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  1. 2 hours ago, aec4 said:

    Could have had him at 6 with all our 2nd rounders too.  

    Hes not going to work here.  If we were going to pay all that we should have moved to 1 got mayfield.  

    Oy!  I am not saying Darnold is a lock for Canton, but he is well over and above every QB in the 1st rnd of this draft.  These mofo's were so overhyped.  Mayfield, Rosen, Allen - MEH.    

  2. 2 minutes ago, HessStation said:

    Interestingly James is a much better prosepect than Adams yet people were claiming he was a steal last year. 

    Adams was no steal - just the top rated safety who was way overhyped.  I feel James has just as much or greater leadership abilities and can actually cover a wr and knock the snot out of one as well.  Only knock on James is the ACL tear in the past.

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