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  1. My post was coherent, logical, on point, and devoid of anything that any fair minded person not beholden to their own agenda would call ranting. Since you chose to engage in a personal attack, you indicate you have nothing of value to say on the subject. Other than asserting that Woody's ownership, or more to the point his approach to managing the Jets, is immutable. Someday in fact Woody Johnson will no longer own the Jets. Maybe then they will go to an SB. Have a nice day.
  2. Those numbers are misleading since he took over a team that had just gone to the Champ game the year before, and was a favorite to go to the SB before Vinny was lost for the season, and still went 8-8 with a Qb search that lasted half the season. Curtis Martin, one of the best Jets ever, was great for his first seven seasons. In short the Jets were one of the best teams in the league when Woody bought them, and while it has been some ups with the downs ever since, the overall trend has beyond dispute been down. Down to where the team is today. Johnson knows less about football than the
  3. I don't think the Jets will ever be competitive as long as Johnson owns the team. Posts like the OP's may vary on the details, and his is complicated by his move to LA. But it was clear enough to me he was also talking about his dad. I get it. I understand it.
  4. I basically agree here, only to add as I expect you would also agree that Woody is a huge part of the problem, too. But on the GM for a moment... To be clear, Macc just might surprise me and start being an effective GM. But so far I see no consistency to his approach to running this team. And as far as the draft is concerned, he has been inconsistent at best. Going BPA with Williams was an easy, safe move he doesn't deserve much credit for. But others? Darron Lee, really? The main point is we have no good reason to think Macc will be effective going forward with a rebuild. Non
  5. That sounds like the equivalent of watching paint dry. The reality is you will be watching other teams beat the snot out of the Jets. I have not found that to be an enjoyable experience over the years. Call me crazy. and as far as development is concerned, you might be able to perceive development, assuming there is positive development, over some course of time. But usually that will be a longer course of time than one game, or even a couple in a row. Of course to be clear I am a fan of football in general. I do not intend to imply I will not watch football or for that matter
  6. So if posters here really believe the Jets are going to tank, and beyond that are fine with it, what is there to bother watching as far as the Jets are concerned this year? Is the answer nothing?
  7. IMo those who think they see great logic in the move by this FO seem to be a tad optimistic. We'll see how this ends up playing out. It may be the optimists are merely putting lipstick on a pig. One thing's for sure. It will be a rough year to be an STH, and as for watching the Jets on tv, they might best put them on Comedy Central.
  8. The Raiders may well be the most exciting team in football right now in terms of a prospect of knocking off the Pats, and maybe going all the way. But they sure need help at Linebacker. That's the essential kernel of truth in the article in the OP. Whether that's best served by them picking up Harris? I'm not so sure about that.
  9. Jets are set to give up a lot of passing yards this year.
  10. Notwithstanding the understandable negative posts on Richardson here, I would not be the least bit surprised if he has a very good year.
  11. No, I was describing what I understood your main point to be. I was not telling you to do anything, although were it not for the rules here, I might have something to say. But back on the substance, I doubt the FO thinks that they will go without both of Wilkerson and Richardson. So what I said made sense to me, and as I said was in response to the OP's question of CAN Richardson end up on the Jets.
  12. Chadwick to this day remains a divisive presence among Jet fans. Perhaps it is surprising that he still has a rabid, unreasonable and uninformed base of supporters, but this kind of thing happens in society. Not all Jet fans are reasonable or know the game that well. They tend to be Chad Fans. I'm not going to get into debating an issue that was long ago settled. Quite simply no matter what he might have accomplished otherwise, once exposed in that Raiders game and then the string of injuries he was hampered by, he was not a good Qb.
  13. The central point of your post is essentially that Richardson's past shows him to be irredeemable, or likely to be, on a going forward basis. Personally I am less inclined to be so categorically skeptical. I think I have a good idea what you are considering when you come to your position. But I don't feel close enough to what is going on with him on the team to reach the same conclusion. The OP's question was about CAN, not WILL or WON'T. That being the case I think the correct answer has to be he can, if... IF starting with he has or is about to give the FO the hope that he will red
  14. Yep. If that draft does not get an F grade, what would you have to do to get an F? Someone just making picks blindly might have used one pick to get someone of Enunwa's quality, so the fact that he's got talent does not lift Idzik from an F to a D-.
  15. My estimation of Russell Wilson has gone up substantially the last year or two. Having said that, Carr is my favorite young Qb right now. Imo he's only just begun to show what he can accomplish.
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