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  1. Totally wasted money on Cro, he's done and there were a lot o better options...hopefully Mcdougle can take his job.  Pryor s/b cut.  OL still stinks.  Petty makes Matt Simms look like Johny U.  At least Rex's scheme could stop the run. Fitz is our worst starting QB since......Geno Smith.  Can only hope that Davis and Harris do not play on passing downs.  Devier Posey is the 3rd best WR.  This is a 5-11 team.

  2. Okay, second mention of trading Geno scenario in this thread.   

    I'd like to see Mcc test my oft-repeated pre-punch hypothesis and see if there is a team in the NFL that would, in fact, trade a bag of footballs for Geno. Would like to see that trade get done.  

    Ummm...I think Jake Heaps has more trade value than Genover.   I wish they would just cut him...in fact Geno deserved to get cut more than IK - it would send a message - if you behave like an A-Hole you will get your butt kicked and lose your job.

  3. DGB doesn't fit our team. We have two big Wrs on the outside already. We needed a flat out speed guy.

    DGB is a speed guy, but has a case of the Dropsies - I would compare DGB to a more polished Stephen Hill.  Smith is also raw but a bit faster and with better hands, I can understand the rational of the pick.

  4. A pass rushing OLB is the only opening needed to have a complete D, so I would be thrilled if Harold fell into our hands in Rnd 2.  At WR we have Decker, Marshall, Kerley - and then a fight amongst Owusu, TJ Graham, Shaq and Enuwa for the last two spots...so I wouldnt be surprised if WR is not on the radar this year.  3rd rnd will prolly be OL or QB.

  5. I love it - I love Peat!!!   I fear White's lack of upper body strength and drops.  Tavon is perfect for this year as we have two tall strong receivers who dont have the elite speed Tavon has, plus Geno loves his Tavon - and Tavon fits the spread offense.


    1st Rnd Peat

    2nd Rnd Eli Harold

    3rd Rnd Duke Johnson


    Ultimate Draft

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  6. Let's hope he stays healthy.


    Quinton Coples. The Jets just picked up his option. Dude is almost a mirror image of Calais Campbell from Arizona in regards to weight and size. Not to mention that he's been labeled as the best pass rusher on the team by his own teammates. We need to stop avoiding it and put the guy back where he belongs which is on the d-line. 

    Nah Coples is not in the same league as Campbell (who BTW I desperately wanted the Jets to draft)  Campbell is 6'8" 290, he's way stronger than Coples, tho prolly not as fluid.

  7. The only way we let a guy like Mo go would be for a franchise QB that could get us in competition against Brady, and Rothlisberger, maybe a Philip Rivers or Russel Wilson perhaps? 

    Am I the only one who doesn;t like Phillip Rivers - I think he has all the talent in the world but is chronically prone to brain farts.

  8. Mo is great but if you can get two #'1s for him you gotta do it - need to think of cap space....If we could get Clevelands two #1s do it and draft Dupree, Perriman and Peat...Id be happy.  We already have 2 DEs in Coples and Richardson...I think Richardson can be better than Wilkerson...no need to tie up that much cap space in one position...already have too much invest in CB - but thats probably for this year only - I would think Cro is 1 and done and then hopefully Milliner or McDougle is ready for a starting gig in 2016.  A franchise QB is not an option this year - neither Mariota nor Winston are locks, pick up Petty in the 3rd Rnd and a RB in the 2nd.  

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