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  1. Gase is doing exactly what Joe D wants, give the Jets the best shot at Trevor.
  2. I've got a young franchise caliber QB who your coach loves...
  3. I think there is too much money to be lost if they cancel the season, worst case scenario - they will put the players in a bubble - if a player refuses, in come the scabs.
  4. I am still in awe all he got was David Johnson and a 2nd rnd pick.
  5. If Flacco gets sacked once he'll probably be weeping in pain.
  6. Don't forget our prized FA signing, Patrick Onwuasor. Hewitt and Williamson/Ogletree have been horrific. Just adding the speed and range and blitzing capabilities that Cashman and Onwuasor offer could elevate the defense just enough to make games more interesting.
  7. Nah, Fitz is defined as plug and play mediocrity. Rosen came off one awful team with poor coaching to a new offense in his 2nd season with an even worse supporting cast.
  8. Gase will neuter Flacco as well and force a deep ball thrower into a dink and dunk gameplan - which Flacco notoriously fails at.
  9. Perhaps that factored in considering the past African American air raid QBs. Think about this - Graham Harrell put up better stat than Pat Mahomes did and look what became of him. I think the scouts discounted Mahomes' stats and therefore did not properly evaluate his intangibles.
  10. Is it fair to completely write off Josh Rosen yet? He started his rookie year on a horrific team with no OL, although he did have much better weapons than Darnold has ever had and his one year in Miami he was on a team equivalent to the talent that Darnold has had. Let's see what Bruce Arians and Tom Brady can do with him, he may become a very successful successor to Brady.
  11. Flacco throws for over 300 yards but fumbles twice and throws three interceptions. Cards 41 Jets 24.
  12. Amazingly, they won a SuperBowl with Jim McMahon (great leader, lousy QB) and lost a SuperBowl with Rex Grossman (Lovie Smith never got the credit he deserved for the amazing job he did with a team that had no offense).
  13. The NBA, NHL and MLB took time off, initially to see if Covid would disappear like a miracle with warmer weather and then in order to develop a plan. Well the plans have worked for the most part, and the NFL should be following their leads. The inherent obstacles in terms of succeeding for the NFL are: 1) Volume of personnel: there are upwards of 100 individuals on each NFL team that spend time together, not counting off the street practice squad pick-ups and dont forget the risks involved when players switch teams. 2) The cancellation of ONE NFL GAME can wreck an entire season.
  14. I say we tank every year until Arch Manning enters the draft.
  15. I dont think our OL is good enough for a guy like Perine - he's not elusive and not fast, he doesnt pick up speed until he hits the 2nd level - he needs a hole to run through. We need someone fast who can dart through a crack.
  16. Having a good OL and Mims, Perriman, Crowder and Smith on the field at the same time would be a lot of fun. Notice I put Smith last. He stopped getting open late in the 4Q, was it the D or was he gassed?
  17. Ryan Fitzpatrick could have taken those teams to the Super Bowl.
  18. With a solid OL, a successful running game and a decent core of WRs (Edwards, Cotchery and Holmes) Sanchez was more than adequate. You almost have to feel as bad for Mark as you should for Darnold - tho Darnold is more talented. As for Geno, he didn't have the skill set to be an NFL QB - perhaps in the right setting he could have been developed - but more likely the chip on his shoulder (and in his jaw) prevented that - in the end that was all on Marty Mornhinweg who had to have Geno.
  19. Do you blame Gase or Douglas for that? we went into the game starting Edoga and Fant - both go out with injuries and since Douglas didn't beef up the depth chart (with even a WFL reject) what choice did Gase have? It was either a 6-2 298LB C (Josh Andrews) at LT or an injured Becton.
  20. You have to admit, it is indeed a miracle that Darnold is still alive considering they had Josh Andrews at LT and Conor McDermott at RT for much of the 2nd half.
  21. I believe the biggest problem is Sam knows he does not have anyone he can trust in a 50/50 situation - he cannot count on a WR "to make a play". Consequently he only wants to throw to a WR who has space around him - sometimes he'll try and give a WR a shot at making a play - but when he does the WR always fails him. You have to wonder if our WRs even have any self confidence? Look at the play Jeudy made - he didn't give up on the underthrown ball and he made a play - who on the Jets has the ability (or confidence) to do that. We are fielding an offense littered with scrubs, cast offs and h
  22. As Troy Boy pointed out, Darnold probably doesn't trust Cager as Cager quit on a route against Indy that led to an INT. He saw Cager open and then thought nah, too risky. All the drops and broken route trees thus far this year has caused Darnold nearly as much harm as the lack of protection. QBs need chemistry and trust with their WRs, if you were Darnold - who on the Jets roster would you trust, other than Crowder. Herndon obviously does not put in the effort anymore, I was assuming Griffin was damaged after surgery, but watching him is leading me to believe, he got paid and now he do
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