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  1. 6 hours ago, PS17 said:

    An ace would help. Write Cole a blank check. 

    I get a feeling Cole and Rendon will be Angels next year.


    Yanks should sign Corey Dickerson, Zach Wheelet, Tanner Roark (make him a RP) and resign Dellin Betances.

    C Sanchez

    1B Voit

    2B LeMahiue

    SS Torres

    3B Urshela

    LF Dickerson

    CF Hicks

    RF Judge

    DH  Stanton


    Romine (C)

    Andujar (2B/1B/DH)

    Tauchman (OF)

    Maybin (OF)

    Estrada (Inf)

    SP Tanaka

    SP Paxton

    SP Severino

    SP Wheeler

    SP Happ

    RP Chapman

    RP Britton

    RP Ottovino

    RP Betances

    RP Roark

    RP Kahnle

    RP Green


    Still have ammo for trade deadline deals next year.

  2. On 10/11/2019 at 1:20 PM, 32EBoozer said:

    JMD........Where would you put Cespedes & Lowery if they return  healthy next year?

    Bench Davis for YC ? No way !  Lowery over Cano ........No way

    We can't even find playing time for Dom Smith next year...... he was stroking before the injury but Alonso cannot be replaced.

    We will have a VERY deep bench next year in case of injuries. We can make a run!!

    Keep dreaming, the Mets need to cut payroll, lookout for some very unappetizing trades

  3. On 10/17/2019 at 12:30 PM, Matt39 said:

    Barrett was overdrafted. Cant shoot and doesnt make up for it anywhere else. Team is bad. Knox already to the bench. Randle will volume shoot his way to an all star reserve spot and the Knicks will struggle to win 30 games.

    Smith Jr is bad bad.

    Agreed, the Knicks are awful, Nilitkina is a bust and deserves to get cut, Smith Jr just doesnt care and deserves to get cut, Elfrid was never good, Randle can only be productive on a crappy team.  RJ's just an all around mediocre player and shud be out of the league in 4 years. Knicks will go 27-55.

  4. 1 hour ago, SAR I said:

    I remember at the season opener in Kansas City in 2005 they gave every car entering the Arrowhead Stadium parking gates a loaf of bread. My friend and I couldn’t stop laughing. 

    SAR I

    Salty pretzels would increase beer sales...just sayin.

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  5. 7 hours ago, greenwave81 said:

    He coulda been a Jet, or whatever Team he wanted for that matter. Plus, it was after preseason while we still had Enunwa, Crowder and Robbie. 
    what he’s upset about IMO is that he shoulda been in control of his destination rather than trusting the Pats after resigning him and then being traded. Understandable. 

    would he be here if not traded to us?  We certainly had a need and JD I’m sure would have made a pitch for his services (and he may have  Done this after being cut initially...who knows?). It’d be an interesting question to ask JD

    Having Enuwa, Crowder and Robbie should not stop anyone from adding a talented veteran receiver, especially with the knowledge that Herndon was going to miss the first four games (now more).


    Oh, and BTW, watching the Cowboy game film - Bell was covered every play out of the backfield.  Bell was an effective receiver on the Steelers because they had Antonio Brown, JuJu (before him Martavis Bryant) and Jesse James (before him Heath Miller) drawing attention.  Without a TE threat Gase should (have been) be more creative with Bell's routes.

  6. 7 hours ago, batman10023 said:

    how is our GM going to handle the roster in a few years when we have to pay Sam $40mm/year for a contract extension?  probably best to trade him now especially coming off the player of the week honors.

    maybe package Jamal and Sam for a first round pick?  what can we realistically get for Sam now?  Rosen went for a second so it has to be at least that much right?




    Son, smoking crack is not good for your mental nor your physical well being.

    In the event you are simply naive, Darnold should get us two #1's and a #2.   Adams should get us a #2 and  a #3.


    Miami overpaid for Rosen so badly I have something to be happy about.

  7. 6 minutes ago, PepPep said:

    Looked like a miscommunication between QB and receiver on that play. Not blaming one or the other. Not saying Darnold shouldn't have just taken the sack. I'm just saying that is what happens when you don't have a ton of time practicing and playing with your guys. This was his first game back. I'm actually amazed he did not make more mistakes. 

    So BB always looks to take away an offense's greatest weapon - only problem is the Jets do not have a great offensive weapon other than Darnold (Bell wud be if we had an OL that cud run block).  So look for Bellichick to take Darnold away via relentless blitzes (he knows he can go cover zero on the Jets).  Bell will be stopped by his own OL.  the Pats will have Dorsett back and Gordon is looking like a go as well - giving Brady three reliable targets - but since GW will be so focused on stopping Brady, the Pats will shred us via the running game and dominate the Time of Poss battle.  Final Score Pats 24 Jets 10  Darnold 15-28 175 yds 2 Int 1 TD 4 sacks. (God I hope I am wrong).

