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  1. 1 minute ago, flgreen said:

    Of all the crazy threads today, this one I agree with.  Of course no one replied to it. lol  90% of the pressure on Sam today, came right up the gut.

    Kalil was horrible.  Harrison played very well during the pre-season, and at the end of last season, Harrison should start next week, or expect the same.

    He looked like Colin Baxter out there.

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  2. 21 minutes ago, nyjunc said:

    He's a second year QB in his second system, it's week 1.  The loss was awful but can we relax a bit please?  

    The reason to panic is the main reason why Darnold ended strong was because he was playing outside of the pocket.  Due to his lengthened delivery he is prone to batted passes - that is what truly killed him - all those batted passes may have made him overadjust on some throws causing them to be inaccurate.

    The lack of adjustments on both ends of the field were Bowles-esqu.

    The lack of creativity on offense was disturbing.

    This was one horrible game.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, varjet said:

    My initial reaction to Williamson's injury was that he was the one player we could afford to lose.  I was wrong.  

    To run the defense this team needs, we needed another capable mobile LB.  Lee maybe could have been it.  I think Williamson's lost costs 1-2 games.  

    2020 or bust!

    I think we have a chance to have a special season, but it will require us dominating time of possession week in and week out.  We need a consistent running game ans short passing game, lots of 10-14 play drives and scoring early and often.  Can it happen - yes...but will it?

  4. 1 hour ago, #27TheDominator said:

    I am not big on buttfumbles, but the last thing you should be hitting me with is "Really."  If "his motivation was to be good enough in college to get drafted high enough to earn him a decent payday" he ****ed it up royally.  You think he used to know how to take PEDs, but now he doesn't bother because he "had a big payday?"  This theory keeps getting wackier. 

    I earlier in the thread, I posted the figures for how much money he lost not going mid-first or 2nd.  If he gets cut now, he will have earned $1.1M of his $4.2M contract.  If what you are saying is true, he won't bother trying out for another team if/when he gets cut.  Wager? 

    Sure, it could be he is intimidated by the speed of the NFL game and the size of NFL players (although playing in the SEC one would think the step-up would not be extreme), or it could be he just stinks.  However you cannot deny it is possible he amped himself up for one season just to get a payday..evidence would be the fat gain after the season and his lack of enthusiasm for the game in combine interviews.  Maybe he really doesn;t want to be a pro football player and you know what, a $1.1M (guaranteed) pay day aint too shabby for a 21yo kid - its like winning the lottery.  Sure he probably ends up with about $600K after taxes and his agent's cut but that amount of money is enough to start a business, become a franchisee, get a graduate degree.  Just saying its a possibility.

  5. 1 hour ago, #27TheDominator said:


    You stop taking PEDs and you become tentative?  How about you start facing bigger, stronger players.  Nobody enters the NFL and reduces their PED intake.  This line of thought is so misguided, I can't believe somebody commented on it.  

    Really, think harder...what if his motivation was to be good enough in college to get drafted high enough to earn him a decent payday that would fund what he really wants to do with his life? 

  6. 10 hours ago, Warfish said:

    The Jets have more than enough talent to be a playoff team. 

    I'm so tired of all the fan excuses and low expectations, most of them veiled preemptive excuse-making/nervousness over Sam Darnold (same as all the endless Giant threads and Baker Mayfield threads....).

    .500 should be the minimum expectation for 2019.  They fail to get there, thats a BAD season, a dissapointment, something we should be critical of, not a good season or some half-ass moral victory.   

    I agree we have enough talent to be a playoff team, but we dont have enough talent at too many key positions.  I think the offense will be very good - perhaps even top 10 as I see Darnold eclipsing 4,000 yards and Bell and Montgomery combining for over 1,500 yards.  My biggest fear is the defense will be very up and down, one series they will dominate and force a 3 and out, the next series they will give up a 60 yard TD pass.  I fear we will give up a lot of big plays and be involved in a lot of high scoring games which will be losses against the better teams.  Picking up Clowney and a solid CB would significantly change that tho neither is very likely..so an exciting and competitive team we will have whether that translates into an 8 win season or a 10 win season is to be determined.

  7. 1 hour ago, jetstream23 said:

    It won't matter if we don't have a pass rush because we won't have anybody to cover WRs anyway.  Jets better be ready to win a bunch of 37-34 games!

    Well...let's see how creative GW can be...with our roster the Tampa 2 may be our best defensive formation.  

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  8. 21 minutes ago, A.J. said:

    Daniel Jones as a Giants failure before the kid even takes a snap is frickin gold 😂🤣

    well done.

    Dave Brown was an epic bust for the Giants, he barely played a down for Arizona.  Now he's one of the wealthiest residents of Westfield NJ thanks to his rich daddy paving his way.

  9. On 5/25/2019 at 1:38 PM, Jetster said:

    I think his past tape is a complete fluke. He's Adrien Murrell without that Oline.

