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  1. 24 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:

    Make it stop. Stop hiring a coach who is a good coordinator. Find someone who is good at being a HEAD COACH. A good head coach has the skills of having the connections to hire good coordinators. Nothing I know of either Roman or Bieniemy make me think they are the right leaders of an organization. 

    Being a good coordinator is different than being a good head coach. Especially if a guy has only had success as coordinator working for a great head coach. 

    That being said, Reid's former assistant have a mixed track record as head coaches: 











    That's why I vote for Jack del Rio.

  2. 55 minutes ago, PS17 said:

    Greg Roman is interesting. He’s always been one of the better offensive minds and has succeeded in multiple organizations - turned around the offenses in SF and Baltimore and did a good job in Buffalo too. I’m on the bandwagon.

    And he's worked with Chris Hogan before!  Seriously though, he's only worked with mobile/running QBs: Colin, Tyroid and now Lamar.  He wasn't all that in Buffalo - considering he had Shady McCoy, Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins as playmakers.

  3. 2 hours ago, usanyj said:

    I guess the only positive about that time would be we were 1-15 in 1996, then we let parcels buy the groceries to cook the dinner and we were in the title game in 1998... I guess the silver lining is hopefully with some solid decisions and drafts we can turn this around... or you know...not.

    IDK about that, I think Parcells actually inherited a pretty good roster, Kotite was a lousy coach but a pretty good GM for Jets standards.  Parcells only meaningful additions in yr1 were Rick Lyle, Ernie Logan and Jason Fabini, yet they should have gone 10-6 and made the playoffs in his first year. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Rhg1084 said:

    I mean Sam Bradford was traded for a 1st round pick on two different occasions. QBs usually have higher value. If Sam could have a strong season it’s not out of realm of possibility 

    Hey. the Saints gave us a #1 for Richard Todd, which we used to pick a 6'5" 260 LB who was afraid to tackle anyone.

  5. 1 minute ago, BigRy56 said:

    It’s no secret that Gase is the primary reason that Sam’s taken a step back. There’s zero doubt in my mind that Sam could easily be a top 10-15 QB in a better run offense. That’s what tells me it’s time for Gase to go

    Totally agree, give him weapons, an OL, a running game and a competent coach and he has pro bowl ability, we saw lots of special moments his rookie year, a few last year and there will be none this year.  Gase has sucked the life and competitiveness out of him.  

    Gase will not be fired, the master plan of JD is to draft Trevor, redshirt him one season and then fire Gase and let Darnold leave in FA.  I bet he does with Gase what Tuna did to Groh, find a college that may be willing to hire him and urge him to take the job so JD doesn't look like a back-stabber.

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  6. 17 minutes ago, Icer said:

    I will admit he is playing well, but I still wouldnt count on him not to do some dumb sh*t in a big game

    He looks much different from his first two years, he is no longer firing every pass, he has learned touch and has become much more accurate.

  7. 59 minutes ago, yvj said:

    Baker, Darnold and Rosen going through growing pains to says the least but Jackson and Allen are putting up MVP numbers. It's cruel but sports be like that sometimes.

    Hmmm,  Baker, Darnold and Rosen were drafted by dysfunctional organizations who did not immediately build a supporting cast for them (you could argue they worked quickly to get Mayfield targets but the OL is still not there). while Allen and Jackson have been well coached and handed a road paved in gold.  Maybe there is something to the opinion that Darnold could be a good QB if he were drafted by the Ravens or Bills.

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  8. 12 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:

    I wouldn’t mind him or Boyer. I think Boyer can be a good head coach. 

    I wish/hope Gregg had CJs ear - remember CJ wanted Gregg and brought him in without Gase's input - and Gregg does the end around and tells CJ to fire Gase.  Let Gregg be HC and promote Jim Bob Cooter to OC.

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  9. 26 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    ...that Quinnen Williams looking like a bust who may be worse than Leo is like the 5th or 6th thing on the list of things we're worried about right now.  Seriously?  Not one thread on the first page or two talking about last year's #3 pick because we're so worried about the previous year's #3 pick?

