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  1. 20 minutes ago, bitonti said:

    There were 2.5 second opportunities in the first half but even if they weren't being SHELL SHOCKED is not any kind of excuse for any NFL player

    As for the mono I blame Sam for getting it. Eating out is not a constitutional right neither is making out with sweaty teenagers carrying a low grade fever. He made a decision off the field and there were consequences. Technically they could have put him on the NFI list and scratched back some game checks. 

    the supporting cast stuff is what Dolphins fans said about Josh Rosen as recently as 2 weeks ago.  Considering the Dolphins have no Leveon Bell and are spending 80 mil less on Payroll it's safe to say the Fins have a worse cast

    yet they manage to score points

    these excuses are so flimsy I'm sorry you bought a 14 jersey 

    it's ok I have an 83 Santana Moss floating around the shed as a grease rag 

    we've all been there 

    WOW you blame Sam for getting Mono?  You just lost all credibility.


    I would say Miami and the Jets have equally bad rosters - and thats after Miami's firesale.  The Jets dont have one WR who could carry Devante Parker's jock.  A RB is useless without an offensive line, yet Mark Walton and Kenyon Drake have put up much better stats than Le'Veon Bell in spite of the fact that Bell is immensely more talented than either of them - so yes Miami's OL is bad, but not nearly as bad as the Jets - PFF ranks the Jets at 28 and the Phins at 32 - not that big of a diff BTW.

  2. 40 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    Pats would be 3-3-1 if you removed every offensive point they scored this season.

    Belichick will kick our asses with whatever QB he trots out there until we have a big boy roster & coaching staff.

    The Pats went 11-5 and narrowly missed the playoffs with Matt Cassell as QB.  Cassell only had one other good year in his NFL career -and that may be attributed to the fact he had Charlie Weiss as his OC that season in KC - otherwise he had been awful.

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  3. I dont believe Gase is a good Head Coach - he admitted to the fact that he has Joe Vitt do the pep talks because he (Gase) is no good at it.  It also seems GW has a bigger role than just DC.  What Gase is here for is to develop a QB and design an offense tailored to our QBs strengths - unfortunately he inherited a roster completely bereft of talent.  I am sure Joe D is spending night and day going over data and film with his scouts - I am sure he cud care less whats going on the field this year because he knows how pathetic the roster is.  If he is such a great talent evaluator, hopefully he adds at least 5 impact players via free agency and the draft next year.  Only then can we start to evaluate Gase.  So far our core consists solely of Darnold, Bell, Herndon, QW, Mosely, Adams and Maye...  We need 5 OL, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 RB, 2 DL, 2 Edfge and 2 CBs.   16 of our 22 starters are pure garbage.  It is not an exaggeration to state that 12 of our starters would not start for any other NFL team.  If you cannot realize that - you will be complaining to deaf ears.


    Would any of the following players be starting for any other NFL team in the same capacity as they start for the Jets:  OL Shell, OL Beachum, OL Odoga, OL Kahlil, OL Winters, WR Anderson, WR DT, DL Phillips, DL Fatukasi, DL McClendon, LB Jenkins, LB Hewitt, LB Cashman, LB Basham, CB Roberts, CB Johnson?  Sorry Thats 16 of our current 22 starters who STINK!

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  4. 3 minutes ago, bitonti said:

    by the way

    Deshaun Watson look like 90 hits last season they won 11 games i believe (Darnold took about 40 hits last year, in 4 less games)

    this year the Jets have allowed 44 total hits a huge number through six games (but Darnold only played in 3 and the numbers were inflated by Falk 10 sack nonsense) meanwhile Houston has allowed 41

    they are both in the top 10 of not protecting their QB


    Cimini tweeted a stat Darnold was 3-17 with 2 picks during MNF when he had 2.5 sec or more 

    So yes the line is not great but QB1 is not getting crushed at David Carr rates or even close to it 

    but other QBs manage to make plays even win games while under pressure


    WOW!  What a terrible comp!  First of all the Texans have not beaten a team that has a pass rush aside from Jacksonville - who they only beat because of Jax's offensive ineptness in that games.  Secondly it kind of helps Deshaun that he has TWO WRs who are basically always open in Hopkins and Fuller - while Darnold has none.  

    Lastly Darnold was pretty much shell-shocked from the relentless pass rush and free blitzers by the time any 2.5 second opportunities came to be..   He throwing to ghosts as they were the only ones on the field who were open.  The Pats blanketed our WRs so much to the extent that whenever Darnold got a clean pass off to a WR the Pats were called for Pass Interference - not unrealistic to assume the Jets WRs were interfered with on most plays.