    I'm not calling Gase and Loggins Don Coryell, but you do realize they are the best Offensive Coaches we have had since Charlie Weis.   Schemes play a major role in opening up holes for a running back, Gase made Ajayi and Drake look like superstars with a subpar OL.   

  10. 1 hour ago, section314 said:

    Was listening yesterday afternoon, and made two good points.  1) Joe Douglass...would have to guarantee him full control over the roster or Eagles could argue it's not a real promotion, and try to block it. 2)  Chris Johnson should take his time and interview a bunch of guys who were GM's, guys like Pioli, Savage, Ireland etc. These guys would come in and be totally prepared for the interview. Would know everything about the organization, and would give him the real scoop on how a real NFL team should be run. Thinks this is a huge opportunity for Chris to possibly start to right the ship, and he should talk to guys who could council him on how to do it.

    No to Savage and Ireland but Id take Pioli - tho I doubt he'd be interested in the Jet due to his strong ties to Belichick

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  11. 4 minutes ago, prime21 said:

    This is going to go down hill quickly.

    Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

    Nah tho that seems like the likely scenario I actually believe Gase is going to be a success mostly because we have great locker room leadership in Darnold, Adams and Mosely.  All we need from Gase and Williams are creative game plans which both are more than capable of.

  12. Just now, nico002 said:

    The Johnson's are some of the best owners in the NFL.

    They spend money, that is literally all that you can ask an owner to do.

    Mac and Bowels were given plenty of time and resources to win- they didn't.

    The idea that the Jets are dysfunctional because the owner "meddles" is absurd. The Jets sucked because Mac and Bowels sucked. 

    You must be joking.  The Johnsons have no idea what they are doing, they have never worked a day in their lives.  I wouldn't want them to run a Burger King let alone a professional football franchise.  If they had a clue they would have hired a Football man years ago but they remain stubborn and think they can run the team themselves like the Jets are a video game they used to play on their Atari when they were kids.

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  13. 17 hours ago, GreenFish said:

    This answer a few question. Macc typically won on trades because he only took trades that were too good to pass up.

    the lack of draft day trades was Macc being too gun shy. 

    EXACTLY - looking back it almost seems that Macc has no self confidence.

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  14. 1 hour ago, chrisfaceoff said:

    Jesus that’s rough. Regardless of anyone’s opinions on him, that is terrible. 

    Problem with Lee is he was undersized and afraid to tackle.  I wud compare him to Vilma who was undersized before he juiced in NO but Wilma at 220 soaking wet was a tackling machine - after juicing he became an all-pro.  Lee juiced last year and he was still on his back on most plays - some guys dont have the mental toughness to compete in the NFL, maybe Reid will put him on the same crap Dee Ford was taking last year and make a player out of him but there was no sense keeping Lee as a lame duck backup who cant even play special teams. 

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  15. Listen people, for how many years have we been saddled with Nice guy/player coaches who dont enforce rules and dont hold players accountable?  The last disciplinarian we had was Parcells, I wud say Groh - but he had no credibility in the locker room.  

    Unlike many pro sports owners who are successful businessmen and know how to run a business the Johnson are heirs who never worked a day in their lives - they have no balls and no clue about anything but Country Clubs, Polo and recreational drug use.  Maccagnan is a wimp who had no guts.  Darnold fell into his lap   - but yes he did put us in position to get him - but focus on what he didnt do - build an offense around Darnold.  Think of the first thing Ernie Acorsi did for Eli - Ernie said we need to get him a franchise WR - so he traded for Plaxico Burress.  Indy drafted Marvin Harrison for Payton.  Oakland drafted Amari Cooper for Carr...I cud go on and on.  Mac said meh we have Robby Anderson.  He did nothing for the OL - Spencer Long - really? Dont forget Mac wasted picks on Petty and Hack before he got desperate to trade up.   

    Now we have an Alpha Male whack job coach who feasts on weakness - he saw Chrissy Johnson is weak and Maccagnan is weak and he big time bitch slapped the both of them into submission.  Good for him..  Now lets see what Gase can do - he's got the golden egg - a real Franchise QB - now lets see if he can change the culture and build a championship supporting cast.  

    Also enough with the Miami complaints - he inherited a mediocre team with no OL and two ME stars in Landry and Ajayi - I believe Mayfield is the only guy who can get Landry to behave and Ajayi hasnt done much in Phlly.  You guys make it seem he drove a perennial Super Bowl contender into the ground.  Miami hasnt been the same since Shula retired for Christ Sake.!  He inherited a mess and took them to the playoffs in his first year for the first time since the Pennington/wildcat miracle season.  Who know what wud have happened if Tannehill didnt tear up his knee pr of they got a decent replacement in his second year rather than a washed up and disengaged Jay Cutler.

    Now lets see if Gase can get us more talent at WR, Center and CB, if he does this should be a very good season.  I have been one of the more negative posters on this board over the years, however I am feeling the most excited about the Jets since Parcells was here (because I never believed in Mark Sanchez and never felt confident with Herm running the show).

    J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS - get used to that cause there's gonna be a whole lot of Kick-offs after TDs this year. 


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