    I simply cannot believe that after all the hype of this past summer, the weight loss, the talk of "being dominant", etc. Quinnen had almost zero impact on the game last week.  Josh Allen ran, he threw, he stood back in the pocket reading the newspaper, etc.  There was no interior pass rush and no outside pass rush.

    If not for Gase, Darnold, the wide receivers, the injuries, a Christopher Johnson press conference, etc. I think we'd be talking more about the what should be the best player on the defense right now with no CJ or Jamal Adams playing.  Sheesh!

    Quinnen Williams, the DL whose motor never starts.  He makes Dewayne Robertson look like a Hall of Famer.  

    BTW Sheldon was looking pretty spry last night, but imagine if we kept him we wouldn't have Sam today.


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  10. 2 hours ago, hamat711 said:

    He made all the easy and easy moves, but I haven't seen him take any risks. 


    He started a rebuild during a pivotal year for his young QB.

    Joe Douglas was unable to attract any A tier or B tier Free agents. Instead of getting known commodities to make the roster better now, he made a bunch of gambles on less proven players.

    He is now responsible for the worst skill group in the NFL. This was likely true even before the injuries.

    Joe Douglas' job is player management. Under Douglas' management, Jamal Adams became discontent. Even if the haul for Adams was amazing, the circumstances that lead to the trade just can't be ignored.

    Kelechi Osemele paved the way for a huge day for the KC RB. He might still be a good player who was injured. He would be a clear upgrade over Roten or Lewis. Cutting Osemele might be a mistake.

    The Kalil signing was awful.


    Just looking at the contracts and players he signed this year, it seems like he is preparing for life after Gase and Darnold are gone.



    Its way too early to tell, but most certainly, based on his moves, there is NO desire to win now.  I think its  a shame what he has done to Sam, only signing third-tier FAs for the OL and two castoffs at WR, then only drafting one.  I cannot remember a team having NO WRs for their developing QB, except maybe the Texans who really threw David Carr to the wolves and possibly destroyed a promising career.

    After Ernie Acorsi drafted Elisha, even though he already had a WR1 in Toomer and a WR2 in Hillard, he stated he wanted a WR1 who would develop with Eli so let Hillard leave in FA and traded for Plaxico (who worked out great until he shot himself).

    I know most of you are adamant that JD has done all the right things - but I am sorry - I firmly disagree - this is NO way to treat a young developing QB, especially one that only had two years of college experience.

    Having said all that, the only way you could say JD has done a great job is if his plan all along was to tank this season in order to have a shot at Trevor, otherwise, none of what he did makes a whole lotta sense.


  11. 3 hours ago, Jetster said:

    Let's put this post away & take a look a thing it in the near future. Most Rookie WRs don't start anyway. It was a terrible year for free agent WRs, no way in hell Obrien wasn't trading Hopkins into the AFC, and it is what it is with injuries. 

    I would agree with you if it were a typical draft class, but this year the number of NFL caliber WR talent was astounding.  Not to mention, it is not a stretch to say any rookie WR picked in the first four rounds would be more impactful than Perriman.

    Through ONE week 18 rookie WRs have already had an impact.   They were :

    Rookie WRs currently starting for their respective teams:

    Tee Higgins Cincinnati Round 2 pick 33

    Brandon Aiyuk  49ers Round 1 Pick 25

    Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Round 1 Pick 22

    Henry Ruggs II, Las Vegas, Round 1 Pick 12

    Laviska Shenault, Jaguars, Round 2 Pick 42

    Nonstarters who had a week 1 impact:

