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  1. 5 minutes ago, Skeptable said:

    I don't think he was on the 53 pre-season roster.... which means he is out for the year.

    During the preseason, the league also allows players with long-term, but not season-ending, injuries to be placed into one of three designations: physically unable to perform (PUP), for injuries sustained during the previous season or during offseason training activities (a player who passes their physical at the beginning of training camp and practices is physically able to participate and is thus ineligible for the PUP list), reserve/non-football injury (NFI), for injuries sustained outside of team or league activities (despite the name, this includes lingering injuries from college football play, should an injured player be drafted and join the team), or reserve/non-football illness (NFI), for severe illnesses sustained by players unrelated to football. Players on the PUP list can be moved to the active roster after week 6 of the regular season or placed on injured reserve. As of 2018, players on the NFI lists can begin practicing after week 6 but cannot be activated until their team has played eight games. When a player from the NFI lists begins practicing, a three-week window starts in which they are eligible to be moved to the active roster. If the player is not activated at the conclusion of the three-week window, they must remain on the NFI list for the rest of the season.[7] During the regular season, players on the PUP list and injured reserve do not count against the league's 53-man roster maximum, but do count against the 90-man roster limit.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Skeptable said:

    I don't think he was on the 53 pre-season roster.... which means he is out for the year.

    The Jets placed Austin (knee) on the reserve/non-football injury list Saturday, per the league's official transactions report.

    Austin still appears to be working his way back from an ACL injury. The rookie will be ineligible to practice or play for the first six weeks of the season due to his placement on the reserve/NFI list.

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  3. Just now, joewilly12 said:

    WOW what a hit hoping for the best for Geronimo  Allison. 

    That's a concussion folks!, I dont think that was dirty or intentional, just happened to quick and its hard to adjust to a moving target that fast.

  4. 1 hour ago, Mark78 said:

    Does anyone have an update on Austin? 

    Starting in 2012, the NFL and the NFLPA reached an agreement allowing one player placed on injured reserve to be brought back to the active roster.[3] Provided that the player was on the final 53-man preseason roster (a rule exempted for the 2012 season), and that the injury is deemed to keep this player unable to practice or play football for an estimated six weeks, the player may be allowed to practice after Week 6, and be activated to play after Week 8.[4] In 2017, the rule was changed to allow up to two players to return from injured reserve after Week 8.


    I think I recall that Austin was close to being ready at the start of the season and the plan was he would be playing week 8.

  5. 8 hours ago, jgb said:

    Low sample size hot takes #JetsFans

    LOL Most peeps have been doubting Sam's potential greatness.  From day one, in fact prior to the 2018 draft I believed Sam Darnold was only QB in the 2018 draft worthy of a top ten pick!  At USC despite the TOs he showed the "it" factor - its nothing that can be taught - he understands the game like a 10yr NFL veteran, he plays with passion and he never gets down, his pocket presence is unreal - someone above make a silly Marino comparison - I'll say this - Darnold has Marino's pocket presence and field vision - he does not have a quick release - in that I mean - he has a windup (no nothing like Byron Leftwich) but as we have all seen - the windup makes him a little susceptible to batted passes - however once the windup is complete the ball does fly out with a flick of his wrist. 

  6. On 9/23/2019 at 11:30 AM, GeraldSowell33 said:

    I probably agree with him at this point. Very disappointing week to be a Jets fan. 

    Its very disappointing to be a Jets fan, period.  However to say that because Daniel Jones looks like the real deal is sill.  I have no doubts, Sam Darnold will be a top 10 QB throughout his career as will Daniel Jones - they both have "it" as well as the physical talent to be that good.  What will set them apart over the years to come will be the talent that surrounds them.  Darius Slayton ( and what a find he was), Evan Engram and Golden Tate are each better than any receiver the Jets have.  Not to mention the Giant OL is light years better than the Jets.  Before we give up tho, lets see what a healthy 2nd year version of Sam can do.  In spite of our pathetic roster, I believe Sam will give us a lot to cheer about throughout the remainder of the season,

  7. 5 hours ago, TeddEY said:

    Allen is trending up.  He now has the 2nd lowest passer rating of any starting QB and the 2nd most interceptions.  At this rate he’ll have the 3rd most INTs and 3rd lowest passer rating in no time.

    A better way to put it:  Allen has been better than most expected, having said that, if the Bills had just an average D they wud be 1-4 right now.

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  8. 32 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    Forgot when Vinny went down in our opener?  That was worse, Sam at least played a game and we should have won.  Plus he’ll be back when the season gets easy.  This isn’t as bad as 98

    Ugh the '98 season, talk about leadership, Parcells waved the white flag as soon as Vinny went down.

  9. 17 minutes ago, Ghost said:

    Whether I go to the game or not depends on if Darnold is playing. Can these guys make their decisions already? Joking. 

    We’re in a tough situation. We cannot go to 0-4. It will completely end any small chance we had at possible making the wildcard. Then again, we cannot throw Darnold in there and jeopardize our long-term success. This season is off to a terrible, terrible start. 

    I believe Darnold will play. which only means we'll play well enough to cover the spread.

  10. 3 hours ago, Grandy said:

    Saw this from multiple Jets IG accounts. This would confirm he played sick and was sickly far before week 1. Amazing that he survived week 1. Looking forward to seeing what he can do on return, I'm excited.


    That makes sense, I was sick for two weeks before my mono test came back positive.

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  11. On 10/2/2019 at 2:06 PM, jetscrazey said:

    The cap space isn’t the issue as much as the fact that there simply isn’t enough talent available to fill all the holes in this Swiss cheese roster. 

