors by the WR.  My denial is now over.

  13. 1 hour ago, PepPep said:

    I'm sorry but this is pretty unrealistic and there are some perplexing roster moves. 

    So the Jets get Dupree and Judon, two of the best young pass rushers to hit FA? They get both? They get two of the top young OTs to hit FA? again, both of them? And they get one of the top CBs in FA? While also retaining Poole and Robby? 

    Are there any cap ramifications for cutting H.Anderson? He has a big contract. 

    How do you cut Williamson and not Roberts? Roberts is absolutely awful and will free up 6mil with zero cap hit. At least Williamson gives you a dangerous pair with Mosley and gives you some flexibility when it comes to letting Hewitt walk as a FA. 

    The Jets draft Lamb, who you assume will be there at 10 (far from a given) but a Franchise LT will not be there? I guess it depends on what you view as a 'Franchise LT'...is it anyone other than A.Thomas? Because I think there are easily at least 4 potential Pro Bowl OTs (maybe they end up starting as LT maybe RTs in the NFL) in this draft, who are also potentially plug and play OTs in year one. A.Thomas, Wirfs, Wills, A.Jackson, Leatherwood. And a handful of other ones that will require some additional development. 


    OK, shud have done more due diligence, we are screwed as far as Anderson and Enuwa (unless Enuwa retires) and also of course Johnson - but there's really no choice as far as Johnson goes.  However cutting Williamson, Roberts, Johnson and Winters will save us $20M so that gives us $73M to play with, maybe we can restructure Anderson and Crowder to save a few more million.  I still say #1 priority is OT and #2 is Edge, if we fill those two (well four players) needs in FA, draft a plug in Guard, an elite WR (and yes either Lamb or Jeudy shud be available when we pick, otherwise I love the kid from Colorado (Lavisk Shenault) or even Tee Higgins from Clemson - neither of whom I wud mind reaching for) we should be a playoff team in 2020.


    Looking at the draft - 3 of the top 10 should be QBs (Burrow, Tua and Herbert), 2 of the the top 10 should be DL/Edge, (Chase Young and AJ Epenesa), 2 shud be OTs  (Wirfs and Thomas), Mix in Lamb or Jeudy and that shut down CB Okudah, ur up to 9 already.  You have 4 teams in the top ten who need QBs:  Bengals, Chargers, Dolphins and Jaguars -thats why I say 3 will go in the top ten and dont discount the possibility of the Raiders trading up into the top ten to grab a QB (I've read that Gruden loves Herbert).  Could it even be a bizarre outcome where Fromm or Eason skyrocket into the top 10?

  14. 1 hour ago, PepPep said:

    I'm sorry but this is pretty unrealistic and there are some perplexing roster moves. 

    So the Jets get Dupree and Judon, two of the best young pass rushers to hit FA? They get both? They get two of the top young OTs to hit FA? again, both of them? And they get one of the top CBs in FA? While also retaining Poole and Robby? 

    Are there any cap ramifications for cutting H.Anderson? He has a big contract. 

    How do you cut Williamson and not Roberts? Roberts is absolutely awful and will free up 6mil with zero cap hit. At least Williamson gives you a dangerous pair with Mosley and gives you some flexibility when it comes to letting Hewitt walk as a FA. 

    The Jets draft Lamb, who you assume will be there at 10 (far from a given) but a Franchise LT will not be there? I guess it depends on what you view as a 'Franchise LT'...is it anyone other than A.Thomas? Because I think there are easily at least 4 potential Pro Bowl OTs (maybe they end up starting as LT maybe RTs in the NFL) in this draft, who are also potentially plug and play OTs in year one. A.Thomas, Wirfs, Wills, A.Jackson, Leatherwood. And a handful of other ones that will require some additional development. 


    With all due respect, it was not intended to be a prediction and I do not claim to be a psychic.  I am just stating what I wish to happen and I do not believe by any means is it a moonshot.

    As for grabbing the top FA OTs, yes those two (Conklin and Costanzo) are the top two OTs - but there's also Bryan Beluga and DJ Humphries who are not far behind - why cant we get two of the four?

    As for CB, I think Bradburry is about the 4th best available, with Marcus Peters, Byron Jones and Chris Harris rated better.  

    As for OLB/EDGE, equal and perhaps better than Dupree and Judon are Jadeveon Clowney, Shaq Barrett, Dante Fowler Jr, Kyle Van Noy and Whitney Mercilus - why cant we get 2 of the 7?