    Ceedee Lamb - Dallas - 5 catches 59yds

    Jerry Jeudy - Denver - 4 catches 56yds

    Tyrie Cleveland - Denver - 1 Catch 7yds

    Michael Pittman - Colts - 2 catches 10 yds

    Chase Claypool - Pitts - 2 catches 39 yds

    Gabriel Davis - Buffalo - 2 catches 16 yds

    Van Jefferson - Rams - 1 Catch 31yds

    Bryan Edwards - Las Vegas - 1 catch 9 yards

    Devin Duvernay - Ravens - 1 Catch 12 yds

    Colin Johnson - Jaguars - 1 Catch 14yds

    Quintez Cephus - Lions - 3 Catches 43yds

    Darnell Mooney - Bears - 3 catches 38 yds

    Freddie Swain - Seattle - 1 catch 17yds

    (The above does not count WRs who were injured like KJ Hamlin and, obviously, Denzell Mims)

    In a draft that saw 32 WRs taken the MOST WR needy team in the NFL selected ONE - that was INEXCUSIBLE unless there was a plan B.  Did we need Ashtyn Davis (who looks like he couldn't tackle a High School football WR) or James Morgan so much that we couldn't pick up another WR??????


  12. 9 minutes ago, Mo Lew said:

    At some point doesn’t Joe D realize he’s killing Sam by not having any wr talent?

    Wouldn’t it be prudent to act this year? Not to try and be successful this year but to preserve the overall chance that we may be better in future ones? 

    Thank you!  Exactly my point.  If we couldn't be competitive this year we should have at least been all about giving Sam the opportunity to show what he could do.   Drafting only one WR and signing journeyman cast-offs like Perriman and Doctson was criminal.  We needed an upgrade over Robby and Demaryius, instead we have a major downgrade.  Sure Mims may turn out to be a good one, but he is no slam dunk, in a draft that was as deep at WR as this past one, you HAD to come away with two.


    I'm sorry but drafting guys like Davis, Zuniga, Morgan and Clarke were not the type of picks a rebuilding team should have made - those are depth picks for a solid roster.  

  13. 1 hour ago, Alka said:

    I am a big Mets fan like I am a huge Jets fan.  I despise the Wilpons, because they lost money with Madoff, and Mets fans have to pay the price for them not spending money.  I despise the Wlpons more than I despise the Johnsons.  At least the Johnsons are willing to spend money.

    How I got stuck with rooting for both teams and add to the fact that I am a knicks fan, it's like G-d is trying to tell me to spend my time doing something else instead of rooting for sports teams.

    Maybe it's time I get the message.

    I'm in the same boat bro, I wonder how much being a fan of the Mets, Jets and Knicks has contributed towards my poor mental health.

    I feel Fred Wilpon knew baseball well enough, but he was always cheap, even before the Madoff meltdown.  I would argue, however, what truly hurt the Mets financially was all the debt Freddie took on with buying the team, creating SNY and building Citifield,  His unwillingness to invest in the team from personal funds, he somehow found $150M laying around to buy out one of the minority owners last year, was unconscionable.  The Wilpons whine about losing money on the team - however they made plenty on SNY.  The reason why they lost money on the standalone team was due to the tremendous cost of debt service.  That actually brings me to a question - I wonder if SteveCo is buying Citifield as well?  I could imagine the Wilpons trying to eff him over on rent.


  14. 14 hours ago, pointman said:


    Goff is 25. He has 2 seasons over 4500 yards. Thrown for 28-32-22 TDs, +21 td to int, +20...QBR over 100 twice. 

    Sam 1 season barely over 3000 yards. 17 and 19 TDs, +2 and +6 tds to ints, 84 highest QBR.


    Numbers don't lie. Don't be mad. You're wrong. It will be ok. Sam isn't better than Goff. 

    You have to wonder how Sam would do under the same circumstances, that is, a 1,000 yard rusher, a stable of upper-tier weapons and one of the top 5 OLs in the league.  When the running game struggled last year and in the Super Bowl, Goff did not look impressive at all.

  15. 45 minutes ago, pointman said:

    Year 3. He throws like year 1, of high school. You can usually tell if you have serious franchise talent right off the bat. Even that bum Jared Goff suuucked but had the light bulb turn on soon enough. If you wait any longer than year 3, you're doomed to be.. the Jets.

    Haha, Goff is Darnold with a stable of weapons and an offensive genius calling the plays.

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