  8. 2 hours ago, rangerous said:

    so why didn't marino have a running game or even a decent defense?  it's all on marino?  it's all on shula who suddenly forgot how to coach defenses or have a running game after marino came on board.

    Darnold is a way different QB than O'Brien and Marino.  Both O'Brien and Marino were strictly pocket passers with rocket arms, except Joe Walton went all conservative with O'Brien and turned him into a dinker.  O'Brien only had a good OL his first season and the first half of his second season, it was then in 1985 that Marvin Powell, Joe Fields and Dan Alexander had significant drop offs in performance.  Powell was gone by 1986 when the Jets were forced to put the undersized Jim Sweeny at LT, Ted Banker was a horrible starting G and Joe Fields, Dan Alexander and Reggie McElroy each missed half the season with injuries.  By the time 1987 rolled around O'Briens blindside was unprotected by the human holding penalty machine aka Jeff Criswell and the awful #1 pick Mike Haight.  I honestly have no idea where you guys get the idea that O'Brien had a good OL in front of him - in reality it was only good for 1984 and half of 1985 - after that they were among the worst.


    Also JoJo Townsell?  yeah he was a third round pick - but he was absolutely atrocious and only once in his career did he catch more than 12 passes  in a season. - the guy was a friggin USFL reject.  Do you remember due to constant injuries to Walker and Toon and the uselessness of Townsell and Sohn - out of desperation they tried to convert CB Bobby Humphrey to WR- he had blazing speed, but as a CB he couldn't catch an interception and it wasn't any different as a WR.


    True from 1984-1988 Michey Shuler was one of the best TE's in Football - but he was done once 1989 rolled around.


    The ONLY season where O'Brien had a good OL and Mickey Shuler, Al Toon, Wesley Walker and Freeman McNeil together for more than 10 games - O'Brien led the entire NFL in passer rating - in fact at the time I believe it was an all-time performance and he was (again at that moment in time) statistically the best QB in NFL history..  He was a damn good QB who was dwarfed by having the cr@p knocked out of him game after game, and declining talent surrounding him.  then in comes Dick Steinberg who hires Bruce Coslet whose offense revolved around a zone blocking scheme and play action and Dick drafts Blair Thomas - a plodding power back who had no vision or moves - he needed an OL that pulled guards and tackles to blow holes open for him - and he of course failed.

    PS a fun fact about Kenny O - his daughter is married to former Nickelodeon Star (Drake and Josh) Josh Peck!

    Finally, yes OK Marino was better than O'Brien - but dramatically better?  No.

    I have lived the nightmare of being a Jets fan since 1978.  I watched our prized #1 pick QB Richard Todd lose his starting job to Matt Robinson only to see Robinson have a pathetic season due to the fact he hid a serious thumb injury.  This enraged OC Joe Walton so much that the Jets traded him to a team DUMBER than them - the Broncos gave them a #1 and #2 draft pick for the former 9th round pick - and what did the Jets do with their myriad of picks - they traded two first rounders to move up and select the speeding bullet Lam Jones - all speed - no hands and a couple of broken collar bones later he was out of the NFL (BTW the Jets once again found a dumber franchise when they traded Richard Todd to the Saints for their #1 pick and what did they do with that pick you ask?  Drafted Ron Farot a 6'5 255Lb OLB who they proclaimed to be a Mark Gastineau clone - only problem was 1) Farot didnt juice and 2) Farot didnt like contact - he didnt want to tackle anyone, didnt want to get hit and seemingly ran away from blockers rather than engage them...what a clusterfuk!).   After the most disheartening game I have ever seen - the 14-0 mud bowl that literally brought poor pubescent deucebag to tears - our crazy but good HC Walt Michaels went into a drunken tirade on the flight back where he went up and down the aisles insulting everyone in his path including team executives - the best of all was telling Punter Chuck Ramsey " I can fart further than you can punt".  So Michaels was fired and a new air of hope was brought to light as Todd's whisperer Joe Nose Pickin Walton took over and led us to years of disappointments, unending frustration, persistent draw play s on 3rd and long and my favorite "its not a rebuilding year its a refurbishing year".  Then came Coslet and his obese daughter tangling herself in the wires connected to his soundless headset - I just made up a joke - Whats more offensive than Coslet's ginormous daughter prancing on the sideline of a pro football team?  Holly Mangold deadlifting more than her brother LOLOLOL (Apologies to Nick, one of the greatest Jets of all-time).