    Its beyond asinine to bury Darnold based off one horrific performance against the smartest and best prepared team in the NFL.  He was in his second week back from a very bad illness (and from my experience with mono) is most likely not back to full strength yet.  A pro-athlete cannot go 4 weeks of not working out to 100% in two weeks.  I would say it is fair to assume he will not be 100% for at least two more weeks.  Dont know if you ever had it - but mono destroys you - it takes awhile to recover from.  He is also just 22 years old for crying out loud, this is ONLY his 4th year of ever being a starting QB (only two years at USC), and he probably has the WORST supporting cast in the NFL!  So chill.  

  5. 19 hours ago, bitonti said:

    FBG pays me for O line and by the way Brady's is just as bad. They lose Wynn, they lose Andrews. They are starting Marshall newhouse at LT

    Marshall. Newhouse. 

    Offensive line can only do so much. Not to say the Jets are great at it in fact i have them ranked like NYJ 28 and NE 29 out of 32 but the point of drafting Darnold was that he was going to make the line better and everyone else too

    if they needed to build a line they should have stayed at 6 overall and taken Nelson. The greatest guard prospect for 20 years btw. Him and the 3 second rounders rebuild the line, then you find the QB 

    If what you are saying, the line is to blame, then they did it backwards

    and Darnold is young but there's not an age floor on when a guy can be ruined

    Hackenberg was ruined at Penn State. Carr's brother was ruined in Houston pretty quickly 

    I suspect Darnold's career doesn't recover from MNF... every team is going to blitz him now until the end of the season

    the Jets don't have a plan B they will keep putting him out there and Gase isn't going to help 

    he's either going to somehow beat these blitzes or he's going to be shredded wheat 

    this is how ruined happens. 

    as with most Jets predictions I hope to be wrong


    and side note it's a week before Halloween, I'm not the one who loaded the board with unlimited Ghost Gifs 

    ghost GIF


    I dont believe for one second that Sam Darnold is ruined after Monday night, he has much too good of a head on his shoulders.  Nevertheless - I believe a David Carr comp is very apropos.  David was a superior QB prospect but after the beating he took in Houston year after year - he was done before he ever got started.  If Sam is continually  beaten up he will eventually become David Carr.  I am hoping with Herndon back the Jets will feel more comfortable keeping someone in the backfield to block.  When you dont have WRs who can get open - quickly - you cannot afford to send WRs into the pattern who can be easily covered 1 on 1,  At least Herndon causes match-up issues for the defense.  As it stands now, Robby gets caught on the line in press coverage, and Crowder, DT and Griffen are too slow to beat anyone off the line, knowing this teams can adequately cover Bell with a safety.  Herdon should open things up a bit.

  6. 5 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

    You people talk about Sanu like he is Hopkins. He is a past his prime WR. 

    Washed up or not he is a very intelligent receiver.  The Pats key to success is the intricate studying of film - every player needs to learn what exactly each team is going to do - it, in my paranoid mind, is not out of the question that they know all the defensive and offensive play calls of every team.  The Patriots players are then taught exactly what position they need to be in based on the opposing teams play call.  It makes the game easy for the Pats as long as each players has properly learned each play call and how to correctly position themselves on each play - it's not easy - it takes a player who has a brain and a great memory as well as discipline - to not react to what they are seeing but instead to what they were taught is going to happen.  Evidence is in the fact that most ex-Pats are not nearly as successful as when they played for the Pats.  Think about it - how many ex-Pats have gone on to be pro-bowlers for other teams?  They are not nearly as good when they don't know exactly what the other team is doing on each play.

  7. 23 minutes ago, RobR said:

    Please enlighten me on this one. Robby had more receiving yards last week than Malone has had over the past two seasons. Almost as many catches too.

    I am speaking to size, speed and one dimensional skill set.  Lets stop putting Robby on a pedestal - he is good, but far from great.  I would not even consider him to be a WR2 - more likely 3rd on the depth chart on 20 other teams.,  If we could get a 3rd for him I do it.  The Jets roster is beyond pathetic.  I can only name 6 players who would start on other teams.  Our OL sucks, our WRs suck, we have maybe one TE, our DL sucks, our LBS suck and out CBs suck.  That's a whole lot of holes to fill. - We have to hope Douglas is competent - if he isnt, holding on to Robby isnt enough anyway.

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  8. 4 hours ago, Bugg said:

    Couldn't even stay up to watch the end of the game, much less this. No great secrets; if you cannot keep your QB clean, and you cannot get to Tom Brady, you have no shot. 

