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  1. 3 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    Mason Rudolph looked decent out there though.

    He did, but Teddy B looked terrible.  I wasn't expecting the Steelers to be great this year to begin with (a wild card team was their ceiling IMO) now I cud see the Steelers going 6-10, 7-9 tops.  Even if the Saints lose 4 of the next 6 in Brees absence their season is still salvageable.

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  2. 21 minutes ago, chrisfaceoff said:

    I don't know why, and its probably foolish, but for some reason i feel we win tonight, because everything we expect turns out to be the exact opposite.

    Jets 27 Cle 24

    Just hoping for a good game with positive development somewhere on the team.


    The problem with Siemian is although he may be a competent QB, and he is very accurate when it comes to screens and slants, he has only average arm strength and is mostly ineffective throwing deep or to the sidelines.  Our hope rests on a big game from Bell and a lot of play action passes and screens.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Lith said:

    We have to do is find a way to win tonight, and the season is back on track.  Next week in NE is going to be rough, but did anyone watch that Eagles game last night.  They certainly looked beatable. 

    A lot going against us, but if we can just find a way to get a win tonight, all is not lost.


    Oy, 1.  Nobody's beating NE this year.  2) The Eagles looked beatable because their two top WRs got injured during the game (and Goedert didnt even dress).   If Jackson and Jeffrey are healthy when we play them, they wont be so beatable.   The Eagles biggest flaw is the lack of a starting caliber RB on their roster.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Fantasy Island said:

    Bell has to keep the ball out of Mayfields hands by sustaining long drives and eating up a lot of time.  Our secondary just has to keep the WR's contained and I believe we can pull this out.

    Unless GW pulls the bounty scheme tonight and Landry & Odell get injured, we are not containing the WRs.  I fear the Browns will score at will and the game will be over before halftime.

  5. 13 minutes ago, GeraldSowell33 said:

    I’m not a big sports radio fan, but I do subscribe to Mike Francesca's podcast page on iTunes. I listened to the interview he had with a doctor who said that if it was his son he wouldn’t let Darnold play this season. Apparently there is no test they can do to determine if the virus is out of your system completely which makes it incredibly dangerous to play football (risk of ruptured spleen). 

    I know it’s tough pill to swallow, but it may be the right decision not to risk it with him. It’s likely a lost season anyway with or without him so why not announce Darnold is done for the season, and take the pressure of him and the rest of the players?




    The Jets Organization should look at this as a blessing in disguise.  The roster has too many holes and tanking this season would give us an extremely valuable top pick that could lead to a major roster upgrade.  Take lessons from the Spurs (when David Robinson went down - led to them getting Tim Duncan) and the Colts (When Manning missed a season - led to them getting Andrew Luck).  If we could end up with 6 picks in the first 3 rounds, get 2 CBs, a franchise WR, a franchise LT and an EDGE.

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  6. 39 minutes ago, Jets4realz said:


    Listen I’ve been a Jets fan since 97 and it seems every time we think are team is going places they hit us with the “same ole Jets”. Season is not over yes we suffer a big loss in Darnold but let’s keep a good energy and get behind these young guys there is new feeling let’s keep that momentum going. Go Jets


    I wish I felt or believed the same.  The season is over.  I would not be surprised if we were beaten into submission Monday night - something like 45-3.

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  7. 13 minutes ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

    I would bet that being a professional athlete under the care of the best doctors 24/7 would help him get back earlier, not later than the average joe. I think the speculation based on everyone's individual experience with mono is worthless. Every case is different and no one will get better treatment than Darnold. 

    Hope ur right, I do not believe there is any effective treatment tho.  The most important thing to do is rest - 4+weeks if doing nothing -no throwing, no running, no lifting is a lot to recover from for a pro-athlete.

  8. 2 hours ago, NYallDay said:

    Yup. I had it and was on bed rest for 3 weeks. And I was just in boarding school 11th grade. This sucks

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    Mono can vary greatly in severity - I had mono-hepatitis - 4 weeks of 100+ fevers - I lost 30 pounds.  I bet he's out a min of 6 weeks to as much as 10 - it takes awhile for a pro-athlete to get back into shape after an illness like this.

  9. 1 minute ago, BurnleyJet said:

    Ok he’s done, it explains the Trade for Thomas.

    SMH, Enuma is done for ever, and we have no depth.  Pure insanity, two years in, we still don't have a #1 WR for our Franchise QB and now all we have are one dimensional WRs in Robby and Crowder and a slow plodding shadow of his former self in Thomas.

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  10. 12 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

    I guess I need to watch his presser on youtube. Had no idea he was blaming others. 

    Watching this game, i could see not only was Darnold not able to drop back and throw, Sam was missing guys even when he could set his feet. It just wasn't  his day . That said, Bell was running the ball well, and we didn't feed him at all. 17 carries is what you get in a committee,  not when you are on the field every offensive snap. So what we all killed Bowles and every other HC we have had for like forever, not making an adjustment, Gase is already guilty of in a situation that was screaming for one. How hard was this to figure out. You are up 16 nothing and your O has only scored once the whole game. Run the damn ball and eat up the clock. If on third down you have to pass, do it but run the ball. You have a stud RB, use him. 

