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  1. 11. Mekhi Becton OT Louisville 48. Kristian Fulton CB LSU 68. Lloyd Cushenberry C LSU 79. Bryan Edwards WR South Carolina 120. Alton Robinson DE Syracuse 158. Ant
  2. IMHO, Wirfs is a Damien Woody reincarnate - he's going to be a top notch OL able to play multiple positions at a pro-bowl level. Becton has a higher ceiling but huge bust potential. One thing to realize, an oversized OL will have to crouch down a lot to defend against speed rushers who will attack low - this normally leads to back problems.
  3. Well I didn't want Wills or Bechton, I would be ok with Wirfs. I don't think any of the WRs are worthy of the 11th pick.
  4. I get a feeling the next three picks will be the three OTs. We will end up trading down, cause we aint picking Simmons.
  5. This is effin depressing. Imagining the season with no fans, games played in silence, players having trouble getting hyped...dozing off while watching the Jets for a different reason.
  6. 21. Justin Jefferson WR LSU 59. Lucas Niang OT TCU 68. Brandon Aiyuk WR Arizona State 79. Lloyd Cushenberry C LSU 103. Van Jefferson WR Florida 120. Jordyn Brooks
  7. I think Jeffrey is done. How about #11 and Williamson to the Eagles for 21, 53, 146 and Josh Sweat.
  8. Yes comrade, I should know better than to express my opinion on an open forum. Is it from you who I must seek permission prior to posting a thought?
  9. I totally agree, I do not like any of the WR prospects enough to draft at 11.
  10. You missed my point, it took him a couple of years to build the strength and physique needed to be a productive receiver, once he did, he was all-pro caliber. My point is, we cannot afford to wait a few years, we have nothing at WR and need to draft two who will be productive from day one.
  11. IDK, the last thing I want is Santana Moss part two, a WR with elite speed who takes 4 years to fill in his frame before he can become a complete WR.
  12. Totally agree, I see him more of a Kam Chancellor (nice upgrade from Maye tho) than a Vic Beasley (which isn't necessarily a good thing).
  13. I think JD would be nuts not to grab two WRs before Rnd 5.
  14. I think Gase and possibly Le'Veon are to blame for that. Didn't seem like Bell was ever a feature in the passing game, he basically jogged short outs most of the time - he didn't seem to be in too big of a hurry to get open.
  15. Let's just hope he doesn't have one too many beers.
  16. Maybe this is a stupid comment, but I cant see myself enjoying a football game on TV without fans in the seats. The roar of the crowd gets me revved up. Same for any sport. We all say we will take it over nothing, but I think it would suck. As for fans in the stands with masks on - what they arent going to sell food and beer? If they dont and say they disallow tailgaiting, the fans will show up loaded and those masks will go flying. I'm sorry, absent a major medical breakthrough, professional sports are gone until next spring - the earliest.
  17. Something aint right, he allegedly trades Hopkins cause he wanted a raise and then proceeds to trade a 2nd Rnd pick for the most overpaid WR in the NFL????? He could have drafted a better WR than Cooks in this years 2nd Rnd. Glad to be a Jets fan tonight!
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