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  1. I have a feeling this is a game Rex wants more than to give a foot massage.The playbooks will be open wide and nothing will be held back.  The Jets will come out fired up and knock the Pats off the line...Brady will be hit and sacked repeatedly.  Ivory will rush for over 100 and Geno will scramble again. Whoever wins the turnover battle wins this game.

  2. Meh, Revis was always here for the paycheck, nothing more. Seeing Shaun Ellis in a Pats jersey, however...that one hurt.

    Most painful to me was Klecko in a Colts uniform.  Funniest to me - Richard Todd throwing pick 6's in a Saints uniform - the miracle of the century - getting a #1 pick for Richard Todd - and what do we do with it RON FRIGGIN FAROT.

  3. NY Times January 6th 2015 (20 years to THE DATE)


    In a stunning and uncharacteristic move by the owner, Woodyi Johnson, who said, "I'm 68 years old and I want results now," the Jets dismissed Coach Rex Ryan today after six seasons and replaced him with their former offensive coordinator famous for his offensive offense, Brian Schittenheimer.

    "I'm entitled to some enjoyment, and that means winning," said Johnson today, mint julep in hand, virtually branding the team as quitters under Ryan for their lost season. Their eleven defeats were the most since the Mangina himself led the team to 12 losses in 2007 and entrenched the Jets' reputation as a perennial losing franchise.

    The 41-year-old Schittenheimer was discharged the day after Christmas following four seasons with the St Louis Rams.  Coach Schitty was purged when the entire staff of Head Coach Jeff Fisher was disimissed following their 3-13 disaster of their own..

    The Colorado-born Schittenheimer, who will become the Jets' 16th head coach (not counting interim coaches) received an infinite contract. Woodyi virtually anointed Schitty, as the man running the show.


    So in moving so decisively this week, and in taking direct responsibility for the coaching change, Woodyi was stepping out of character.

    But he was also falling back on a man who was a former assistant coach with the Jets and clearly someone with whom he was comfortable.

    "I appoint Brian Schittenheimer the leader, the coach, to bring the Jets back," said Woodyi. "Schitty's the leader of the Jets' schitty family."


    "Schitty is a wimp, a pushover a 'dick' and 'dum' guy, a truw vision of incompetence, bringing the New York Jets back," said Woodyi, who took over sole ownership of the Jets in 2000 after living a mostly recluse and drunken life.

    Woofyi said the Jets "will be run more efficiently than any other NFL franchise, John Izdik has many great cost cutting measures in motion."  One example given, Head coach Schitty will be paid an hourly wage rather than a salary most head coaches are accustomed to.  

    Schitty called his new position "a miracle from the Dalai Lama." He graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in jockstrap engineering.  He was an official jockstrap sniffer for coach Steve Spurrier.

    "I'm not a genius," Schitty said. "I may even be a moron. But if you have a team that is assembled efficiently, you have a chance to succeed."

    It is somewhat clear that his duties will encompass janitorial and laundry responsibilities, even though he does not have those titles. With the Rams, he was very active in polishing the team mascot's balls..

    Schitty has been a particular favorite of  Woodyi since joining the Jets in as a coordinator of an offensive offense. He served in that role for five long painful years, but, as Woodyi put it "was hazed out by the overly burly Ryan"

    Wooodyi sounded like a drunken cheapskate today, emotionally describing the pain he felt when he learned, via John Izdik, it may be possible to pay back office support, such as head coaches by the hour and not have to offer them benefits.  And in Schittenheimer he found his man.

    As he stood in the cold waiting for his horse and buggy ride back to Stilleto's today, Woodyi grimaced when asked how much per hour Schittenheimer will be paid.

    When Woodyi was on vacation in Atlantic City during Christmas week, and heard that Schittenheimer had been dismissed, the owner immediately telephoned him. The two men met last Monday, and Schittenheimer -- who had previously spoken with the Chick Fil A about a position -- immediately accepted the Jets' offer.

    "My reserve funds were drying up and I couldn't put it off any more," Woodyi  said, explaining his decision to go to the hourly waged Schittenheimer.

