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  1. These announcers are no improvement over Tes and Booger.
  2. Ashtyn Davis sucked, how is this guy a S? He looks like Braden Mann could kick his ass. Could our edge rushers (Jenkins and Basham) have performed worse? Neville Hewitt and Harvey Langi are NOT NFL caliber LBs. Pierre Desir looked worthy of this year's Vance Joseph award. Other than Becton, the OL looked mediocre.
  3. Chris Johnson is the one who was captivated by Gase, so I dont think he'd be ready to break-up with his man crush after just two years.
  4. Queenen Williams was picked by Mac not JD.
  5. If there was ever an easy 0-16 year for the Jets, it would be this year, there is not one sure win on the schedule. If we had the Chargers at home I would say that was a sure win, but we have to go out to the west coast and the Chargers have a good D.
  6. Watching him today, I would say he's officially been Derek Carr'd. The pass protection was NOT good today but it was not as bad as last year. The biggest problem is we do not have any sort of running game whatsoever and we only have one WR on the roster who would start for another team. Sam has no confidence in the OL, the receivers or himself at this stage. Watching Sunday Night Football they mentioned how the Rams have a very simple playbook, they basically run the same plays over and over again but their execution is so flawless they end up succeeding (reminds you of the Patriots?)
  7. Aint nobody taking on that much salary, he'll have to be cut if they want him out.
  8. What happened on the interception on when Darnold took a sack instead of throwing the ball away? So, the interception was just a bad play to try to fit a ball in there that I shouldn’t have. And then the sack that I took was another, kind of what I said before, it’s a bad play, it’s inexcusable, there are no excuses for it. I’ve just got to be better. I was kind of waiting and I obviously waited too long for someone to get open and it was just a bad decision. The post Darnold: Losing Sucks No Matter Who It Is appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Fo
  9. How would Joe Doulgas look if he fired his buddy in the middle of a rebuild?
  10. I like the Joe Brady idea, I'm not sure about a 30yo coach in NY tho. I am not convinced Eric Bienemy is head coaching material. Don;t kill me, but a guy I always liked is Jack del Rio, hire him and as brilliant of an offensive mind as you can find for OC. del Rio won in Jacksonville (without a QB) and Oakland, both teams slipped due to attrition not because of him. If you must have a young hip OC as the next HC go for former Jet Kevin O'Connell. I also like Robert Saleh SF DC) a lot as well.
  11. Doug Pederson is not going to get fired.
  12. Joe Douglas is not going to fire his buddy who got him an $18M contract. Gase prolly told Douglas Sam is too dumb to pick up the offense so rather than spend $$$ and draft capital on the supporting cast Darnold needed to succeed he said **** it, lets tank for Trevor.
  13. Maybe the Jets and Mets will party tonight with a bunch of trashy Niagara Falls ho's and all of them get Covid, ending each other's seasons.
  14. To be fair, Darnold has yet to play on an offense with NFL caliber personnel on it. When Mark Sanchez had a great OL, RB and WRs he looked pretty damn good. Some QBs elevate the play of their teammates, some are elevated by their teammates.
  15. People have criticized me for saying this, but you have to wonder if that is indeed the plan, at least the Lawrence part..
  16. After the Mets sale, Little Jeffy Wilpon will run SNY like a Burger King.
  17. Yes, but being a Jet fan who also follows the Giants, in my opinion though he played well, he did not live up to expectations in 2018 (was not great) and dropped off significantly in 2019. Kind of reminds me of David Harris, his playing speed dropped off as he approached 30 to the point he became more of a liability than an asset on D.
  18. Question for everyone - what haven't the Jets approached Clay Matthews or anyone else aside from Denver for that matter?
  19. 1. The Jets are competitive but just not good enough to win 7-9. 2. The Raiders win 10 games and make the playoffs. 3. The Steelers are as good as ever and win the AFC Championship. 4. The Brady experiment is almost a complete success as the Bucs make it to the NFC Championship game. 5. The Cowboys have the best D in the NFL and win the NFC Championship game/
  20. If they try to play Maye in the Jamal role, he'll end up out for the year. Hewitt or Luvu should be the spy on Allen. I would look for 3-3-5 or 4-2-5 alignments most of the game with Davis getting a ton of snaps and a lot of blitzing from the safeties. The Bills pass rush is going to be even better than last year. Have to see how banged up Levi Wallace and Josh Norman are - potentially a lucky break if they are hindered. Lots of 3 TE sets with max protect and use of more athletic OL with lots of screens. Cant envision much success running the ball, if anything will have to tr
  21. Look, I am glad our OL may finally be respectable, and I understand sticking to the plan for the future. Consider tho you cannot predict the future, you cannot guaranty draft picks will always be hits and if they are you cannot guaranty their success will be sustainable as injuries and Jamal Adams like scenarios can unfold. Also consider this could end up being an exceptionally weird NFL season - what if top teams have covid outbreaks opening the door for lessor teams to rise? My point is, you should always play to win, not to quote Herman, but our "franchise" QB has not had a decen
  22. c) I'll never forget Woody's comment “John is using the cash that he has,” Johnson told reporters. “Number one, he has some obligations going forward, as you guys know. But it’s really trying to find the best value and the best fit for the team, and not just wantonly spending in free agency. Our culture is one of building ourselves.
  23. That is ideal of a scenario as it gets for Rosen, he gets to learn under Arians and Brady, could get his career on the right track.
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