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  1. Whats funny about the NFL is teams that you think are going to be good or even great, turn out horrible.....see Houston and Atlanta last year.  I have a feeling Green Bay is in trouble due to a lack of a DL and the reliance of an old Julius Peppers to revitalize their D.  Hawk and Matthews are also beyond their prime. If you can run the ball against them and control the clock you can beat them.   Detroit is another team set up to disappoint - new coaching staff, still problems in the secondary, cant count on Reggie Bush...Add KC and SD to that list of potential poor performers.  I dont see a good season for the Bills either.  Teams that play good D and have more than one top WR will dominate the Jets - Chicago, Minnesota and Denver - Those are the only sure losses I see.

  2. Week 1:  Nice but unspectacular victory to open the season - Jets 24 Raiders 20.

    Week 2:  Jets completely shut down Eddie Lacy and hit Rodgers repeatedly,  Jets run right through GBs mediocre defensive front...as Jets take advantage of a GB team physically and mentally beaten by Seattle in week one, Jets 27-16.

    Week 3:  Please tell me I didnt just see Santonio Holmes streak down the sideline to score the winning touchdown, too much Cutler, Bears 35 Jets 24.

    Week 4:  Jets come back roaring at the Lions, Amaro upstages Ebron and Jets cruise to 3 -1 with a huge 41-14 upset.

    Week 5:  Jets dominate the Chargers with a stunning 30-9 drubbing.

    Week 6:  With a battle for first place in just three days on their minds, the Jets get dominated by Payton and the AFCs #1 rated defense, 44-10....there goes first place.

    Week 7:  In a thrilling and electrifying game the Jets pull out an upset despite 3 Genovers,  Tom Brady suffers bruised ribs and a mild concussion and the Jets pass rush repeatedly punishes him.  Jets go to 5-2 and give NE their first loss of the season 19-13.

    Week 8:  A rested Jets team returns home and moves into a first place tie, Geno has his best game as a pro throwing for 400 yards and 4 TDs...Jets batter the last place Bills 41-10.

    Week 9:  The 2-5 Chiefs were already regretting they gave Alex Smith the $$$, then he met Mo Wilk 4 times and the first place Jets leave town 7-2 after a 23-9 victory.

    Week 10:  What does the big doofy rapist have against the Jets, jeez, the resurgent Steelers sent the Jets miserably into the BYE with a 28-14 win.

    Week 12:  Shocking how bad the Bills are, NYs only football team falls to 2-9 while the Jets at 8-3 keep pace with NE, 27-17.

    week 13:  Geno puts on a show for his home crowd and the Jets hold on for a tense 30-27 victory.

    Week 14:  Minnesota's deep threats and AP prove too much as the Jets fail to rush for over 100 yards for the first time this season, Vikings 30 Jets 16.  The 9-4 Jets fall to one game back of NE.

    Week 15:  The AFCs worst team is no match for the Jets as Zach Mettenbergers first NFL start is a forgettable one, Jets 34 Titan 6.

    Week 16: Could this the year.....well, no, Little Bill pulls out all the tricks eeks out yet another division crown with a 21-7 plastering in Geno's worst game of the year.

    Week 17:  With the wild card in hand, home field advantage slips away and the rising Phins surprise the jets and avenge last years loss, with a 28-14 upset.


    10-6, not too bad, but disappointing as at 9-3 things were looking swell, if only they had gotten another CB....  





  3. Well Amaro is like a Hybrid receiver.


    Izdik blew it with this draft, should have come away with a quality WR.


    Who should make the team IMHO:


    Decker and Hill start.  Kerley in the slot.   Nelson, Gates and Saunders on the bench.   


    Gotta think matchups - Hill and Gates are your speed guys, Nelson and Decker are possession WRs.  Kerley is neither tough enough nor fast enough to start opposite Decker.

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