    Schittenheimer is expected to multitask holding such responsibilities as offensive coordinator, and perhaps special teams.  As for personnel, Schittenheimer proudly announced an open competition for QB, he said, I have already signed Brett Ratliff and Eric Ainge to minimum wage contracts."  It is expected Schittenheimer will not serve as defensive coordinator, but instead is expected to bring a familiar face----name in Bud Carson, as why he would award such an important position to a deceased individual Schitty explained, "well its a good fit from a budget perspective and I believe it gives us a spiritual advantage."  


    Mint juleps anyone?

  4. Two rounds?  I don't think many had him out of the top 20, let alone the first round but YOU TWO ARE TOTAL AGREEMENT!  Kudos!

    Again, I am not saying Pryor has no future, I just firmly believe he is a poor fit for the Jets D scheme...Kinda like E-Mac was superman under Bud Carson and Ralph Hawkins, he was a disaster under Pete Carroll cause Carroll wanted him to provide run support and E Mac didnt like to tackle.  Ha Ha is an EMAC type safety....Pryor is  like a Pollard or Eric Smith.

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  5. Makes little difference to the overall point, which is to use the 18th pick of the draft on a on dimensional Safety is just flat out stupid. The Jet could have traded out, collected more picks and gotten the same kind of player later in the draft, and I actually like Pryor, but he was over drafted by at least two rounds.  

    YES my point exactly...totally agree...he is one dimensional a pure run support safety and nothing more.  Deone Buchanon fit the Jets safety needs much better -or Jason Verritt at cb  or Jones at OT, I didnt like Cooks - dont feel he was a fit for the Jets...Benjamin paired with Decker would have been awesome. 

  6. If you look at the rosters of other teams, they have stars or major contributors that were 3rd and 4th round picks...Step 1 you need to draft well, Step 2 you need to develop players. Step 3 you need to spend your cap $ wisely.  We're at the point due to bad FA signings and failed draft picks that this is no longer something that can be fixed in a year - it may take 2 or 3 10+ loss seasons to right the ship.

  7. I hated the Pryor pick, the reason why is I believe he projects as a cover-2 SS, his skill set does not fit the Ryan defense.  I think he may become a solid and perhaps an all-pro caliber - - - cover-2 SS...he'll need to add about 10 pounds of muscle.

  8. The only credible head coach this team ever hired was Parcells (not counting Holtz though I should).  Woody doesnt believe in paying big $$$ for coaches/GMs or anyone for that matter.   When your GM lacks credibility its impossible to attract a high profile coach...so the GM tends to give the job to a buddy or no-name friend....like when Tannenbaum gave the job to Mangini....So expect Izdik to give the job to someone who had no other chance to get a head coaching job.

    • Deucebag's NFL picks this week! Indianapolis Colts 23 Houston Texans 20 — Colts win, 59.8% chance (Colts -3)
    • Jacksonville Jaguars 19 vs. Tennessee Titans  13— Titans win, 68.8% chance (Titans -6)
    • Baltimore Ravens 20 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers  16 — Ravens win, 62.9% chance (Ravens -3)
    • Denver Broncos 34 vs. New York Jets 13 — Broncos win, 77.8% chance (Broncos -8)
    • Detroit Lions 17 vs. Minnesota Vikings 19  — Lions win, 55% chance (Lions -1.5)
    • New England Patriots 27 vs. Buffalo Bills 10 — Patriots win, 53.3% chance (Patriots -3)
    • Carolina Panthers  13 vs. Cincinnati Bengals 17  — Bengals win, 72.9% chance (Bengals -7)
    • Pittsburgh Steelers 16 vs. Cleveland Browns 20 — Steelers win, 53.3% chance (Browns -2)
    • Green Bay Packers 38 vs. Miami Dolphins 13 — Packers win, 58.2% chance (Packers -3)
    • San Diego Chargers 35 vs. Oakland Raiders  10 — Chargers win, 80% chance (Chargers -7)
    • Chicago Bears 38 vs. Atlanta Falcons  28 — Falcons win, 61.4% chance (Falcons -3)
    • Dallas Cowboys 19 vs. Seattle Seahawks 27 — Seahawks win, 74.2% chance (Seahawks -8)
    • Washington Redskins 3 vs. Arizona Cardinals 27 — Cardinals win, 78.9% chance (Cardinals -3.5)
    • New York Giants 38 vs. Philadelphia Eagles 31  — Eagles win, 58.2% chance (Eagles -3)
    • San Francisco 49ers 20  vs. St. Louis Rams 10 — 49ers win, 68.8% chance (49ers -3.5)
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