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  1. 22 minutes ago, jayrad01 said:

    I think they should start Captain Morgan and see what we have with him rather than play Flacco. We will lose either way might as well see what he can do.

    If Flacco gets sacked once he'll probably be weeping in pain.

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  2. 1 hour ago, kdels62 said:

    Mims, Cashman, and Bell could all really help the team. They won’t but they could.

    Don't forget our prized FA signing, Patrick Onwuasor. Hewitt and Williamson/Ogletree have been horrific.  Just adding the speed and range and blitzing capabilities that Cashman and Onwuasor offer could elevate the defense just enough to make games more interesting.

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  3. 9 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    It’s because Trevor is a tall white guy and Mahomes is a 6’1” black dude. 

    Perhaps that factored in considering the past African American air raid QBs.  Think about this - Graham Harrell put up better stat than Pat Mahomes did and look what became of him.  I think the scouts discounted Mahomes' stats and therefore did not properly evaluate his intangibles.

  4. 46 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    2nd best QB in the class when I had him 5th, below Josh Rosen, entering the 2020 season.  

    Is it fair to completely write off Josh Rosen yet?  He started his rookie year on a horrific team with no OL, although he did have much better weapons than Darnold has ever had and his one year in Miami he was on a team equivalent to the talent that Darnold has had.  Let's see what Bruce Arians and Tom Brady can do with him, he may become a very successful successor to Brady.

  5. 25 minutes ago, predator_05 said:


    I'm surprised to see that the bears haven't had any great QBs:



    Like the Jets, they've been big underachievers. 

    Amazingly, they won a SuperBowl with Jim McMahon (great leader, lousy QB) and lost a SuperBowl with Rex Grossman  (Lovie Smith never got the credit he deserved for the amazing job he did with a team that had no offense).

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  6. On 10/3/2020 at 11:16 AM, PS17 said:

    This season could be on the ropes very soon if the covid cases keep rising. Is the NFL willing to take a couple months off like the nba? 

    The NBA, NHL and MLB took time off, initially to see if Covid would disappear like a miracle with warmer weather and then in order to develop a plan.  Well the plans have worked for the most part, and the NFL should be following their leads.  The inherent obstacles in terms of succeeding for the NFL are:

    1) Volume of personnel:  there are upwards of 100 individuals on each NFL team that spend time together, not counting off the street practice squad pick-ups and dont forget the risks involved when players switch teams.

    2)  The cancellation of ONE NFL GAME can wreck an entire season.  Hmmm seems that adding in an extra bye weeks or two would have been an intelligent choice.  Assuming more games are cancelled, the season will have to be extended for make-up games.

    3)  The NFL season is heading into the winter when viruses are much more transmissible.  

    4)  An NFL playoff bubble is possible, but not likely, again due to the sheer volume of personnel.

    5)  Are NFL players being as careful as MLB, NHL and NBA players were?  So far NO, the coaches dont even want to wear masks.


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  7. 3 hours ago, FlightBoyz said:

    Seriously WTF 

    I dont think our OL is good enough for a guy like Perine - he's not elusive and not fast, he doesnt pick up speed until he hits the 2nd level - he needs a hole to run through. We need someone fast who can dart through a crack.

  8. 11 hours ago, HawkeyeJet said:

    I said jokingly (kind of) a few times in "training camp" I didn't know who Jeff Smith was.

    Well I know who he is now.  He's the only active WR outside of Crowder who looks like he would be on other NFL teams.

    Good size.  Good speed.  Better releases than I would have expected.  Not ever going to be a WR1, but looks like he has a future.

    Having a good OL and Mims, Perriman, Crowder and Smith on the field at the same time would be a lot of fun.  Notice I put Smith last.  He stopped getting open late in the 4Q, was it the D or was he gassed?

  9. 11 minutes ago, Waka Flocka Flacco said:

    Everyone acknowledged in 2013 that the missing piece in 2009/2010 was quarterback. 2012 we were still having this argument. At the time? You're out of your mind or just lying.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick could have taken those teams to the Super Bowl.

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  10. 17 minutes ago, GreekJet said:

    Pretty much. 9 years of the worst QB in the NFL. 

    With a solid OL, a successful running game and a decent core of WRs (Edwards, Cotchery and Holmes) Sanchez was more than adequate.  You almost have to feel as bad for Mark as you should for Darnold - tho Darnold is more talented.  As for Geno, he didn't have the skill set to be an NFL QB - perhaps in the right setting he could have been developed - but more likely the chip on his shoulder (and in his jaw) prevented that - in the end that was all on Marty Mornhinweg who had to have Geno.

  11. 26 minutes ago, bgivs21 said:

    Great write up as usual. But the above quote is what bothered me about this coach more than anything else. Why the hell was Mekhi Becton allowed to suit up and then put in the game. The selfishness of the Gase to put in a hurt player to save his own ass is ridiculous and should have everyone fuming

    Do you blame Gase or Douglas for that?  we went into the game starting Edoga and Fant - both go out with injuries and since Douglas didn't beef up the depth chart (with even a WFL reject) what choice did Gase have?  It was either a 6-2 298LB C (Josh Andrews) at LT or an injured Becton.  

