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  1. I'd rather sink with Geno than go to Vick and try to squeak out another 8-8 season. Gives is better position in the draft to try and draft a good QB. Let him play so you know for sure he's a bust. Too early in the season

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    Yeah, but, say Dee comes back and plays well, Pryor improves, Barnes provides a boost in week 7, and the OL gels then  you are missing out on something with a QB that cannot make a good decision....BTW I dont think Ive ever seen a QB throw jump passes,  seriously? 

  2. Salas would be best served being a 3rd option, doesnt possess the strength nor speed to beat a first team CB, even played the slot in college.  You see his success has come from running the slant through a zone, in press coverage he will be invisible.

  3. Well..Pryor did miss all the preseason games, so this is really preseason for him.  Amaro looks like he has some potential, but a WR in that spot would have been so much more valuable.  Whiffing on the next 10 picks is worthy of termination with cause.

  4. My biggest issue with Geno is accuracy,,,,the dude just cannot hit a moving target in stride.  It seems like we rarely ever run slant patterns - last year seemingly everytime we ran a slant Geno threw a pick.  He is also awful throwing on the run.  Yes it is a complete injustice to Geno, his teammates and the fans that Idzik did not improve the offensive talent, but that doesnt change Geno's imability to throw accurately.  BTW I think Jace Amaro is a total waste, to draft a one dimensional TE when you already had one and desperately needed a blocking TE was foolish.  I still think this team would have been better with Stephen Hill and Clyde Gates on the roster - at least they could stretch the field.

  5. You cant teach intelligence, time did not stop Kerry Collins from making stupid mistakes,  or Mark Sanchez, or Vince Young, or even Brett Farve... Michael Vick is no savior and is pretty dumb himself, but he knows Marty's offense and had some success with it.  Vick also adds the running element which puts defenses on alert and may help free up these mediocre borderline pro receivers.   Yes it is time for Geno to sit, even for a few games, and if/when Vick gets hurt, Simms gets activated and we see what he can do.   Geno makes some good plays, but his inaccuracy and carelessness are killing him.

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