    As for keeping Willimason, he and CJ will count $26M against the cap next year - IMO that is poor utilization of capital - too much $ tied up in a non-premium position..  The CAP is projected to rise to about $200M  more than 10% invested in ILB SMH.   CB, EDGE and OT are where we need to allocate CAP $$$.   Obviously CJ is much more talented than Williamson and I believe they pose an equal risk as far as health goes, so you keep Mosely and trade or cut Williamson.  I actually wud prefer to pair someone with CJ who is faster than a guy coming off an ACL who wasn't fast to begin with.  Cashman and Burgess both flashed a lot of potential this year - imagine pairing either of them with CJ?  Avery may in fact be very tradable since 2020 is the final year of his contract @ $8.5M.   

    I want to keep Roberts for depth, you cannot assume Bless Austin will be healthy, and we need to groom the draft pick, rarely is a 3rd rnd CB plug n play.  I feel that Roberts is way better than Maulet, Canady or Hairston (tho thats not saying much).  Again keep in mind the goal of making the playoffs next year and having a CB with elite speed who knows the defensive schemes will prove beneficial.  If we are short on CAP $  then fine, cut Roberts and replace him with one of the three incumbents or a UFA.

    When it comes to protecting Sam, I feel its foolish to hope for potential in what wud be the 3rd or 4th best OT.  IMO only Thomas and Wirfs are "sure things" and all the mocks have them going in the top 10.  I dont want to take an OT at 10-15 (even losing on Sunday most likely does not get us in the top 10) who will not be ready to play effectively.  Additionally after what Sam has been through the last two years - do you want anything but a sure thing at the Tackle spots - we dont have the luxury of drafting an OT who will take a season or so to learn - you do that and next year is just another rebuilding year that postpones Sam's development and then we go into the final year of Sam's contract still not knowing....  Also for a QB like Sam, I feel the OTs are the most important OL as they can seal the edges as to allow Sam to roll out when pressure comes up the middle.


    As of this moment - we currently have $53M in cap space for 2020, if we can save another $30M by cutting/trading the said players we shud have enough $ to do what I laid out.

  15. 44 minutes ago, SummerofSam14 said:

    If Douglas after a year of evaluating this roster determines that it cannot be fixed during Darnolds rookie contract in a way that puts the organization in a good spot long term would you have any issues with a Miami Dolphins offseason?

    1) Don’t re-sign anyone

    2) Don’t sign anyone good

    3) Trade Jamal Adams for 2020-2021 draft capital?

    The idea would be to try to stockpile young talent in the draft, and evaluate Sam Darnold. After year 3 if he’s the guy he should be able to elevate a bad roster to mediocrity. If he can’t the Jets could be in position for Trevor Lawrence.

    Also...start fresh in 2021 without Gase. 

    If Sam doesnt get mono and if CJ doesnt get hurt, this is a mediocre team already - should have been an 8/9 win team with this roster.  I'll even go as far as saying if we don't sign Kahlil that gives us another win right there.  

    If we draft competently and spend wisely we should contend for the playoffs next year, meaning our goal if we add the right pieces is 10 wins considering the schedule.

    Blowing it up would mean only one thing - giving up on Darnold.  You cannot develop a QB with a sandlot caliber OL and below average weapons.   

    Hopefully Douglas understands how to draft and how to value players.  We cannot select an OT at #10 (assuming thats where we end up picking) unless that OL is a franchise LT - which will not be available - so the value pick will most likely be a WR.


    My free agent targets:


    OT Anthony Costanzo

    OT Jack Conklin

    OLB Matthew Judon

    OLB Bud Dupree

    CB James Bradburry


    Must re-sign Robby, Poole and Lewis

    Cut Williamson, Winters, Henry Anderson, McClendon, and obviously Trumaine Johnson.




    QB Darnold

    QB Draft Pick (4th or 5th round, serves as future insurance for Darnold)  Jordan Love?

    RB Bell (untradable)

    RB Powell  (showed enough to give him one more year)

    RB Josh Adams

    TE  Griffin

    TE  Herndon

    TE  Wesco

    WR Lamb

    WR Robby

    WR Crowder

    WR Draft Pick

    LT Conklin

    G Lewis

    C Harrison

    G Draft Pick

    RT Costanzo

    DE Phillips

    NT Fatukasi

    DE Williams

    OLB Dupree

    ILB CJ

    ILB Cashman/Burgess

    OLB Judon

    CB Austin

    S Maye

    S Adams

    CB Bradburry

    CB Poole

    CB Roberts

    CB Draft Pick



    Rnd 1  WR

    Rnd 2 OG

    Rnd 3 CB

    Rnd 3 C

    Rnd 4 WR/KR

    Rnd 5 QB

    Rnd 6  RB

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  16. 3 hours ago, Matt39 said:

    Revis was so bad his second stint here. 

    He was done after the knee injury, we lucked out when Shiano decided he needed him and we got a #1 pick.  He stunk in TB and he blamed it on their scheme, then in NE BB put him in zone most of the time.   Typical Jets move to blindly sign him from NE

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