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  1. Excellent pick, Excellent value, nobody is falling over for Manziel so don't cry about not trading down, Cooks and Dennard were poor value and similar players will be available in rounds 2 and 3. It was either Dix or Pryor - Pryor IMO is clearly better than Dix. We did not settle, We did not reach. We got BPA and filled a major need.
  2. There ya go!!! Pryor,,, excellent pick.
  3. He will get crushed in the NFL...injury prone to be.
  4. Pryor is the guy to pick here, haven't had a good safety since Rhodes.
  5. Except its hard to believe either of those guys are the guy. Jones will pick Manziel for PR.
  6. Think we end up with Pryor at 18...disappointing to some but a need pick and a solid pick. Think Dallas picks manziel.
  7. Jacoby Ford? Jeez, might as well give David Clowney a call!
  8. Best QB we've had since Farve (not saying much). Assuming Desean comes or Odell Beckham Jr in round 1, we could have (dare I say it) an explosive offense - which you need to win nowadays. The dog was a culture thing. not a personal thing. I am a dog lover and cant imagine what it would be like to live without one, but if you are brought up to see them as fighting animals, that's all there is. Horses are beautiful animals but only a fool would believe the race horse owners don't abuse and drug the shhhh out of them. Ray Lewis killed a man for goodness sake, didn't serve an time and now he is an ICON. Yeah Vick is a Dick (I see the banners now!) but I am sure after Plaxico and Santonio, he wont be a negative impact to the locker room.
  9. I believe Sanchez is better than both Vick and Geno, but, unfortunately, I think Sanchez needs to get out of NY ASAP.
  10. IMHO, Best case scenario is Ha Ha Clinton Dix or Cyrus Kouandjio. I do not want a TE in the first round, they rarely work out. In free agency I want Dante Whitner. Riley Cooper and Brandon Pettigrew. I am fine going into next season with Pettigrew, Cumberland and Sudfeld at TE. I am fine with going into next year with Cooper, Nelson, Hill, Kerley and a 2nd or 3rd round burner. Goals of the Draft, burner at WR, edge rusher at OLB. OT, OG, KR and a bruiser FB/
  11. Where was this all season, unreal, how do we get spanked by Miami at home?
  12. Joe Flacco, Carson Palmer, Matt Stafford and Matt Flynn. Tonight's the night we learn if Foles is a franchise QB....although McCoy could run for 300 against the Bears D.
  13. I saw the kind of fight today you see in week one, not in week 16 and out of the playoffs. You bring him back with an 11 win expectation that he must meet or gets canned.
  14. Well he's better than Browning Nagle. But seriously, cannot really judge him completely based on the lack of weapons and work with them. I would restructure Sanchez and go into next season with Sanchez and Simms to challenge the incumbent - Geno. Must add at least three weapons - ideally - Riley Cooper, Brandon Pettigrew and Sammy Watkins add them to Cumberland, Kerley, Hill and Nelson - could be fun.
  15. Forget Cutler, he has nothing above his shoulders, and is cr@p without Brandon Marshall. Draft BPA in 1st round - preferably a WR, if not WR then must get a WR in 2nd round. Go into next camp with a restructured Sanchez competing against Geno and Simms. Free agent signings: WR Riley Cooper TE Brandon Pettigrew OLB Brian Orapko SS Bernard Pollard FS Kendrick Lewis Draft needs 1. WR 2. OG 3. ILB 4. CB 5. RB 6. WR 7. OT
  16. 1. Saints are a different team at home. 2. We caught them off guard with Ivory having a revenge game. 3. We got lucky with a couple of tipped pass interceptions.
  17. Well, looks like Carolina is going to get spanked by the Saints, so they wont be feeling too confident to overlook the Jets next week. Please do not discount how awful the Raiders were today, a good team would have totally blew them out of the house. Carolina is run heavy which suits us well, but I fear their D will destroy the Jets, so early call Carolina 30 Jets 10, 2 genovers.
  18. Geno will have a solid game today. Jets 31 Raiders 13.
  19. Interesting point - how bad is a bad coach? Case in point - not like the Chargers are much better off without Norv Turner (same goes for the Skins or Raiders). therefore is Norv Turner a bad coach - or was it a case of not having enough talent? On the flip side you have a coach like Marty Schott - great motivator, great coach, but just too darn conservative to ever win a big game - he's had championship talent at every position but never produced. My beef with Rex is his blatant disregard for the importance of offense....you are the head coach not just the DC. I can see his attitude moving the locker room towards finger pointing. Everyone starts the season as great teammates but friction grows as Rex has everyone believing that if it weren't for the offense...Rex undermines and divides his own locker room.
  20. #1 - Leon Hess's untimely death and all that followed #2 - The Orange Bowl, Sunday January 23rd, 1982 #3 - Not trading up for Brett Farve
  21. Was Rich Kotite the best GM we've ever had? He added 6 solid players in two years - though Sapp would have been much better pick than Brady - Brady was like a 6th OL. Kyle Brady Hugh Douglas Matt O'Dwyer Keyshawn Johnson Ray Mickens Marcus Coleman Also Chrebet, courtesy of Joe Gardi as an UFA. Was Parcells the worst? 4 years of the Tuna brought: Jason Fergueson Jason Fabini Randy Thomas Ryan Young Shaun Ellis John Abraham Chad Pennington Anthony Becht Laveraneus Coles Overall our draft history MUST be the worst in the NFL. Sadly, Izdik is our most accomplished GM since Dick Steinberg - thought his drafts stunk.
  22. Saban and O'Brien are Belichick guys and are therefore forbidden from working for the Jets.
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