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  1. Milliner should never have been picked at 9, should have learned from Dre kirpatrick - Saban does not expose his CBs and therefore they have not been tested...so you were picking Milliner based on raw talent which he does not have elite.  Warmack and Richardson would have been nice.


    Winters, Aboushy and Cambell are projects - maybe you have three future starters or cuts there.


    Richardson looks like a great pick - but Star has had a bigger overall impact and Vaccaro or Reid filled much bigger needs.

  2. There is absolutely no sense in starting Garrard at this point - it would be two weeks two late.  At 5-7 there will be no playoffs.  I feel sorry for anyone who starts against Carolina because they will take a pounding against that pass rush - could we re-sing McElroy for that game?  Since you've pulled Geno three weeks in a row there is no sense in starting him again the rest of the season  -  the message has been sent.   Simms gets the last four games to show what he can do.

  3. The way I see it, looking at the whole body of work, Eugene, aside from a few really good throws, has not been an accurate passer.  He consistently has underthrown the deep ball and overthrown the medium range passes.  Being inaccurate redefines what is open, unless a receiver is blanketed by double coverage - the receiver is always open - as long as the velocity and placement of the ball is perfect - Gen0 has proven he cannot throw the ball on target on a consistent basis and consequently sits back and waits for that perfect opportunity where a receiver breaks wide open - that rarely happens. He showed some poise, some moxie, created some hope, however in the end, I just do not see him as the future...

  4. Well this is it, win or no playoffs.  Got a bad feeling here.  The Ravens will come out throwing and score, their D will be flying around.  Ravens 24 Jets 0.  Geno throws two more gets benched at the half, not to be outdone, Simms throws two in the second half.  I hope I am wrong!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My fear of Geno coming out of college was - was it the QB or the offense that made the QB.  Geno has shown he does not know how to be a QB - yet, the problem then becomes is the pressure too great, the ego too large or the brain too small to learn now.  In college all Geno had to do was look for Austin every down - he didn't have to think - its the thinking that's killing him and the staring down a receiver, who unlike Austin, isn't going to burst open.


    I was high on the Mohrinweg hiring - and this was Marty's guy, I was hoping Marty would have a nice short passing rhythm offense installed....oh well...lack of weapons is only part of the problem.

  6. All rookie quarterbacks suck. All rookie corners suck. You need to let them work through it. You people would have cut Aikman, Eli, Peyton, etc. You would have cut Patrick Peterson. Take a chill.

    Have to agree for the most part.  I remember James Hasty and Aaron Glenn really stinking it up their rookie years and they turned out to be all-pro's, but Revis was pretty damn good his rookie year. 


    For QBs, Aikman was awful and really did not show much but then made a career out of being in an idiot proof offense - it was easy to succeed with the weapons he had and protection he got - Aikman in my opinion was extremely over-rated.  Manning (Peyton) was a turnover machine his rookie year - but showed a lot of flashes - I think his problem was he was/is too much of a gun slinger - sort of Brett Farve with a brain. 


    You have to admit it though, some guys just have it....Marino, Brady, Luck, ....then look at this year at how guys like Glennon and Keenum and walk right in  and not necessarily perform great but don't just hand the ball to the defense like Sanchez and now Geno do.  There's that "X" factor, the difference between looking bad and looking stupid.   Geno just makes himself look stupid - he throws the ball without concern for the consequences - he doesn't respect the game - I am starting to fear that although Geno has shown more poise than Sanchez - he is football dumb in the same way.  As for Milliner - its one thing to get burnt - even Revis had gotten burnt - but its another thing to look stupid.  At this point I doubt Milliner could ever be a shutdown corner in this league - he may end up a good cover-2 corner.

  7. Even though he is a good players coach and motivator.....


    1.  The Jets are and have always been terrible after a big win.


    2.  He has no clue about the offensive side of the ball.


    3.  He falls in love with players and ignores when they underperform.


    4.  Makes a comment like "maybe we'll play cover-2 all game"...actually, is it me, or do the Jets have defensive personel that even Herm Edwards would have succeeded with.  I bet the Jets could play the tampa two with the best of them right now, meanwhile were leaving guys like Milliner and Cro on islands?  WTF?  A starting four man front of Wilkerson, Richardson, Harrison and Coples (with Pace, Ellis and Douzable rotating) would stop the run and pressure the QB.  Play two LBs Harris and Davis and 5 DBs  - Allen, Reed and Landry at S, Milliner and Cro at CB - that would make for an interesting version of the cover2.


    5.  In the end, I think Rob Ryan is a better DC and has historically done more with less talent.


    Lastly, we all know he's not getting fired after the season...but if he did - whose the new coach?


    I vote for Lovie Smith and keep Mohrinweg.



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  8. Geno consistently underthrows his targets.  Sanchez showed more positives his rookie year and look how he turned out.  I'll give Geno three more weeks to show improvement (the Ravens s/b another nightmare) if he does not, you see what Simms has for the last three games.

  9. Some QBs cannot be developed. We thought he learned to just throw the ball away when being pressured and no one is open, but he comes back and proves otherwise.  He gets rattled by the pass rush - you cannot teach someone how to be cool in the pocket.  Rookie mistakes are acceptable if they are about reading a defense.  Geno c

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