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  1. Just now, rangerous said:

    imo, 10-6 or higher with a chance at the division.  while everyone seems to be focused on darnold, the defense has actually played pretty well.  tighten up the special teams and this team could surprise.

    With Kahlil Mack, possibly.  The defense has been good in preseason but the absence of any kind of pass rush is disgusting.  I do not believe we will be able to run the ball on offense, putting too much on a rookie QBs shoulders.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    I only disagree with your Minnesota prediction,  They will just ass kick us.  They have a great defense, a good enough Qb and their offense is very underrated talent wise.

    I believe Cousins is a choker and he will feel the pressure of his big contract and passing up more money with the Jets.  If you can stop Diggs and Rudolph, nobody else scares me - will Cook be as good as he was pre-injury?

  3. Things are looking up in Jets nation with the arrival and indoctrination of a potential franchise QB.  However aside from the QB there are many holes and flaws within this roster.  So what does that mean as we approach the regular season?


    Week 1 @ Detroit .  On the road, noisy stadium, solid pass rush, Matt Stafford.  enough said.  Lions 24 Jets 13. (0-1)

    Week  2 vs Miami.  Home opener, pumped up crowd, solid effort from D.  Jets 17 Dolphins 13. (1-1)

    Week 3 @ Cleveland.  I may be a fool but I don't see why Cleveland does not get more respect for this upcoming season. Cleveland 23 Jets 13 (1-2)

    Week 4 @ Jacksonville  IMO this will be Darnold's worst game of the year, a bloodbath.  Jax 27 Jets 0. (1-3)

    Week 5 vs Denver.  Darnold shows his mettle with his best pro effort after his worst   Jets 31 Denver 17  (2-3)

    Week 6 vs Indianapolis.  A fun and exciting shootout, Indys inferior defense and inability to run the ball does them in   Jets 38 Indy 30  (3-3)

    Week 7 vs Minnesota  A tight defensive battle with Cousins outdoing Darnold in the mistake dept.  Jets 13 Minn 10  (4-3)

    Week 8 @ Chicago  The up and coming Bears D picks is the story of the game.   Bears 16 Jets 3  (4-4)

    Week 9 @ Miami  This time Miami's pass rush wins   Miami 24 Jets 13 (4-5)

    Week 10 vs Buffalo  Jets stay out of last place with a solid effort.  Jets 24 Buffalo 20.  (5-5)

    Week 12 vs New England  Bill loves rookie QBs  NE 35 Jets 14    (5-6)

    Week 13 @ Tenn  Two mediocre teams one with a better D   Tenn 23 Jets 13  (5-7)

    Week 14 @ Buffalo  Buffalo doesnt do anything particularly well  Jets 28 Buffalo 10  (6-7)

    Week 15 vs Houston  Houston is rolling at this point of the season.  Houston 34 Jets 20.  (6-8)

    Week 16 vs Green Bay  Another mismatch    Green Bay 38 Jets 24  (6-9) 

     Week 17 @ NE  An exclamation point on the Todd Bowles error.  NE 41 Jets 21 (6-10)


    Darnold 3,800 yds 21 TDs 17 Ints.  Pretty good rookie year...a lot of hope for the future.


    A rough draft:


    New England 13-3

    Miami           9-7

    Jets            6-10

    Buffalo       4-12


    Pittsburgh 12-4

    Cleveland   9-7

    Cincinnati   9-7

    Baltimore  7-9


    Jax    13-3

    Houston 11-5

    Indy  9-7

    Tenn  5-11


    LA Chargers  10-6

    Oak  Raiders  9-7

    KC               8-8

    Denver  6-10  


    NY Giants  10-6

    Philadelphia 10-6

    Washington  9-7

    Dallas 7-9


    Green Bay 10-6

    Minnesota  9-7

    Detroit       9-7

    Chicago     7-9


    New Orleans  12-4

    Carolina       9-7

    Atlanta        8-8

    Tampa Bay  6-10


    LA Rams   10-6

    SF             9-7

    Arizona      8-8

    Seattle      7-9


    New England defeats New Orleans in the Super Bowl, Brady announces retirement.

  4. Realistically - who would want Teddy? Barring an injury. the only potential teams are Kansas City, Jacksonville and Miami.  I am not trading him within the division so that leaves KC and Jax.  At this juncture the best you'll get is a conditional pick  - you have to ponder whether its worth it to give him away like that. 

    Is there a rush to start Darnold right away?  This team is simply not good enough to make the playoffs as constructed as well as considering the schedule.  3 games in the first 10 days of the season! 3 of the first 4 on the road!  Then after playing on the road against Jax we come home to seeing Chubb and Miller flying towards the pocket, followed by Indy, Minn and on the road against Chicago and their pass rush?  Logic tells you not to start Darnold just for the sake of his physical well being!


    No matter who starts at QB, after the first 8 games - at best we are 4-4. Keep Darnold on the bench until at least week 9.

  5. 3 minutes ago, jetscrazey said:

    For the first preseason game it was ok.  But going forward, especially now that we all know Darnold is a legit contender for week 1 starter, it's simply not fair to Darnold, Teddy, or McCown to have them play in the 4th quarter behind a line of scrubs.  It's also a risk to the franchise because if they lose someone then Teddy's potential trade value is gone and they'll need to keep him.

    Bring back Hackenberg for all I care.

    Absolutely shocking that they dont have one.

  6. Well this was some night folks.  In my 40+ years as a Jets fan this is my happiest first round draft pick since 1985 when we selected Al Toon.  (I was actually pissed about Revis because I liked Hall just as much and we didnt need to trade up for him).   I remember pi$$ing myself out of glee over Richard Todd too, so I cant claim genious.

    We almost didnt $uck enough for Sam, but at the end of the day - he was the one I wanted all along, lets hope me and Mac were right!

  7. 3 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

    Believe it or not I think we have a shot at 9-7.  The bills have even a way worse O-line than we do and miami’s Qb situation is a mess and they lost Jarvis Landry and Ndamokung Suh


    Robby is only looking at a 1 game suspension which is huge.  Trumaine Johnson was actually an excellent signing

    Ummmm   IDK man,  I count losses @Detroit, @Jax , vs Denver, vs Minn, @CHI, @MIA, vs NE, vs HOU, vs GB, @NE.


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