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  1. That's why the pistol formation can be effective.


    Everyone keeps saying if our wr's didnt drop all those passes we would have won....but imagine if NE WRs didnt drop all their passes - it would have been a blowout loss. What if Geno was more accurate - then maybe some of those passes are caught.

  2. Excellent point and something I have been saying since the day they hired him. Marty Morhinweg is certainly the best (based on body of work) I can remember...unless you count Bruce Coslet who was terrific in Cinncinati but always gave the excuse that Jets didnt have the right personnel for him to run his offense here (although cant argue - ahh the days of Jeff Criswell protecting the blind side). 


    As for Geno, lets put it this way - i wasnt dissapointed...as for not putting points on the board  - going up against arguably the best secondary in the NFL with a crew of WR who at best would be a #3 on most teams.


    For tomorrow night, always have to fear NE, I am sure they will shut down the running game and put many a hit on Geno, I have no idea how we'll score.  My predication NE 20 Jets 9.

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