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  1. 10 minutes ago, slats said:

    Do the Jets even have 53 players under contract yet? 

    Dude this team is gunna ball!  The defense was decent last year with Kacy Rodgers as DC Kacy Rodgers!  With a creative DC we're gunna ball!  On offense, when was the last time we had an every down RB that defenses feared?  Ummmm never?  Dont give Cmart - he couldnt catch and did not have breakaway speed, CMart was a healthy Freeman McNeil.  Darnold now has five reliable targets, Anderson, Enuwa, Herndon, Crowder and Bell. (I wouldnt count out Leggett either)  When was the last time the Jets had five talented receivers on offense?  You guessed it: Never!  I believe our OL is average, something that a good scheme can overcome, not to mention our best QB since Kenny O'Brien's heyday.  Barring injuries, if the Jets do not add another impact player - this is an 11-5 team.  We already have a few guys who can get to the QB, Henry Anderson, Jordan Jenkins and Brandon Copeland, I bet Greg turns Leo loose and makes him into a situational pass rusher and hopefully we pick up an impact edge in the draft.  Mark my words, the Browns may have the most talented roster and the Pats will be the Pats, but this year is going to be the most fun we have had in a long time .

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  2. 8 minutes ago, RSJ said:


    I would rather have those three playing for us in 2019.

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    Dude, Im at a loss, I have no idea.  I read somewhere they have already reached out to Chuck Pagano and Jim Caldwell - I almost puked.  McCarthy is intriguing but again he shud have won more with Rogers and respect anyone who hires Mike Pettine as their DC.

  3. I expect Bosa and Allen to go 1,2 and thats fine with me as I am hoping to switch to a 4-3.  Consequently Id flip a coin on Quinnen Williams and Derrick Brown.  Then I sign Frank Clark and Branden Graham as a FAs.


    My 2019 Roster (not incl depth)

    QB Sam Darnold

    RB Isiah Crowell

    RB Tevin Coleman  FA

    RB Bilal Powell

    RB Trenton Cannon

    TE Chris Herndon

    TE Jordan Leggett

    TE Levine Toilolo FA

    LT Jake Fisher  FA

    LG Brian Winters

    C Matt Paradis   FA

    RG  Spencer Long

    RT Kelvin Beachum

    WR Robby Anderson

    WR Quincy Enuwa

    WR Adam Humphries  FA

    WR  John Brown FA


    DE Frank Clark   FA

    DT Quinnen Williams

    DT Leonard Williams

    DE Brandon Graham  FA

    OLB Darron Lee

    MLB Avery Williamson

    OLB Draft Pick

    CB Trumaine Johnson

    CB Rashard Robinson/Draft Pick

    S Jamaal Adams

    S Marcus Maye


    Hows that look?

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  4. As much as I hate to admit it, Baker Mayfield is (to date) the best of the QB class.  Second would be Darnold who arguably had the least to work with of any rookie QB.  A close third is surprisingly Josh Allen.  He clearly improved his game week to week despite having only one pro receiver to throw to.   Forth is Lamar Jackson. endless energy, blazing speed and an absolute cannon, however I cant say I trust him on a game winning  drive at this stage.  Lastly Josh Rosen, he has shown a few glimpses, but just a few.  His OL and supporting cast is comparable to Darnold's with Darnold having significantly better results...so much for the most NFL ready QB.

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  5. Adams is the only defensive player on the Jets who wud start for NE and NE isnt that good. The disgusting performance today, this season and the overall lack of talent on this roster is inexcusable. We can only pray McCagnan can take an online course or something and learn how to build a team.

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  6. 42 minutes ago, johnnyjet said:

    wtf did we do to Sanchez. He looked great In those highlights 

    Life is easier with a great OL and targets like Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Jericho Cotchery, Dustin Keller and LT.  When was the last time we had a stable of talent like that on offense.  Hmmm I'd say its been about 8 years.

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  7. 4 hours ago, Matt39 said:

    Haven’t there been rumblings he’s going to leave? It’s a completely unlikely but he’s a guy to give a Parcells pay day to and turn over the franchise.

    Think about what you just said "Parcells pay day", notice there has not been a "Parcells pay day" since Woody bought the team?  Woody does not believe in paying large salaries to GMs or Coaches, so you can forget about another Parcells pay day as long as Woody is alive.

  8. I remember when TB was billed as a Parcells guy.   The ONLY thing TB learned from the Tuna is stubbornness.  Also if I hear one more person (yes listening to WFAN) defend Mac i a m going to go nuts.  Beningo said he deserves to stay because every one of his #1 picks is playing.  Where's the pro bowlers I ask you?

  9. This roster is so void of talent its a disgrace.  We have no stars - zero.  I didnt even want the Jets to draft a QB because I knew they had nobody on the team to support one.  This organization is a disgrace from ownership downward.   Everyone applauds Woody - I have always felt he is no better than the Wilpons.   Its time for Woody to break open his piggy bank and hire a real GM and give him autonomy.  We need a scouting department, an established coach and professional assistant coaches.  

    I feel bad for Darnold, he was thrown into a cesspool and now he's just trying not to drown in the sewage.  Looking forward to 2019 we need 5 offensive linemen, three pro WRs, a pro RB, two edge rushers, two CBs, and two run stopping DTs.  We are so far away its not funny.  Its not something one offseason can fix.  We need to start drafting pro-bowlers and signing quality free agents.  Thats not gonna happen under Mac.

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  10. On 9/24/2018 at 10:47 AM, bitonti said:

    They couldn't find a TE? they couldn't sign ASJ? Cmon. They couldn't find a pass rusher? 

    your logic is because they couldn't spend it on SUH they shouldn't spend it at all? I don't buy it. They should not be starting Tomlinson and Tuvu. There's a middle ground between amazing and nothing. 

    since you asked the problem with the Johnson's is too much of their wealth derives from the team. Other guys like Paul Allen or Shahid Khan, this is a diversion. Look at the ownership wealth list, the Krafts and Johnsons are near the bottom. They are worth 3.5 Bil and the team is worth 3. The Krafts find ways around it like giving TB12 a lease and a contract to have his witch doctor on staff. It's cheating but they at least try. The smartest thing Woody ever did was buy the team. Johnson and Johnson was a long time ago. They do cut corners on payroll and they certainly cut corners hiring coaches. This is their golden goose and these tv contract checks actually matter to the Johnsons. Paul Allen doesn't care.  

    don't believe me? Why has ever coach they've ever hired since Tuna been a first timer? Why are they luring Jeremy Bates out of the woods with Omaha Steaks? Because these are cheap things to do. There's no salary cap on coaches. Even small market teams like the Steelers have Mike Munshak at OL coach. He's a HOF OLman, former HC, former OC, working at line coach. They don't pay Bell but they pay for something. The Jets are the worst of both worlds, cheap with no commitment to winning.  

    Excellent point!!!  Many Jets fans dont realize we are in a similar situation as the Mets with the Wilpons.  We have owners who rely on their pro sports team investment for a steady stream of income.  Therefore any savings they can derive from payroll are essential for them to maintain their lifestyle.

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