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  1. Seems like a veiled shot but nothing really. Who cares anyway?
  2. Stupid is as stupid does. Guy is suspended for the ENTIRE season - regardless of who he plays for, but yeah let's give up quality D-Line depth for a guy who can't even request permission to play again until next preseason.
  3. Walls, Wilson and Lankster all seem more slot CB's than outside guys. I would not be comfortable with any of those guys on the field at all - especially Wilson, but hell it's Rex's job to lose and you all know how I feel about that.
  4. Idzik- it seems - is too transparent in negotiations because he seems to sit them down and present his numbers, then they go somewhere else , get a little more and sign. He ought to say "Talk to everyone else, then come talk to me." That would seems a better negotiating ploy than being used as someone who puts his numbers out there and then gets dissed.
  5. Wilson sucks. Nuff said. The next time he turns his head to find the ball will be the first time.
  6. What position the guy was never on the damn field anyway. Another example of why Iggy struck out when he didn't bring Revis back.
  7. We are talking about the first pre season game here. Geno saw two series and led a FG drive. Not bad. As far as Cimini, he ALWAYS looks for controversy even if he has to create it himself. He is the ultimate HATER. He is a Giants fan covering the Jets and hating every minute of it. I glory in that Cimini is in his own personal hell.
  8. Vick did more with his legs than his arm. Geno has to be the guy or it's start over time. I doubt Simms will get a fair shot at the job. Vick has more leadership ability than Geno, but I think Geno has upside whereas we know what Vick can do, and it isn't enough. If Geno fails it will be a long season of rotating QB's and will end with Rex on the chopping block. In a losing season THAT would be my upside.
  9. Mangini's problem was that he tried so hard to be like BB. His handling of the media was clumsy and they didn't respect him for that. Also, he was not a coach that could fix a broken offense. I don't think the Jets have EVER had a coach that could, even supposed 'guru's' like Bruce Coslet and Joe Walton.
  10. Dreadful? Man you have a twisted reality. Yeah, Mangold and Ferguson are not Pro-Bowl caliber anymore, but still effective. Giacommini will adequately replace Howard and we have three guys competing with Colon at guard and they are young drafted players.Obushay, Winters, and Dozier are all in competition for guard. Get real man, it ain't that bad. The Jets rushing attack was one of the better ones in the league last year.
  11. If Coples needs to be told in a newspaper article by a ninny like Manless Mehta to 'man up' he has already lost it. I live near Chapel Hill and have heard Coples motor ran sporadically as it seems to be in the NFL also. He is who he is, a good player who will not be a great one because he is satisfied with 'doing his job' and little else.
  12. What part of win before you talk don't you understand?
  13. Another Rex apologist. Rex really isn't that good at his job. Surely not as good as he thinks he is for sure. His teams have always been inconsistent. One good win is almost always followed up by a bad loss. Certainly whenever the spotlight is shined on the Jets and people start to believe, that is the precise moment they will shrink from the white hot spotlight. Rex has a career mark of 42-38 which is hardly great.
  14. It happened to be 24-0 at the half. And BARF Scott got his a$$ handed to him. Rex's talk is worthless as a rubber nickel.
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