    Ugh, I better stop before I get banned for life.

    2 hours ago, rangerous said:

    darnold is much better.  obrien had better players on the oline and as receivers.  bell is probably better than mcneil and shuler is better than herndon at the moment.


  9. 36 minutes ago, Skeptable said:

    I know you say that but Marinos never had a running game, and his Oline was mediocre at best... and Kenny O still had Walker and mcneil and eventually toon and shuler. Jojo... Dan Marino would have been a star on the Jets, period.

    I think Walker and Toon played about 20 games together, JoJo Townsell - you must be joking, McNeil had just one 1,000 yd season once O'Brien took over, Shuler hit 30 in O'Brien's 2nd year and was not nearly as good anymore.  Marino always had 3 starting caliber WRs and at least 1 solid pass receiving RB every year of his career.

  10. 1 hour ago, sec101row23 said:

    So the Rams have traded 3 first round picks, a 3rd, a 4th, a 5th and a 6th round picks for Brandin Cooks, Dante Fowler and Jalen Ramsey in the past two seasons.  

    Andddd they prolly wont even make the playoffs this year.

  11. 30 minutes ago, bostonmajet said:

    maybe this will get some other team to over pay for Leo - 1st and a 5th? :-)


    Ramsey is one of the 3 best CBs in the league, Leo is about the 20th best DL - so temper those expectations down to a 3rd and a 5th.  Ideally we trade him this week for a serviceable LT.  Maybe the Chiefs wud give us Cam Erving for him?

  12. 1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

    ****in Rams are nuts. It’s too bad Gurley being toast has ended them already 

    That is partly true, but I believe Goff is done as well.  That super bowl loss turned him into Blake Bortles - and guess who his backup is LOL.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Saul Goodman said:

    Oozes talent. We’ve never had a QB like this. 

    Pennington and Sanchez had their moments.

    But Chad could not physically do what Darnold does. Didn’t have the arm, overall strength and build that Darnold does.

    Sanchez could not perform the pre-snap reads nor go through his progressions like Darnold can. 

    Neither had the accuracy (no not even Chad) or ability to move in the pocket like Darnold does. 

    Darnold is the best QB we've had since Kenny O'Brien.   I love how people still whine - we passed on Marino for him - if we drafted Marino and surrounded him with the absolute lack of talent Kenny O had most of his Jet career - he would have sucked too.  Watch game film of Kenny's 2nd and first half of his 3rd season - he was special and this crap organization ruined him.  He was sacked 40 times and hit hard prolly another 30 times during his 3rd season, kinda ruined him.  I cant count how many great throws he made in his career that were called back due to holding penalties.  Walton was a brilliant offensive mind, but he never tailored the offense to fit his personnel.

  14. 26 minutes ago, C Mart said:

    via Cimini:

    Jets defensive snap counts (based on 76): DL — L. Williams 54, Q. Williams 48, Phillips 39, Fatukasi 32, McLendon 31, Willis 14; LB — Cashman 70, Hewitt 49, Jenkins 48, Basham 41, McClellan 27, Copeland 7; DB — Johnson 76, Roberts 76, Adams 76, Maye 76, Poole 69, Miles 3. ANALYSIS: Hewitt left temporarily with a shoulder injury, which meant PT for McClellan, who left with a concussion. Defense was in nickel almost the entire game. Not much work for Copeland in season debut. (Via Next Gen Stats)

    Yeah, my argument was Basham and Jenkins got all the snaps from the EDGE, but Copeland is a better pass rusher than either of them.

  15. 21 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

    I think it's pretty obvious he's better. Sam has the talent of a legit franchise QB. Dak is a good QB, but he's not a franchise QB IMO. He's too limited when it comes to throwing the football. 

    Dak is a great leader and excellent game manager, he is successful when he doesn't try to do too much and Zeke is racking up yards.  However Dak will never be able to carry a team on his shoulders - he's a bottom third QB without Zeke.

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  16. 18 hours ago, rex-n-effect said:

    I wish his immune system played at the same level he plays QB

    You can have the strongest immune system in the world and it means nothing when it comes to mono.  He needs to stay away from promiscuous FDU college girls.  Speaking of the dangers women present to pro athletes - did anyone notice that both Adam Ottavino and Tommy Kahnle were sporting epic herpes cold sores Sunday night.

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  17. 51 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

    Fatso is 100% right.  Look at how unprepared Simian and Falk were

    I respectfully disagree.  Siemian played what - a quarter and the Browns were coming hard after him.  Even in a perfect world Siemian is not a very good QB.  Falk does not have an NFL arm, has terrible field vision and zero pocket presence.  I have to assume Gase called as conservative a game plan as possible to avoid a turnover fest.

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