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  1. Well Rex gave Geno a box of tissues and Simms the ball. I doubt Simms does anything because half the team usually quits when the QB gets benched. Ideally Geno would have stayed out once he got the wind knocked out, cause once that happened he stopped competing.
  2. Not judging Geno based upon one game, looking at the whole body of work, he is for the most part NOT an accurate passer - and that says it all. The fact that after 10 weeks he hasn't learned $hit - that tells me he is NOT the guy.
  3. I say put in Simms, call it a day for Geno, he's not there mentally today, if you think you are a playoff team put in Simms - BTW this has nothing to do with Geno long term, just trying to protect him.
  4. Hey what about Troy Davis, kinda like what Ive seen from him thus far.
  5. That's a good one! Better get a patent on it.
  6. IDK bout that, Saints next week, at Baltimore, at Carolina, and Phins will be tough because of their pass rush. 6-10 is a good bet at this stage with a little luck 7-9.
  7. That's it, I'm sold. Name simms the starter for next week!
  8. Do the Bengals have a shot at 100 today? Rex should be fired after the game. Better put Simms in at this point.
  9. Funny. I feel this is not a good matchup for the Jets. It'll be tough to cover both Eifert and Gresham. I would say their front seven is the best we have seen this year and they will be putting a lot of pressure on Geno.
  10. Yes Powell got hurt last week, still hurting. This drive was bad, the FG means nothing.
  11. Lest see what the D can do...can we protect a lead????????????
  12. The Jets players look defeated. Special teams, terrible! Third and one, should have run Ivory up the middle.
  13. D really needs a stop here, they have something to prove.
  14. from 3-2 to 3-6, cannot expect to beat NE, Cincinnati or New Orleans.
  15. to whiff on Kyle Wilson and Dee Milliner has really hurt. Then assuming scrubs can man the safety position is foolish. As for offense, Hill/Holmes and Kerley should be enough just have zero depth...kind of foolish to assume guys like obomanu and spadola were really anything.
  16. Geno has been awful today, if he was accurate it may have ben a game.
  17. Hate to say it, the pass defense is awful and will struggle against any team with more than more pro receiver. Geno showed he is still a rookie today and has been very inaccurate.
  18. I would not be overly excited. We still cannot cover a TE. Our secondary is below average. We lack speed at OLB. Big Ben should have a field day on Sunday. Prediction Steelers 34 Jets 14. Then NE, Cin and NO, I feel ill.
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