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  1. Brice McCain is one of the worst defensive backs in football.


    If Shazier and Polamalu aren't hurt, then their defense gets our offense off the field faster, and Ben gets more time to carve us up. 

    Yea, and if Dee Milliner, Dex McDougle, Shaq Evans, and Tommy Bohanon weren't injured, blah, blah, blah.....

  2. Ryan finally realized there's no way they can play bump and run. but discovered Williams and Adams are actually decent zone CBs - even Wilson performed decent in zone coverage.  Most of all - the safety combo of Landry and Jarrett was SIGNIFICANTLY more effective than anyone else they've thrown out there.  Allen and Pryor were - for the most part - benched.  Jarrett showed that playing in zone was a strength for him and even blitzed effectively,   Davis and Barnes were used properly for their speed as coverage for TE and RB.  Ryan, like many head coaches - is very  stubborn and sticks too long with his laurels.   Shouldve benched Geno in week three, should have changed defensive scheme in week 1 (instead of pretending that AA could be a shutdown corner).

  3. I know this thread was to be expected, but in all seriousness, I don't think we'd be 6-3.  I think it's OK to say 4-5 or 3-6 but I don't know about 6-3.   Vick's a far superior QB to Smith, but he has stinkers sometimes too.   


    The Defense blew the GB game.

    Chicago is debatable

    Detroit we could have won

    SD we lose regardless

    We aren't beating Denver

    Smith played good against NE

    Buffalo Vick played most the game.

    Chiefs he played


    So I'd say maybe 3-6.

    The defense blew the GB game cause the offense could get a 1st down in the 2nd half.

    Chicago - Geno gave that game to Chicago

    Detroit - Geno gave game

    SD - yes, but you cant predict the landscape of a game if the offense does something.

    We shut down Denver's offense in the first half - any offensive production that gives the D a rest could have changed the outcome.

    Smith only played Well because we ran the ball great, Smith could not get the ball in the end zone.

    Chiefs was his first start- prolly lose that game regardless.

  4. As soon as Graham crossed the goal line, I started wondering how long it would take for

    someone to start this thread.

    You have to admit, he has a cannon and he is a great runner.

  5. The Jets obviously need to change their approach on gaining a QB.  I say we sign a FA to start next year and draft someone in the mid rounds.  As for free agents, in order of my preferences:


    1) Jake Locker

    2) Matt Moore

    3) Josh Johnson

    4) Colt McCoy

    5) Jimmy Clausen


    Keep Simms as the backup and the rookie will be 3rd string. Next need to rebuild the OL  (need to upgrade all 5 spots in the next 3 years).

  6. Vick is done. He signed with the Jets because he has massive debts and the idiots in the Jets front office gave him a boatload of money. If you watched any of him on Sunday you know that we aren't going to win with him or anyone else on this roster at QB. I'm just glad the Geno experiment (which I never wanted, ever) is finally over. Hell. Geno might be out of the league before Sanchez.

    IDK, I think he is just as good(bad) as he has been since he got out of the pokey.  He still has an absolute cannon for an arm and he still does not know how to protect the ball on the run.  He presents an interesting  scenario in a read-option set with Harvin.  If Vick was the starter from week 1 and stayed healthy we'd be 4-4 right now, and maybe 5-3.   

  7. OF COURSE!!!


    This organization is so stupid, its laughable.


    The time to do this was 3 weeks ago, now this is just idiotic.

    Logically, Vick should have been the starting QB week 1.  Just like they had planned to do in Tampa Bay with McCown and Glennon.  Its way too late now, except they are more than reasonably assured that Geno is not the answer.  KC is a hostile environment and their pass rushers will be in the backfield all day.  They are actually a very good match up for us, as they lack WRs and rely on a running game we can shut down.  

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