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  1. I am hopeful what the Jets should do with Revis will be more clear one way or the other after they see what he does with the second half of the season. Beyond that it is quite possible he might retire. Not laying odds, but I am starting to think he knows his days are numbered. Or more accurately may be numbered. If he's honest with himself he knows what is the nature of the problem and how it feels. Whether he feels optimistic about turning it around. If he keeps playing like he did in the first half of the Browns game and in the last series, it will tell us he's just playing out the string.
  2. My point was not about when it would feel comfortable for a rookie HC to make a move like that. I was talking about the timing of a move that would have been great for the team.
  3. Notwithstanding what I said in my previous post which concenrs this year, really right now with Harris back from his brief injury rest, I agree it is more likely than not Harris will be gone, or return with a different role at a different rate.
  4. This is the kind of comment that I see from time to time. What is it based on? I think it fair to say in the NFL it is quite common for the CS to prefer playing vets who have a track record of production over younger players who do not. Yeah sure younger players only get that chance if they can get on the field, but still it is the general approach and one that makes sense to me that you play the guy with the track record until, at some point, the track record turns negative. Assessing when that turn occurs is the hard part. No doubt some do it better than others. But no successful CS arbitrarily sits vets just to see what a younger player can do. Another hard part and what you seem to be talking about is when a younger player DOES get a shot, and plays well, is that play better than the vet you might be thinking of replacing with the younger player. Of course in this case you might be thinking of Lee sitting rather than Harris, so there is that. So Lee returns from injury, the first round pick, and he sits to let Stanford play instead? I think if Bowles does not make that move, I don't see Bowles as differnet than most NFL coaches in a situation of that sort.
  5. I said they should trade him in the winter of 15, meaning after the 14 season was over. I don't understand your question. but let me help you out here - I suggest you try arguing only on a single front and not two at the same time.
  6. I understand we don't know what price was sought in return, but Macc should have traded Wilkerson in the winter of 15. At the right price of course but that was the best time to trade him. And not just because it was before he broke his leg, of course. The point is even if Wilk had not broken his leg the time to trade him was before his contract year, not after it when he was not signed and no other team that might have considered acquiring him would know what it would take to sign him.
  7. Thanks for the advice, but I don't see how that would have prevented the sore throat.
  8. I frankly do not follow Romo that much, but what I do know about him suggests he's rather fragile. What good is a vet Qb serving as a bridge if he's a question mark to stay on the field? Anybody want to take a crack at that?
  9. Yeah the guy Fireman Ed used to hold him up had the foulest mouth of anyone. Ed was pretty bad, too.
  10. I didn't know you have me on video. My throat was sore for two days after that.
  11. Isn't it problematic to blame Bowles to the extent you do when you in the same sentence blame Macc, and of course elsewhere Fitz at near endless length? How do you separate out Bowles's role and responsibility? Compared to last season, I think the main difference has been mostly not on Bowles. I don't see him doing anything much different than he did as a rookie HC with a team that went 10-6. Just two days ago he did something I can't remember an HC for the Jets doing the last time, which was take a team that was down by two scores at the half and lead them to a win on the road. Yeah we can all blame him for the slow start, and I do up to a point. But this is a veteran team. I think you should hope the players would play before you decide you have to threaten them like children. Certainly two big problems for the Jets right now are roster related, those being the simultaneous decline of key veterans and the lack of enough contributions from the two draft classes Macc ran. I don't blame Bowles for either of those things.
  12. Clady has not played well. I understand why they got him. But as of now this does not go down as a great move by the FO.
  13. Yeah, that's pretty much the way I feel. Of course as in any trade whether it makes sense depends on what you have to give up compared to what you get. I bet Chicago gets a pretty price for him, despite the negative views here on him which again are too much caught up in "he's a cakehole!" As if the Jets have none of them on the team right now.
  14. Funny thing is I bet Fitzpatrick would make a great next door neighbor. Cutler I would not bet that on, although I am not saying he'd be a bad one. The point being Fitz has a great personality for the locker room and tv interviews, but how much does that mean if the team doesn't win with him? Cutler has had a problematic career, to be sure. But for some crazy reason I can see him fitting in in NYC. Some people are a bad match for this market. Cutler comes across like a sometimes mean New Yorker, which could work in this town. The main point is I have a hard time seeing the FO confident about heading into the 17 season with only Petty and Hackenberg at Qb. The logical fit for them is a vet Qb, and might as well get one with talent. I don't get the hate for Cutler around here. It's mostly atmospherics, and I don't think much of them.