    Not true, here's my picks:

    WR: Geronimo Allison and Travis Benjamin

    OL:  Germain Ifedi, Jack Conklin, Andrus Peat, JC Tretter

    Edge:  Whitney Mercilus, Shaq Barrett

    CB:  Ronald Darby and Trae Waynes

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  12. 15 hours ago, RobR said:

    I haven't watched much of Herbert but what I did see was a guy who looks the part but he was a first read dinking and dunking machine. Again I haven't watched much of him and it might have only been those two games.

    I agree with the rest. I'd go heavy Oline and WR in the draft because that is where the strength of the draft is. Allocate the free agency money for a couple of corners. 

    We need two edge rushers and perhaps two DL with McClendon and Leo leaving after the season.   Henry Anderson also should not be a starter, he is more effective as a situational pass rusher.  We need a min of 3 new OL for 2020, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 CBs, 2 OLBs and 2 DL.  If we could fulfill half those needs prior to next season it would be a miracle.

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  13. 1 hour ago, JiF said:

    In this scenario the real question is; do you like Darnold better than Tua, Herbert, Lawrence, Fromm, Eason.

    I'd venture to say yes.  None of those dudes are really all that intriguing.   Maybe Eason or Lawrence spark some interest but the next few years of QB's are underwhelming, IMO.


    On paper Darnold prolly is better than all of them (Lawrence still has a lot to prove), what worries me about Darnold (and was my only concern about him coming out) is he is susceptible to batted down passes due to his long(ish) delivery.  He has enough arm strength that a CB cannot make a break on the ball once he releases it, but getting the pass off - as long as he is in the pocket - will always be a concern.  Of course he is not nearly as bad as Byron Leftwich nor as pathetic as Richard Todd was (tipped when he was going to throw by patting the ball) but its still a concern.

    Out of the 2020 class, I believe Jake Fromm may turn out to be the best of the group over the long haul, he may not have the big arm, but everything else is there.  


  14. 12 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    Most teams have played their first 4 games. A lot will change between now and February, but who is your prediction now?

    I'm going with Bears over Chiefs, 20-13.

    The Bears defense is filthy.

    I agree regarding the Bears defense, but the Saints D is pretty nasty as well and if Brees comes back soon enough and healthy enough I have to go with the Saints as the NFC winner.     As for the AFC, KCs D is still not up to par, meanwhile the Pats D is better than last year.  If Josh Gordon can make it through the season without smoking weed and N'Keal Harry comes back after week 8 and is all what he's supposed to be, how do you not go with the Pats - again - defeating the Saints in the Super Bowl 24-17.            

  15. 48 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Def this year and all of next year.  But you take a qb in round 3 or 4 of this years draft.  We cannot be caught with falks and siemidns anymore. We need a minshew or kyle allen or rudolph as backup.

    and if darnold gets hurt again next year and the young guy steps in and is better then darnold, the job is his.

    We are not ryan tannehilling this situation for 5 or 6 years w/ darnold.  If he doesnt show us he can play this year or next, we move on from him.

    This is the second comment about Darnold's injury history - does anyone realize he's not had one injury as a pro yet - last year was BS to give him a break.  This year he sucked face with a FDU whore - mono is not an injury.

  16. 1 hour ago, BCJet said:

    The Oline as a group is playing terribly, but you can fix it by having Egodba develop, signing one player and drafting one player. 

    Put Brandon Sherff at RG, Andrew Thomas at LT and Egodba at RT along with Harrison and Osmele and you will be fine.

    Dude, Osemele is a lost cause, he may be more done than a retired Kahlil.  He stunk it up for the Raiders the last two years - as it turns out - it wasnt the Raiders it was him.

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  17. 2 hours ago, TeddEY said:

    I mean, Jamal Adams over Patrick Mahomes is probably going to be the worst decision of the Mac era, unless Darnold turns into Brady or Manning.  Because, Mahomes comes with an additional 1 and 3 2s.

    Well not for nothing, but there were 8 other picks before Mahomes was picked and da Bears thought Mitch Trubisky was better.  Coming out a lot of scouts felt Mahomes was a product of the system, what they didn't focus on was his photographic memory.  Many mocks had Adams going #2 to SF, and Mahomes slipping to the high teens or early 20s.  So as Mac ran every draft - rather than drafting for need or via scouting, he picked whoever was the highest rated pick remaining per mock drafts.


    We should all personally thank Adam Gase for ridding us of perhaps our worst GM in history prior to ridding ourselves of Gase.

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  18. 2 hours ago, Joe Willie said:

    I think Beningo is just totally frustrated. I don't blame him, but he's wrong about dumping Sam in connection with the next draft and tanking for Tua. What the morons in Florham Park should do is build up an OL around Sam ... that's the only way we're ever gonna know whether he's a FQB. Moreover, even if Sam isn't a FQB, we need to shore up the OL in any case; otherwise, ANY QB we get will be doomed to fail.

    Ur not being realistic, it will take a min of two drafts to build an entire OL - we need all five positions!!!!!!!    Darnold is talented and I say with confidence he can easily become a top ten QB in this league - but not on a team that has no talent around him other than Bell.   This team stinks, I have never seen a more pathetic OL, we have one WR and he cannot take a hit.  Do you realize we need 5 Offensive Linemen?  2-3 WRs, another TE, 2 CBs, 2 LBs and 2 DL in order to be a competitive team next year?    Thats 14 players - at a minimum it would take two very successful drafts and two very successful free agency off seasons to fill all those needs.


    Hey I drank the Kool aide and thought we'd be damn good this year, I never imagined the OL would be this bad, or Darnold would get mono, or Enuwa wud get hurt or Tru would not perform.   This is a clusterphuk!  Tear it down to the bones and start from scratch with what we hope is a competent GM.

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