    I do not understand this, watching this Pats' run; Brady only screws up when he's on his ass all game. So what do moronic teams do, but worry about the underneath stuff, which he completes anyway, by only sending 4 guys. F___ your vaunted coverage,  send 6 or 7 every play and knock him down all night. Because you cannot cover for sheet anyway. But what do the Jets (and most other teams) do , but a standard 4 man rush that gets nowhere, while he connects underneath all night. WHAT IS THE F___ING POINT OF THAT? 

    Also, iNStead of drafting the next fat slow nonworkout warrior interior lineman(oh, he stops the run!-BFD) , crazy idea, get some Khalil Mack/JJ Watt/Bosa beast sometime soon, a guy that caN get to the QB a few times by himself. 

    The funny thing is Mack, Watt and Bosa all disappear when it matters most: during the playoffs.   The recipe for success is to have a four man front that can bring pressure up the middle - The Giants made the blueprint on how to beat the Pats and nobody has replicated it. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Joe Willie said:

    Yes, but it's the same old thing ... "We've got to get better. We've got to stop making mistakes." I think Sam is a nice kid, and he may even turn out to be a decent QB one day, but he ain't the guy who's gonna lead us to the promised land. It just isn't gonna happen with him because he doesn't have the innate talent or smarts for it. That was obvious in his college days, and is even more pronounced here.


  10. 2 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Honestly though, 2 days after he says this offense is unstoppable we go and get shutout????

    Is there anything more jetsy than that?


    To be fair - he said when they get Herndon back...

    Also its a whole different ballgame when the Jets play the Pats, the Pats DBs were running the routes better than the Jets WRs - call it cheating or preparation - whatever, the performance as a whole was pitiful and to not make any adjustment in an attempt to protect Darnold from the blitzes was  ridiculous.


    The next 7 games are winnable.  The last 3 are not, so our ceiling is 8 wins, but more likely to end up being 5.  Considering that, the Jets should trade everyone they can find a buyer for - that includes Robby, Le'veon, Leo, CJ and Adams.

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  11. 1 minute ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Then go out and proceed to score zero points..  Sam is not good at this.

    Oh the pain...................

    Whatever.  Last nights game actually made me think of the win and your in game on Sunday Night Football at the Houston Oilers (the game where Buddy Ryan punched Kevin Gilbride).  Every time the Jets tied to pass, Boomer would have blitzers in his face as soon as he received the snap from center...and Coslet never made any adjustments so we got shut out, missed the playoffs and Coslet got fired....finally 

  12. I think holding on to Bell would be foolish.  Chances are he holds out next year and even if we brought him back the roster would still have too many holes to go deep into the playoffs anyway.  However, of the contending teams - I believe only the Texans, Chiefs or Seahawks may consider adding Bell.

  13. 4 minutes ago, JTJet said:


    This is a typical Jets embarrassment on national television by the Patriots. This happens virtually every time. Cmon man, you should be well adjusted to this by now. 

    There have been maybe what, 4-6 competitive games against the Pats in the last 16-18 years? 

    I only agree that it's somewhat close to the buttfumble due to it being a primetime game. That game was much more of a let down because that team that got embarrassed was light years better than this team, and it was a bigger spotlight game. This team isnt nearly that talented except at maybe QB and RB, so theres a built in reason to suck tonight. 

    I think what made this more crushing for me was the solid effort against the Cowboys last week - I thought Sam was progressing.  Tonight he's doing his best Mark Sanchez impression.  I dont care how much ur being pressured, you dont throw passes up for grabs again and again and again.  Throw the damn ball away.

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  14. 5 minutes ago, Billsfan35 said:

    Yes I might. 5-1 feels pretty good right now. 

    Do you realize how stupid you are?  Name one remotely decent team you beaten?  Hmmm no-one.  You are guaranteed at least 6 losses in the final 10 games - so guess what chump - you are not making the playoffs.  So you can suck Josh Allen's dick all you want - but when he plays against a real defense - he's gonna suck more than Luke Falk.

  15. 53 minutes ago, JTJet said:

    Really? Have you watched one of our games?... Like ever? 

    This is the absolute norm during most of our lifetimes. 

    C'mon, this is a bit worse than normal.  This game ranks up there with the butt fumble game and the 14-0 AFC Championship loss to Miami.  Darnold looks worse than Daniel Jones, he looks like he's playing in his first NFL game.   Our defense cant stop anything,  We are getting our asses kicked worse than the Pats kicked the Dolphins ass.

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