  15. As Jet fans are very much concerned about right now, I certainly am, it is difficult sustaining a winning streak when you play on the road. Bills had won four in a row. Were they good enough to win a fifth, and on the road? Seems to me they were ahead and ran out of gas on D at the end of the game. And of course the Bills lost again this past weekend, so now they have lost two in a row, and are 0-3 in the division. Sure the fish won it, but excuse me if I don't think it was all that impressive.
  16. No one is talking about do overs. No one disputes the KC game. But by every measure it was an outlier. Why, there are a number of posters here who felt and still feel Bowles should have pulled him from that game shortly after the half. In which case that overall effort would have been limited. In the last game Fitz did not throw an interception. SMith fans all off season wanted to talk about the last game of the 15 season as the most recent Fitz effort. Jus sayin...
  17. Pitt was in poor shape to play that game, with players puking all over the field. Buffalo did not play well, preceding winning stretch notwithstanding, and the fish did barely beat Cleveland at home. The key will be the Jets D stopping the run, and whether Revis can hold Landry in check. If both those happen I don't see Miami scoring all that many points. After that turnovers will decide the game.
  18. Yeah on the Petty angle: I normally don't get into considering the reaction of Jet fans, because usually it is at least somewhat divided overall. There are fans and haters of many of the players, and the HC, FO Homers and FO haters and those in between. But I do tend to agree that if the playoffs are still theoretically possible, and they play Petty and he loses games, the fans would be rather likely to turn against him, and quickly. I think that is worth considering as much as I agree both that it remains unlikely that the Jets have a realistic shot at the playoffs and also htat Fitzpatrick has no future with this team past the 7th loss, certainly the 8th.
  19. I was never a fan of the Mevis take on him, but lately I have soured on him, and it's not just because the overall secondary is bad. He's not making plays, or enough of them, and seems to be more shy of contact with each passing game. Then he says stupid sh!t like that he was overweight but making some lame excuse for it. It just doesn't add up. Hopefully he elevates his game right away.
  20. Harris has his particular role as the interior LB who stays on the field, and makes adjustment calls. But is he the leader in any other sense of the word? Not that Revis is, but you get the point. Yeah, they both are playing badly.
  21. The Chiefs obviously had as a strategy maintaining a big edge on TOP. Which they succeeded at, largely because the D did not get their O off the field quickly enough. But the main point is the Jets were down by 11 points at the half. While one KC td was all on Fitz, the other was a special teams play. How much is a team "in the game" at that point? I would also add the Jets benefitted hugely from the (correct, but still) call on KC's Td in the third quarter that was reversed because the runner fumbled into the end zone - a gift I don't think the Jet D deserved credit for. That non-score was partly in the Jets' punt coverage team that allowed the 19 yard runback despite the 51 yard put by Edwards, but the D still allowed KC to go from the KC 37 to "score" a td that was reversed. I did not say and do not think in particular about the KC game that Fitz was anything but the main culprit in the loss. Clearly an awful game for him. But the D did not play well, either. Smith was 25 for 33 with no interceptions. The only turnover the Jets "got" was that fumble into the end zone, an unforced error.
  22. If I read the stat correctly, yesterday was the first time the Jets came back from two scores down in the second half for the last 72 games. It's hard to do and not just because being down that much usually means the team has not been playing well on both sides of the ball, and it is hard to change direction that much. It's also that the opposing D knows you're either going to waste too much time running the ball or taking short passes, or push it down the field where their secondary is waiting. The point is it is hard for ANY Qb to play from that kind if deficit, and that is why SAR's point is essentially correct. Yes it is true that in pressing (especially in the Chiefs game) Fitz takes risks that lead to interceptions. But how did the team get behind in the first place? Revis is supposed to be the leader of the secondary, and of the whole D in terms of ability, compensation, the importance of being able to play man coverage against the opponent's best receiver. I am not as hard on him as some here because I give him a bit of the benefit of the doubt since he was coming back from injury. But that doesn't excuse the overall decline he's having, and the net effect it has had on the D.
  23. Yeah, I said this last week about Carr. The Jets did not have to tank to get Mariota, and instead would have been fine with Carr. Yet they passed on him because that idiot Idzik was invested in Geno Smith. But your point comparing actual top ten picks by the jets is telling. Even a nice pick like Ferguson compares to how Mangold was picked below the top ten in the same draft and ended up being the better player.
  24. The secondary sure sucked in the Seattle game, but the pass rush was also non-existent.
  25. Not to digress here because I don't have the numbers on targets to Anderson, specifically in the second half, but lots of posters here think the Jets should get Anderson more involved in the O. Sure looked in the first half like they were doing that, with no real payoff. Which means while Enunwa stepping up is great, he basically is merely going some distance to replace Decker, and the Jets still do not have a reliable third option at receiver with Decker out.
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