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  1. Who wants a copy of Ray's new book?   Under Pressure - http://www.triumphbooks.com/under-pressure-products-9781600789601.php

    How Playing Football Almost Cost Me Everything and Why I'd Do It All Again


    Just post in this thread to enter. On Monday 9/22 at 1pm we will select a winner and post it here. The book will ship to you, so just post and you can win.



    JetNation.com (the site that cares)


    I'd love a free copy!!


    I'd love even more for Ray to get more airtime and I hope he makes a fortune on this book.

  2. Rodgers threw a completely awful and ridiculous INT and he is a seasoned vet. he just lucked out because of a dumb penalty.we have to lighten up on the INTs. All QBs have them. If Geno has 16 or 17 after 12 games, I will be scratching my head. I expect him to have some clean games this year.

    I dont hink that's true - He knew he had a free play and was trying to hit one down the seam - it was a gamble and he knew it.

  3. What kills me, and why I hated the Amaro pick, if you want to run the ball draft OL and blocking TE.  Last year I wanted Womack and they pick Milliner.  This year they need a WR and pick pass receiving TE (which they already had) instead of WR.  There needs to be a plan - there just doesnt seem to be one.

  4. I don't know what it was, and I'm not usually someone who watches players and just decides instantaneously they're great/awful, but watching Milliner get embarrassed by Nelson on that TD totally soured me on him.


    I just don't think he's good or is going to be good. WE COULD HAVE HAD EIFERT.

    Milliner was certainly not worthy of his draft position - we all knew that, but I do not believe he is all that bad - my biggest fear with him is the injury bug...he will probably be a decent corner in the future, but far from a shut down corner,  I was more annoyed by Pryor's whiff.  He's got to be in position to make the big hit there - there was no one else in the pattern what the heck was he doing?   Imagine he comes flying in and knocks Jordy unconsious in that spot.  And what about Rex, why was he leaving Milliner on an island with Nelson???

  5. How about an invisible gremlin that came up through the turf and ripped Vinny's achilles tendon to sheds along with our hopes of another super bowl shot in the first game of the season, oh yea and we didn't even have a back-up QB and had to use the frigging punter-only us...

    I am sooo tired of hearing how the Vinny injury cost the Jets the Super Bowl...that team wasnt going to the super bowl with or without Vinny...the Tuna's FA signings were all busts, Eric Green, Steve Atwater and Roman Pfifer.  We still only had two WRs (Ward really wasnt that good) and no pass rush.  Tuna's draft was a complete bust as well...

  6. In my lifetime, the most painful in order:


    #1 Mark Gastineau unnecessarily roughing Bernie Kosar - goes from game over AFC Championship game next week to Kosar leads them down the field for the tying  touchdown, then despite 2 missed FGs by mark Mosley - tired arm Kenny couldnt get us a 1st down after fragile Pat Ryan went out with a concussion...sat through TWO OTs with my thumb squarely up my wazoo.

    #2 Richard Todd getting intercepted by AJ Duhe - twice on screen passes -  one pick 6, mfer..

    #3 Fake spike - we were gonna lose that game anyone, up 21-6, Carroll and the choke sign did us in, then Boomer attempting a bomb in triple coverage to Stevie Andersen - seriously?????????? (like Zach Sudfeld) gets picked off allowing Miami the chance to win it.

    #4 Richard Todd throwing game ending interception in the end zone in the '81 wild card game against Buffalo - that should have been our super bowl year.

    #5 1994 at Indy, 4th and 1 almost in FG range to win it (we were 4-3 at the time) Boomer throws a -1 year pass to Rob Moore.

    #6 1991 Monday night at Chicago - game is won, running out the clock, Blair Thomas unnecessarily trying for an extra yard fumbles, Harbaugh leads them to a tying score and winning score in OT.

    #7 timeout TD yesterday.

    #8 The Tuna allowing Ray Lucas and Leon Johnson to throw picks (LJs in the endzone) and denying us a trip to the playoffs.

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  7. This game could go either way, if the Jets could keep the pressure on Cutler he'll throw picks, it just seems like out D tires out too easily and the secondary is so awful, I dont see the Jets scoring much with or without Decker....I feel this game, the Lions game and the Chargers game are bad matchups for us and we probably lose all three,   I say Bears 37 Jets 15 - I'd put the over/under on Genovers at 3.

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