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  1. So you want Idzik to take another whack at a boatload of picks?  He failed miserably this year.

    Well, part 2 is to hire a big name (Gruden, Holmgren, Harbaugh, Billick, Saban, Jimbo Fisher, Kevin Sumlin, Jim Mora Jr, Ken Whisenhunt) who will have final say on all personnel decisions, Izdik can keep his title as long as he makes no decisions.

  2. Trade deadline, if the Jets are 1-7 by this time, do you clean house?  Trade anyone who has any value to load up on draft picks and cut salary?  I'd trade Ivory, Decker, Mangold, D'Brick Coples, Babin....  Hopefully get half a dozen 3rd and 4th rounders.  Tear it up and build from scratch.

  3. Pats' offensive woes started with an Idzik-like move, not a Rex one. Letting Wes Welker go was an awful move. Brady hasn't been able to find chemistry with any other receiver since. Belidick should have resigned him. Not that I'm a Welker fan, but that move has cost the Pats. They went to the AFC title game because of their running game.

    Yeah that hurt some, but Edelman has been much better than I ever could have expected.  I believe their worst problem is the O-Line followed by a drop in Brady's arm strength.

  4. Also, you can no longer "wait till next year" in the NFL, free agency is like a lottery - you cannot bank on getting who you want, and the way the Jets draft.....you never know when a team can make a run, we've got a pass rush, we stop the run and hopefully Milliner and Pryor can make an impact this year.  Next yearwe will need to find a true FS, OLB, ILB, OG, QB, RB and WR....you are not going to fill all those holes in one offseason.  You neer know what injuries other teams will have and you have to hope you remain healthy.  In other words, you have to try to win every year - you cannot assume tanking a season will lead to success in the future, Mariotta looks nice but I do not see an Andrew Luck here...doesn't have the cannon of a Cam Newton, but is more accurate, ....he will be the best QB in the draft and you'll be limited to 2 or 3 wins in order to land him....I think worst case scenario we go 5-11.

  5. My biggest issues with Geno are accuracy and turnovers.  My biggest issues with Vick are accuracy and turnovers.   Vick adds the dimension of potentially breaking one on any given play.....so Advantage Vick?   Another thought - ummmm...we do have a wildcat expert as our QB coach - now with no FB and great limitations at WR, perhaps it is best to go with Vick and have him line up with (2 of 4 powell, ivory, johnson or kerley) in the backfield on every down?  Even have Kerley throw a few passes.     I am sorry, there are things you cannot teach like speed and accuracy, neither Geno nor Vick will ever be accurate passers, but at least Vick has speed.

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