    It's why I left at the end of the 3rd Qrt. I could see the way they were playing they would lose and what was worse, we lost in same old Jets fashion. 

    All of you shaking your heads preaching patience,  where have you been the last 10 years. This is the same show with a new cast. And as for Douglass, all I can say is Ficken and Thomas better freaking show up after the way Kahlil and the kicker played. 

    The Bills were stacking the box in the 2nd half, play-action passes were the way to go.  However a huge problem was the Bills were able to generate substantial pressure with their front 4 (sometimes three) leaving 7-8 covering our crappy receivers.  Meanwhile, our alleged great DL couldn't generate pressure even when we blitzed.  Leo was invisible most of the game even though he played every snap (or perhaps that is a problem in its own - what happened the GWs DL rotation).  If there is not a significant improvement on Monday night we may be looking at a 1-6 or 0-7 start and if that happens I would hope for a complete disaster 1-15 season that gets us a #1 pick in a draft where that position would yield an epic haul.

  11. 3 hours ago, Wonderboy said:

    At least under Kotite we knew we sucked rather than having these expectations that we can now be competitive.

    I admit I was one of the fools who was thinking we cud be an 11-5 team this year.  On offense I thought we'd be potent but two problems are evident aside from depth, the OL may need time to gel or just plain stinks and secondly Gase's system may be too complicated for our WRs (see Joe  Walton's perpetually "out of sync" offenses).  On Defense - losing Copeland, Williamson, CJ and not having Polite work out left Williams unable to scheme around our lack of CBs.  This all highlight's how deplorably void of talent the roster is.  How do you go into a season with NO starting caliber CBs, NO edge rushers, NO #1 WR and NO TE (for the first 4 weeks).

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  12. 4 minutes ago, New York Mick said:

    Sounds like what people said about a bunch of other Jets that we wish we still had. 

    Maybe its because we are perpetually drafting players who do not fit the system we run and are ineffective at teaching players the system or not adapting the system to fit the talent of our players.  Great examples brought up above - James Farrior - why the hell did Parcells draft him and then not use him properly.  Hugh Douglas - Parcells wanted to play a 3/4 and didnt think Douglas fit that system so rather than adapt - he throws away a generational pass rusher.

  13. 2 minutes ago, New York Mick said:

    And you guys want to get rid of Adams and Leo

    Still 15 weeks to go - but Leo was a non-factor yesterday (as usual), he has been an epic underperformer.  Adams is a solid player - but he is really made for a Tampa-2 D, otherwise his contributions are not that significant.

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  14. 25 minutes ago, Saul Goodman said:

    Williams isn’t going to become a “special player”. He’s not particularly strong, quick or agile. Hopefully he can become an above average starter. Not his fault though, it’s Mike ******* Maccagnan’s. 

    What's really aggravating is that word was there were people in the Organization who were in love with Oliver, yet they defaulted to Williams with the pick.  Watching Winovich last night made me ill as well - he looks like he's going to be a beast.

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  15. 4 hours ago, Jetster said:

    I'm a huge optimist, actually have been called a green glasses homer here, but I'm a football fan 1st & have been watching this game for over 60 years. Yesterday proved to me (I said all along this was a MUST WIN GAME) that we're not even close based on watching the NFL yesterday & the schedule that lies ahead. 

    We lost our best defender in Mosely (Groins can be a year long issue), our Line is a mess of mishmash players 3 of them I believe after yesterday are almost at the end of their careers & fading fast, Beachum, Winters & Kalil, and the best one KO is getting long in the tooth. We need a COMPLETE overhaul on our Oline. I expected them to be average, that was a way below average performance yesterday & they were manhandled. 

    QW injured his ankle so now Leo plays too many snaps & becomes invisible like last year. 

    Bell, KO, Crowder & Mosely were the best players on the field yesterday & not one of them was drafted by the Jets. 3 year project & Brady will be retiring at 45. 

    After watching yesterday's $hit$how I have zero confidence we will win any of the next 5 games and then at Jacksonville is no gimme 0 so we cud be looking at 0-7.  I actually had dreams of the playoffs this year SMH.

  16. Just now, JetsFanatic said:

    One F*cking game and the HC sucks.  Fans are idiots sometimes.  Maybe I'm old fashioned but the players need to take responsibility.  Don't hit the QB when the play is dead and the drive is over.  Catch an interception that is in your hands. Hit a wide open receiver to win the game.  

    What is troubling is what we witnessed yesterday was a castration of Darnold - much like we have seen before with what Walton did to Kenny O'Brien and Rex did to Sanchez.  Walton took a great down the field thrower and made him into a dinker.  Rex took a QB who was at his best when throwing on the run and forced him to be a pocket passer.  Now Gase is taking a QB who is best throwing the ball downfield while scrambling and making him into a pocket dinker.  just great  

  17. Actually the Pats will go 19-0 this time.  This is the deepest team they have ever had, outside of the OL - which doesn't matter thanks to Scarnechhia made Ted Karras into a pro-bowl center overnight....Meanwhile the Jets turned a pro-bowl center into Colin Baxter.

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