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  1. Jets 27 Bills 24....Folk kicks walk-off 50 yd FG.  


    Geno 19-35 246yds  2ints 2tds  5 sacks

    Orton 29-44 345yds  1int  2tds  4 sacks


    Jets rush for 171 yds on 27 carries   Bills rush for 65 yds on 18 carries


    Percy gets 4 receptions for 50 yds, Amaro 8 for 105

    Jets "hold" Watkins to 11 catches for 158 yards

  2. Bevell was the OC at Minnesota when Harvin had his best years, then Harvin follows Bevell to Seattle - now Harvin is a Jet - is Bevell soon to follow?   Also note Holmgren-Reid-Childress-Mornhinweg-Bevell - all part of the same coaching tree - so if Bevell becomes the Jets HC, does Marty stay as OC?

  3. Suh is best suited as a 4-3 DT, however I suppose he could play DE....definately not a 3-4 NT....my fear with the Jets DLine is Harrison is a ticking time bomb considering his weight and knee history, Ellis sux and is a goner after this year  so where does that leave us at NT?   TJ Barnes is big but his future is as a bouncer at a strip club, not as a NT.    Suh will be a Giant next year.

  4. Tavon made Geno at WV, now Geno has a new version of him.  Geno should know how to use Percy based on his experience with Tavon.   I think its not so much about what stats Percy puts up but what stats Decker, Kerley and Amaro will not be able to put up, as well as Ivory, Johnson and Powell.  


    I am beyond thrilled about this trade and I am putting the 1-6 start on the back burner for now.  Looking at the schedule, I could see a 8-1 run being possible, even probable with one more move.  Is there a good corner available?  Could we get a Carlos Rogers on the cheap - how about Alan Ball from Jacksonville?


    Well no matter how much of a d*ck Percy is, we may have finally got that gamebreaker we have been wishing for.

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