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  1. 13 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    Francesa has been on a pro-Mangini kick the last few days, which usually means someone from the Mangini camp is in Mike’s ear. Anyway, Mike shared something I’d never heard regarding why Mangini was fired after 9-7. Ready to puke? Here it is:::


    Woody Johnson was upset that Vernon Gholston wasn’t playing more and Mangini told Woody to take a hike. 

    Like, holy sh*t. Woody Johnson caping for Vernon f*cking Gholston and then Woody getting butthurt that Mangini wouldn’t relent on giving him playing time. Imagine that.

    Yeah that made me sick as well.  The team's collapse was not Mangini's fault either, it was injuries to Brett and Jenkins.   Hopefully Woody ends up staying in London for good and Chris is less of a meddler,

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  2. 9 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    You guys are aware that this is the traditional mid-season press conference, yes? Like, its a State of the Union address. He's not firing anyone. He's going to go out, say how disappointed he is in the record, but they've got a plan that they're confident will work, and the coaches are doing the best job they can despite the injuries, and then Manish is going to write another boring "clueless Jets!!!" article and that will be the end of it, yes?

    Unless Gregg Williams pulls the kind of end run on Gase that Gase pulled on Mac.

  3. 24 minutes ago, varjet said:

    My brief thoughts on the Leo saga:

    • His first two years were solid.  Marcus Peters was clearly the DROY.  He was All Pro year 2.  
    • He has only gotten worse.  Why?  Does not appear to be the beneficiary of an S and C program.   I don't know why this does not get more air time.   Jets Strength/Medical/Training seem broken.  
    • Genius Mac drafts 2 DL last year (no OL), signs Henry Anderson and drafts Quinnen.  Even if we wanted Leo, we couldn't afford him.  He should have been traded in the off-season.
    • I don't quite understand how much cap room the Jets are using on Leo this year.  Sounds like too much.  Can we save anything on Kalil?  We should not assume there is cap space a plenty next year.  There is not.  
    • This is somewhat of a win/win situation here.  The Jets are not getting a comp pick because they will sign FAs.  The Giants may not.  So the Giants can take on Leo and get a pick when he leaves.  The trade may have created a comp pick that did not exist previously.
    • Mac is never working in the NFL again. 

     "Jets Strength/Medical/Training seem broken" I agree and this better get fixed or else QW will end up like LW.   

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  4. The scariest thought is a 5-11 season...the Dolphins, Skins and Bengals present us with 4 very winnable games.  The Jets should be in full tank mode now and the #1 goal should be to lose very game for the remainder of the season.  Better to sit Sam because he's going to learn more on the bench than in a game with our OL and "weapons".  A 5-11 season takes us out of the Chase Young sweepstakes and IMHO Young is the only non-QB worth a top 5 pick.  Jeudy looks great, but he's smallish and coming from an elite program and has more bust potential than Young.  I'm also not a fan of selecting an OT in the top 5. 

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  5. 13 minutes ago, section314 said:

    Remember when so many of us were upset that we took Leo that year instead of Beasley?

    Beasley is a one dimensional player who isnt as fast as he used to be, so he isn't even that anymore.  I actually wanted Andrus Peat or Bud Dupree in that draft.  Using hindsight, Trae Waynes or Danny Shelton would have been good value.  Looking back, pretty amazing that 7 of the top ten picks of the 2015 draft are essentially busts.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Weren't we told all offseason Gregg Williams was going to run 4-3 sets and get the most out of Leo?

    If the breakout season wasn't going to come under a veteran DC like GW, it's not likely going to happen under James Bettcher.  

    Yeah we were LOL, earlier in the season there were some 4-3 sets, maybe losing Henry Anderson stopped that.  One thing tho, Dexter Lawrence and Davlin Tomilson are much more talented than anyone Leo was sharing the DL with on the Jets - so I do expect an uptick in Leo's performance.  I hope the trade means we bring Bronson Kafusi up from the practice squad - I thought he played well last year.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, bealeb319 said:

    Why trade herndon when he is young and showed promise? Is that not the type of player you want to build on? Before you try to make something up about how he messed up this off-season his suspension was for when he messed up before his rookie season it just carried over to this year.

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    Herndon has a low cap impact, so if he doesn't pan out holding onto him doesn;t hurt.  Darryl Roberts, Crowder, Bell, Henry Anderson -these guys should have value and need to be traded to clear space.  Could the Chiefs have interest in Bell? 

  8. Joe D should make every player on the roster available - no one is untouchable - maybe the Pats would give us a 6th for Ficken.

    Seriously tho, Bell, Robby, DT, Crowder, Ryan Griffin, Herndon, Willams, Adams, Maye

    Sit Darnold for the rest of the year, start Fales, lose every game and get the top pick.   

    Anyone who disagrees doesn't see how pathetic the level of talent is on this roster.  One third of our starters wouldn't make most teams practice squads.


    I don't like Gase and would love to see him get fired...but it cracks me up how he gets roasted for saying the players arent executing - people (like Bart Scott) blame Gase, is it tho?  Maybe our talent is so sub par the players do not have the ability to execute in the NFL.

  9. 12 hours ago, Beerfish said:

    Idzik got rid of bad contracts made the revis deal under tough circumstances, acquired picks and comp picks.

    He picked offensive lineman, picked a variety of skill positions.

    His geno pick was a guy who fell to him in the 2nd round and unlike hackenburg who many knew was trash Geno was reasonably well thought of.

    He drafted terribly and thus got the axe deservedly but he showed far more of plan than mac ever did.

    I thought the Jets selected Geno because Mornhinweg fell in love with him at the combine.