  12. 37 minutes ago, KRL said:

    I'm sorry I didn't post earlier but the Jets committed another
    personal foul against me, "roughing the writer" and I had to
    recover.  Who can be shocked that they lost (37-28) to a QB
    MAKING HIS FIRST START ON A SHORT WEEK.  A totally undisciplined
    mess of a game that continues to indict not just Adam Gase but
    the entire staff.  Eleven penalties for 118 yards and at least
    6 personal fouls???  Mind boggling but to make it worse they
    actually won the turnover battle 3-0 and still lost:

    Special Teams

    - The return game was non-existent, shocker

    - Braden Mann had a good average (48.7) and actually made a TD
    saving tackle

    - Sam Ficken should be applauded for the consistency he's shown
    this year.  A perfect night in FG's (5/5) and XP's


    - Another horrible mess of a performance by the entire defense.
    Other than a tiny period where they produced two INT's in two
    drives they were shredded

    - I've never seen such a bad 2 INT, "pick 6" performance than what
    I saw out of Pierre Desir.  Stumbling in coverage, getting "out
    physicaled" by a rookie and not being able to knock down another
    TD pass.  I hoped he could regain his 2018 level, its not going
    to happen.  Tim Patrick and Jerry Jeudy abused him all night

    - Within the 6 personal fouls there was at least 2 that actually
    gave DEN the ball back.  The worst had to be on the Quinnen
    Williams "sack" that could've actually put the Jets in position
    to win as they were leading 28-27.  But of course on an uncontested
    sack Williams just had to yank the facemask

    - For the second straight game zero sacks

    - Bryce Huff showed flashes of edge pressure as an OLB.  And did well
    in space in his coverage responsibilities

    - Lamar Jackson showed flashes in coverage even though he got lost
    on a couple of occasions


    - Excellent performances by Jamison Crowder (7 recs / 104 yds) and
    Jeff Smith (7 recs / 81 yds).  They should've been featured in the
    passing game to the exclusion of everyone else.  But of course they

    - Fantastic improvised run by Sam Darnold (46 yards) that produced
    the only TD by the offense all night

    Now that the positive is out of the way:

    - Chris Herndon has been a tremendous disappointment (1 rec / 11 yds).
    Another drop and not displaying any of the mismatch ability I was
    hoping for

    - The running game as usual was boring and predictable.  And for some
    reason it was focused on Frank Gore.  Look, you have to respect him
    and what he's accomplished but he's 37 years old.  Wouldn't it be more
    explosive to focus the run game on LaMical Perine who supposedly was
    excellent in camp?

    - I have never seen so many 2-3 yard routes outside the numbers to
    receivers.  Giving them almost no opportunity to get YAC.  How about
    some crossing/slant routes into the middle of the field?  Giving 
    receivers the opportunity to "run away" from defenders and get vertical.
    No, let's throw to Chris Hogan for 3 yards.  And by the way that 2 point
    play was pathetic.  Immediately spinning Darnold to the right and
    eliminating 2/3 of the field and crowding defenders together isn't smart 

    - Of course more injuries as Lawrence Cager, Chuma Edoga and Mekhi Becton
    all go out.  Wonderful

    - Sam Darnold again was the worst QB on the field, and that is a disturbing
    thought.  The six sacks that DEN generated were primarily on him as he
    was indecisive on when to vacate the pocket.  And the injury he experienced
    was a prime example of that.  When your offense generates five FG's that
    means you're not getting the job done in the red zone.  Darnold also showed
    a lack of awareness on who to feed the ball to.  Crowder & Smith were his
    "chunk play" guys he should've forced them to ball, enough of this spreading
    the ball around nonsense

    It's Friday why is Adam Gase still employed???   

    You have to admit, it is indeed a miracle that Darnold is still alive considering they had Josh Andrews at LT and Conor McDermott at RT for much of the 2nd half.

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  13. 1 minute ago, JiF said:

    He took an absolute beating an I will give him credit for taking it on the chin and getting back up for more.  

    That said, he's absolutely broken and/or was just a bust to begin with.  He left so many plays on the field.  I get his team fails him all the time but that doesnt excuse away the fact he is trigger shy.  The play he got hurt, should have never happened and he once again missed a would be wide open TD (then again, Herndon probably dropped it) on his patent scramble plays.  

    Let him finish out the year, bench him and see what Morgan has, whatever, doesnt matter - his time as NY Jet is done after 2020.


    As Troy Boy pointed out, Darnold probably doesn't trust Cager as Cager quit on a route against Indy that led to an INT.   He saw Cager open and then thought nah, too risky.  All the drops and broken route trees thus far this year has caused Darnold nearly as much harm as the lack of protection.   QBs need chemistry and trust with their WRs, if you were Darnold - who on the Jets roster would you trust, other than Crowder.   Herndon obviously does not  put in the effort anymore, I was assuming Griffin was damaged after surgery, but watching him is leading me to believe, he got paid and now he doesn't care and outside of Crowder we do not have another NFL caliber WR on the active roster.  Hogan looks slow and soft now.  Everyone on offense except for Crowder and Gore look like they are playing to not get hurt.


    One other point, Gase play calling is horrific.   On 4th and 3 near the end of the game, from what I could see, there were four receivers who all went on ten yard patterns - no safety valve!  All we needed was three yards - how about a slant or a rb in the flat???

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