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  1. My thoughts...


    Switch to a 4-3.


    Free Agents:

    OLB's Bruce Carter and Malcom Smith

    S - Rahim Moore

    CB - Brice McCain

    DT - Terrence Knighton

    WR - Torrey Smith


    Draft  - Peat (if he declares) or Ronnie Stanley - if neither Shane Ray OLB.

    2nd Round WR Sammie Coates - or trade up to get him.


    QB - Round 5.

  2. If Bowles is so good why didnt Andy Reid bring him to KC?  It's easy to be a successful DC with two shutdown CBs, above average safeties and a DE like Calais who commands a double team.  I was turned off on Sunday night how time and time again he put Larry Foote on an island against Wilson....didnt make proper adjustments.


    I am not fond of Norv Turner either, however it is interesting that Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are no different with offensive genius McCoy at the helm....so was it all Norv's fault?  Also you have to give him kudos for what he has gotten out of Teddy Bridgewater and an offense that lost an all-world RB.


    No way Harbaugh comes here, no Cowher no Shanahan and no Gruden.


    so what's left....I would consider Kevin Sumlin from the college ranks....maybe Jim Haslett (a former Jet!), I think Leslie Frazier got a raw deal in Minn - maybe he deserves another chance...and finally Bevell or Quinn.

  3. I think he took Kapernick to the peak of his game, and he's vunerable, I don't think it's on Harbaugh. Kapernick was much better last year than this year.

    Kapernick's problem this year is Stevie Johnson, Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis all got older and slower since last year.

  4. To me that was the worst defensive team we faced all year. 


    Firstly - Its like they didn't game plan.

    -They gave Geno a soft zone defense most of the time which he does his best work against. 

    -There 4 man rush often left huge running lanes for him. 

    -There barely blitzed. 

    -When they did blitz like EVERY other team in the league against us GENO sucked. But although it worked almost every time - They still barely did it. 

    -They couldn't recover a fumble to save their life. 

    -The De had a gift int that hit him in the chest. 

    -The CB play was horrendous. 


    While there defense sucked I couldn't be more impressed with Bridgewater. He did things in like his 5th game that most young players don't do for years. 

    -Great touch. 

    -Drove his team into FG range in 19 seconds. 

    -If we had a False start he recognized it and took a shot downfield. 

    -You could see him adjusting on the Fly to our defense. 

    -Only fitting to get us on an all out blitz that he had trouble with. 


    The Vikings are set and they did this with no bigtime WR, no bigtime te, no bigtime RB. That team eventually will be good because of him even if he never becomes a super star. Its the reason I would never want Cooper in the draft. WR doesn't make the QB (Cough Harvin 10m per year/Decker 11m per year). QB Makes the receiver. 

    I disagree. here's an example, what would Eli Mannings career look like if he didnt have Plaxico Burress, David Tyree, Hakim Nicks, Mario Manningham and now Odell Jr making plays on poorly thrown balls.

  5. I fully expect the Jets to beat the Pats on Dec 21st.  Rex is spending weeks preparing for this game - it is his "super bowl" and his last hurrah as a head coach.  Unfortunately it will hurt our draft position.

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  6. I am Dave


    Born in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn.  Dysfunctionally raised on LI.  Barely living in NJ.


    Been a miserable Jet fan since I was 8 - in 1977.


    One of the worst days of my life - January 23, 1983.


    Favorable all-time Jet:  Al Toon (would be Gastineau if he didnt walk out on the team for that Flava Flav phucker).


    Call myself deucebag cause I suffer miserably from chron;s disease and know a "deucebag" is inevitable.  I also think its hilarious - the play on words that is..

  7. The guy is on the same playing field as Sammy Watkins, if not better. He has a very similar game to Julio Jones. I'd be ecstatic if the Jets drafted him. It'd give us a top flight receiving corp for whoever the next qb is.

    If we had Cooper, Decker, Harvin, Kerley and Amaro next year, you might be able to convince Farve to come back.

  8. I would like to See the NFL put Micheal Irvin and Ray Lewis in the same room, lock the door, and never let them out again.

    I'd like to see the NFL put Ray Lewis armed with a knife and Aaron Hernandez armed with a gun in the same room and see which one comes out a free man.

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