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  1. If we can stop the run and force Rivers to throw - you know he is good for at least one dumb interception per game, so yeah, I'm sure we'll lose, not so sure Indy covers tho.
  2. The NFL is no place for Dowell Loggains, I feel the man was born to work the McDonalds drive thru.
  3. For all of us that thought we hit rock bottom in the mud bowl, then the Bubby Brister shovel pass to Sam Mills, then the Butt Fumble, HA there is so much more to come!
  4. I thought he also threatened he would drop a deuce on him as well.....or was that Odell?
  5. I have a better chance of waking up next to Cynthia Frelund Monday morning than the Jets have at beating the Colts.
  6. There have been dozens of heartbreaking losses over the years, but if we are talking about one defining play - it has to be Richard Todd's horrible pass into the endzone to end the 1981 AFC Championship game. Buffalo streaked out to a 24-0 lead, but we gradually chipped away and it was 31-27 with seconds to go and Todd throws it directly into the arms of a Bill to end the game and season. That was our best team post 1969 - that was the year of the sack exchange. We were at full strength and a legit Super Bowl contender and Todd did a Todd. The fake spike was embarrassing but hardly defining. Immature Pete Carrol with the choke sign on the sideline fired up the Fins. The defining moment came when all we had to do was run out the clock but Boomer decides to throw a bomb into double coverage to the all-time Jet scrub Stevie Anderson and of course it got picked off which afforded Marino the opportunity.
  7. Who's more to blame? Brien or Herm's brilliant idea to take a knee three downs in a row and lose yardage making the 2nd kick longer. Also, dont forget on one series LaMont Jordan was eating up chunks of yardage and then Herm flipped out on poor Jimmy Raye for putting LaMont into the game.
  8. I disagree - I feel the week before when an Eagles team that could not stop a nosebleed all season due Andy Reid's bizarre experiment of allowing OL Coach Juan Castillo employ his own version of the wide-9 defense came into our house can basically camped out on Mark Sanchez's face the entire game. They never recovered from that epic ass beating from the 6-8 Eagles.
  9. I think we were one pass rusher (Hugh Douglas) away (Hugh Douglas) from being a Super Bowl (Hugh Douglas) Champ in (Hugh Douglas) 1998.
  10. Go to radio.com you can listen to Joe and Evan's show. The interview with Avery started at 3pm.
  11. The quote was not accurate but CLOSE! Evan mentioned a quote from Bradley McDougal "We are not winning practice, we are not practicing like we should be", Avery agreed and said they are missing tackles in practice and practices are sluggish. If I were CJ and I wanted the Jets to play well (and not tank) I would fire Gase immediately. WHAT A CLUSTER****!
  12. Especially without cheerleaders on the field.
  13. IDK, I think Rutgers could beat either one.
  14. "They say misery loves company We could start a company and make misery" Frustrated Incorporated One Jets Drive Florham Park, NJ 07932
  15. I think you missed the point. Do you tailor a QB to the offense or the offense to the QB? Would Sean Payton tell Drew Brees to throw bombs every 3rd series? No - because he can't anymore and that was never really his strength. Would you tell Dan Marino to throw screens and shallow crosses - well you saw it happen, look what Jimmy Johnson did to Marino - forced him into a ball control offense to the detriment of the team. Now for some de ja vu, Sam and Mark, both USC QBs coming out early who have not mastered football but played pretty damn well because they were in a loose improvisational offense at USC. Mark comes to the Jets, gets told he cannot throw on the run anymore because its too dangerous, so he was forced into a drop back pocket passer - he was uncomfortable, could not get set, got happy feet, his mechanics went to crap and then was told he's stupid and can only throw a pass based on a color coded system and he better not turnover the ball. Sam. same deal in college, comes to the Jets and just when he starts getting "it" towards the end of his rookie year, the following year he's forced into Gase world. Drop back, stand in the pocket, run the play as called and do not under any circumstance turn the ball over. Sam's instinct is to scramble and throw, but instead, whenever he feels that urge, he starts and then sees Gase in his head - NO SCRAMBLING, NO TURNOVERS. You could have the crappiest WRs in football but if they are trained to come back to the QB when he's scrambling (rather than STICK TO THE PLAY AS CALLED), they can get open. GASE<Bruce Coslet<Joe Walton....we've been here before guys SMH! One thing about NFL coaches - they are stubborn, they believe what they believe and if anything goes wrong its someone else's fault. Words of Bill Parcells - "I NEVER second guess myself".
  16. Woody would NEVER sell the team, the reason why is: He bought the team for one reason and one reason only - tax deductions! Woody amortized the cost of the team over a 15 year period and recovered that cost on his tax returns - probably not paying any income tax whatsoever during that time (prolly has an NOL carryover). Right now Woody has a ZERO tax basis in the team, if he sold now the entire sales price would be LT Capital gain income to him and one hell of a tax bill. Logically he will hold the team until death and the team will be part of his estate - at the date of death, his heirs would get a step up in basis to the FMW of the Jets at the time of death, tho I am sure he is doing some kind of estate planning to lesson the tax burden on the estate. Point being, he will not sell no matter what.
  17. I hear ya, but last year they had no healthy WRs other than Algohor, and this year wk 1 they were missing 3/5 of their starting OL, Johnson tho did play week 2. Maybe I am wrong, but I also feel Wentz has not been the same as he was prior to the ACL, he appears much less improvisational than he was.
  18. I just had a flashback - remember Dick Steinberg told Bruce he would fire him if he would not give up the play calling duties and hire an OC - welp we know how that turned out. Too bad there's nobody to threaten Gase like that.
  19. Walker was done by the time Brucie and his chubby daughter came to town, you're thinking of Rob Moore.
  20. Seriously Bro, in the history of broadcast media, has there ever been a more overrated talk show host than Joe Beningo? My psychologist forced me to stop listening to him and his little whiny ginger twerp sidekick.
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