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  1. On 5/12/2020 at 3:13 PM, Rob Moore said:

    At the time I really thought we had something in Hatchette.  I was pretty convinced he was a breakout player after sitting behind Carter, Moss, and Jake Reed.

    He looked promising when he shared the field with Robert Smith, Chris Carter and Randy Moss.

  2. 11 hours ago, Larz said:

    Art monk, Steve Atwater, Ed reed, Dave meggett lol

    oh and alt accounts are lame, even for bills fans 

    Jumbo Elliot, Tony Casillas, Robin Cole, Kimo von Oeloffen, Ty Law, Ronnie Lott. Eric Green, Pepper Johnson, Leonard Marshall, Bill Pickell...did I miss any?


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  3. 3 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    With a heavy emphasis on WRs in the draft comes consequences:  Several teams around the league are going to need to cut loose or trade some of their veteran receivers.  

    Here's a few teams with receivers that might end up on the chopping block.  Perhaps not right away, but at some point later in the offseason.  



    Drafted receivers:  Jalen Reagor (1.21); John Hightower (5.168); Quez Watkins (6.200)

    Notable veterans who may be cut/traded:

    • Alshon Jeffery
    • DeSean Jackson
    • JJ Arcega-Whiteside
    • Deontay Burnett



    Drafted receivers:  CeeDee Lamb (1.17)

    Notable veterans who may be cut/traded:

    • Michael Gallup
    • Cedrick Wilson
    • Devin Smith



    Drafted receivers:  Henry Ruggs (pick 1.12); Lynn Bowden (3.80); Bryan Edwards (3.81)

    Notable veterans who may be cut/traded:

    • Nelson Aholor 
    • Zay Jones



    Drafted receivers:  Jerry Jeudy (1.15); K.J. Hamler (2.46); Tyrie Cleveland (7.252)

    Notable veterans who may be cut/traded:

    • DaeSean Hamilton
    • Diontae Spencer
    • Tim Patrick



    Drafted receivers:  Laviska Shenault (2.42); Collin Johnson (5.165)

    Notable veterans who may be cut/traded:

    • Chris Conley
    • Keelan Cole



    Drafted receivers:  Van Jefferson (2.57)

    Notable veterans who may be cut/traded:

    • Robert Woods



    Drafted receivers:  Devin Duvernay (3.92); James Proche (6.201)

    Notable veterans who may be cut/traded:

    • Willie Snead



    Drafted receivers:  Joe Reed (5.151); K.J. Hill (7.220)

    Notable veterans who may be cut/traded:

    • Mike Williams



    Drafted receivers:  Isaiah Coulter (5.171)

    Notable veterans who may be cut/traded:

    • Will Fuller
    • Kenny Stills

    I could see, Jeffrey, Burnett, Stills and Zay Jones being cut, the others IDK, the Rams still need Woods, no way do the Boys cut Gallup, Mike Williams? I think the Chargers want every weapon they can conjure to help out Herbert.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Lith said:

    Yup.   My one crit of JD's draft was not using a 3 or 4 on a second WR.  I woud expect (hope) that at some point between now and start ot camp (whenever that may be) JD will find a way to add an experienced WR to add to the mix. 

    Do you take a shot at a guy like Jordan Matthews who has struggled through injury after a productive start to his career.  There are other veteran options still out there and others who will be released in coming weeks.

    I also wonder if JD envisions a role for the forgotten man on our WR roster, Quincy Enunwa, if there is any chance he could be healthy this season.

    I wonder if anyone will give Percy Harvin a chance.

  5. 16 minutes ago, sirlancemehlot said:


    The qb, RB, and safety picks were head scratchers. It's not about those players though, but the players we could have had in their place. There was a ton of talent at wr and ol that we passed on for guys that aren't going to move the needle much this season. Becton is solid, Wirfs was better imho.   Wirfs is a gym rat and hard worker, broke some powerlifting records in college. Becton is a biscuit away from 400lbs.  He said he wanted to play at 350 but showed up 15 pounds heavier than that at the combine. Mims was a steal. The rest of the draft was very meh. Too bad. This could have been an A+ draft without the "cute" picks. 

    It is about those players - great GMs find stars in the mid rounds. 

    Becton scares me in the same manner as Zion Williamson scares me.  Too much weight at that height SMH.

    Wirfs is Damien Woody.  Becton may be a perennial all-pro or perennial IR and a future contestant on celebrity fit club.

    The place to be in this draft was round two, if we could have traded down in round one and  ended up with Reagor, Claypool and Cleveland or Jones I doubt anyone would be complaining.,

  6. 23 minutes ago, Jets723 said:

    The trade down was awesome.  Getting Mims and extra third was a great move

    Do you believe Mims will be better than Claypool?  The one thing that bothers me the most, Claypool is expected to be a NFL starter from day one, Mims on the other hand needs to learn how to run a route.  We have a franchise QB going into his third season - didn't we need the immediate impact guy?

  7. 11 minutes ago, Jets723 said:

    Good Point.  Other than Mins the other guys I wanted were gone early.  How did you like our draft overall?

    Its that 2nd round trade down that may haunt us, could have taken Claypool who IMO is a sure thing instead of getting cute.  I was whining for weeks that I desperately wanted JD to trade down in the first round because I wanted multiple #2s, hence its the other decision that may haunt us - will Becton be that much better than a Jackson, Wilson, Cleveland or Jones.  Only time will tell.

  8. 1 hour ago, NOSIDE said:

    U guys are pissed? Whose the number 2 in GB? They didn’t draft a single WR! 

    I think the guys we added, perriman, Doctson, etc, and maybe the return of Enunwa plus some UDFAs, I’m not upset about not drafting more WRs. 

    this is one of the best drafts in a long time

    They signed Funchess, drafted a TE in the 3rd and already have one of the ten best in Adams.    Name one outside WR on the Jets roster who would start for any other NFL team?  

    Mims has a very high ceiling but also has higher than average bust potential.  I'm glad JD addressed the OL and on paper we are better, but are Fant and Becton sure things for next season?   Its going to be Darnold's 3rd year and he still doesn't have any weapons that concern opposing coaches.  As it looks now, we are looking at lots of ground and pound, mixed with screens and shallow crosses with an occasional long pass to a TE who finds a seam.

    Nevertheless week one is just over four months away - there could be a trade or two before the season starts., and if all the iffs on D become yes we should have a top 5 D in 2020.

  9. 11 minutes ago, Rhg1084 said:










    JD did a great job with this offseason. He may have not been able to bring in that number 1 stud wide receiver we hoped but who knows what Mims turns into he could be that. Douglas has a 6 year contract I’m sure somewhere down the line he will get Sam a undoubted stud. However, this group up here is not to shabby. Especially with the revamped offensive line to keep Sam upright

    Lots of draws, screens and shallow crosses in the Jets 2020 offensive game plan.

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