  10. 12 hours ago, RoadFan said:

    Durability has been a problem for Crowder.  It was in Washington.  People forgot already, he was hurt in Jets training camp also.

    This shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. 

    Precisely - and that is why he was not a good signing (at least I was not happy with it).

  11. 26 minutes ago, CTM said:

    What do you think the chances are that Darnold busts? 

    Less than 10%, I still say the kid is special.  He's only 22 - you guys are a tough crowd.  Watch the replay - he was properly identifying the blitzes, the OL was not properly adjusting - probably because 1) they don't trust each other, 2) Kahlil and Winters are matadors 3) Shell wears cement shoes and 4) Edoga has no clue what he's doing.  You ride with Darnold next season and if he stinks hopefully we can set ourselves up to get Lawrence.   Win/win situation.

  12. 18 hours ago, nico002 said:

    Isn’t it on the center to call out protections and get the line to shift in the proper direction? At least I was under the impression that Harrison did this well.

    The Center calls out protections, the QB needs to adjust based on his read of the blitz.   It seems the OL has no clue what they are doing, I guess it was Booger who stated protection should be from outside in - Tackles need to seal off the outside rush and the Guards need to slide over to take the inside rush.  So many plays I saw unnecessary double teams while the outside rushers were coming free.  In cover zero - nobody should be double teaming, you just need to give the QB enough time to hit the hot read - assuming there is one, but in most cases something went array and the hot read went too far downfield.  I dont believe Sam when he said he has to be louder - I am sure he was loud enough when calling out protections - he was covering for his OL, the OL just didnt get the job done.  It all starts with Kahlil getting beat 1 on 1 on every play which makes the guards turn toward him to stop the inside rush and forcing the Tackles to take the guard's responsibilities.  I believe we are doomed because Kahlil, Shell and Edoga are THAT BAD in pass protection.  Get Beachum back and put Harrison at center and you will see a huge difference in protection - even tho neither Harrison or Beachum are all that good.

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  13. 48 minutes ago, BloodGreen said:


    I am starting to warm up to this thought process. Pretty impressive that you have been spot on through the first 6 games. I do recall multiple occasions where I have felt defeated and wanted interested around this point of the season only to have to reverse course because of some head scratching competence that no one saw coming.

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    Jacksonville, Oakland, Baltimore. Pittsburgh and Buffalo should be losses, the Giants game is a pick 'em (mainly due to the fact even tho its a Jets home game - there will be many more Giants fans than Jets fans in attendance).  So 5-11 or maybe 6-10 is the likely ending record.

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  14. On 10/23/2019 at 11:19 AM, bitonti said:

    they beat Miami but only once

    just wait until this team loses to Miami a team spending 80 mil less on players ... that will be the actual low point of the season 


    they might eek one out against Washington 

    they are bad as F right now 

    3-10? 4-9 maybe if someone looks past them like Dallas did 

    In the words of the immortal Jeff Wilpon, it doesn;t matter how much you spend it is how you spent it.  If you factor out the $71M the Jets are paying to nonperforming players either injured or Trumaine Johnson we are pretty much the same.   As for losing to Miami - I would think those two games will be treated like the Super Bowl for Gase and it would be epic if we lost either - I do not believe we will.

  15. 20 minutes ago, bitonti said:

    those who defend Sam Darnold should be forced to disclose how many Darnold jersey's they've bought for themselves or others and how recently 

    like how a stock analyst has to disclose he owns shares in Apple when he's reporting

    Troy Aikman was MUCH worse for two full seasons, and pretty awful in his third season ( and he had Irvin, Smith and Novacek by year 2).  John Elway stunk for his first three season as well.  Aaron Rogers sat on the bench for three full seasons and his first season as a starter Packer fans were cursing Ted Thompson for letting Favre go.  Favre stunk his first two seasons as well.  Not many QBs are great right out of college, especially those who only had two years of QB experience under their belt.

    I am not putting Darnold into the Hall of Fame but at the same time to write him off now is insane.  A lot goes into a QBs success, coaching, supporting cast, health...   Darnold can make all the throws and has shown flashes of brilliance.  Lets get an Oline and a few NFL caliber receivers and see what he can do.  As soon as we realized our OL was much worse than thought, we lost Enuwa and then Herndon past his suspension we all should have written off the season,  This year is a mulligan, have to hope, for the first time in like forever, we have an elite draft class and actually sign free agents who improve the team.  Mac belongs in a Turkish prison for what he did to this franchise, tho the ultimate blame belongs to the drunken clueless silver spooned owners.  Hess was a clueless owner but he somehow brought us Parcels - although Parcels horrific drafting (4 impact players out of 32 selected) in his first three years of grocery shopping diminished the talent pool that Rich Kotite had accumulated.  Looking back at our draft classes over the last 14 years it's amazing we have won any games at all.   Change the paradigm and pray - thats what we have done - lets see what Joe D can do.


    Lastly Darnold is freaking 22 years old - of course he's partying with FDU girls - that is the appropriate age range for him.  College is the most promiscuous time of a woman's life - so STDs, STIs and yes mono are rampant.  I went to Hofstra (graduated the same year as Wayne Chrebet - not that he ever attended class) and that year Playboy magazine rated Hofstra the most sexually active campus in the US.  It was also reported 7% of the entire Hofstra enrollment was HIV positive. (luckily, I guess, I only slept with one Hofstra girl because I had to work full time to work my way through college and had no time).  Its not like he's a Ben Rothlisberger, a 28 yo grown man purposely going to college bars with PA State Troopers and having the said State Troopers stand guard while he raped 18 yo drunken college girls. Ben should have spent 10-15 in prison, all Sam did was catch mono - so did I at his age along with millions of others.

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