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  1. As it stands now with McCown as the starter, what is a reasonable expectation? Three wins? Stretch it and say four? Okay so if the Jets only win 2 games, I will agree Bowles will then be a likely victim.
  2. The "logic" of the McCown signing is in accord with your view, with the caveat that Bowles could still be gone if he can't control the locker room. If he's fired it will not be because a team with no talent at Qb does poorly in the 17 season. It's not his fault they do not have a Qb. But there is that caveat. Which might well come to pass. No predictions on that, though. Some of the problematic players from last year, including Smith, are now gone.
  3. I doubt the Jets FO even thought about bringing the butt fumble guy back. Next!
  4. I don't totally condemn this move, but on the whole I don't like it. Funny how no one here has yet mentioned how this should look to us as Jet fans. The Bay Area like NYC hosts two teams. Concededly there is less population there than in NY, but not that much less. And when you take Northern California as a whole? So the Bay Area is not big enough for two teams anymore. Hm. Then there's the fan loyalty issue. The Raiders have had quite a dry spell the last decade, basically since their last SB appearance, and now with Carr and the rest of the young players they have a real contender in the AFC, I think. In the meantime I didn't sense that their fans were less than supportive of the team. So much for fan loyalty. Of course we get that a number of factors go into these decisions. I just don't see how NFL fans on the whole are benefitting from this move. It's more about profit, or more accurately the perception of profit. We'll see how this actually works out. Someone mentioned LA fans are now closer to the Raiders. It's about a 4 hour drive to Vegas from LA. Sure some will make the trip, and there are planes, too. I just wonder how many will do that on any regular basis. More likely the casinos and other corporate clients buy the tickets to package them with weekend stays in the casinos. Not sure what that has to do with football, but there it is.
  5. I get your general point. But I don't think there is nothing to the notion they were concerned about his confidence. The problem is that makes more sense if you think they have even lower expectations about him than otherwise. If Hackenberg had gone in the last game, I don't think the Jet fans would have had a very high level of expectations about his play. Everyone knew he'd not been getting a lot of practice reps, and would have likely only gotten one week working with the first team. All he really had to do was take the field and not drop a dump on it. I doubt even if he threw an interception or two that he would have been booed much. As long as he otherwise looked like he just might belong out there. So the thinking is the team was concerned he wouldn't be able to meet that lower standard of expectations. Otherwise the logical move would have been to play him, since as you point out he might have learned something if he played. There was really nothing to lose in that game as far as the team was concerned. Better to get that first game in when there are questions about you when the pressure is relatively lower, as compared to say some game early in the coming season when, even just on the math, the team is still in it. But no.
  6. I don't understand how Houston moving up in the second round, and then NOT taking Hackenberg, somehow encouraged the Jets to take him then.
  7. It really has no direct bearing on whether the Jets go high draft pick for a Qb, but there is a problem with the current rotation. The problem is that while Petty is not likely to become a quality starter, they really do not know between him and Hackenberg who the better prospect is. Petty very well might turn out to be a decent backup, spot starter. Hack might not even become that. As it stands right now, I would tend to agree that if the draft a Qb, then Petty is likely either a goner or perhaps goes on IR, which will not help his development. BUt we can't rule out that the Jets may have already decided Hack is a sunk cost.
  8. again I get why you see it as the either/or you do. But I do think it worth remembering that the mentoring notion is not really one being pushed by the FO. One reason may not have to do with a lack of faith in the whole concept, since it is entirely possible, assuming no other move is made on the Qb roster, that McCown will end up the starter on Opening Day and some significant chunk of the season. In which case they don't want to go on the record now and say they see him as a mentor and not a starter (of course he could conceivably be both, but it's a matter of emphasis). But having said that, I don't see anything here that suggests the FO lays any significance on the mentor business. Because as we both feel it is a silly notion.
  9. I understand where you are coming from. But to be clear has the Jet FO said that McCown is going to mentor the kids? Or is that more about FO homers attempting to justify the signing on their own?
  10. I must have missed the bolded part. What former Smith Fan has admitted they were wrong about him?
  11. I used the word apology when a better one would be an admission. An admission by a Smith Fan that they were wrong about Smith. He has been "freed" of his Jets contract, was free to go to any team, to presumably the highest bidder. If he was anywhere near as good as Smith Fans contended, he would have gotten a far better deal than what he has now. The market establishes value, and under the collective bargaining agreement, the market could only have assigned a lower value if no one had signed him, and he still might not make the team. His guaranteed salary I believe by the arithmetic is approximately 1/16th of what Fitzpatrick got last year. Sure the Jets did not get adequate value on that. But as far as the market is concerned, it is what it is. Just one admission? It doesn't seem too much to ask.
  12. Aside from the issue of an apology from Smith Fans, how about just one being stand up?, the contract he has with the Giants is relevant. He couldn't have come any closer to being out of the league, and he still might not make their team, so let's not lose sight of that. The NFL as a whole is saying that Smith Fans were wrong to argue that the Jets somehow were holding back a talented player. Once he was "freed" from his contract with the Jets, this deal with the Giants was the best he could do. He's only 27, if he was so great he would be seen as entering the peak years of his career, and this is what he got. Just one Smith Fan to be stand up? Doesn't seem like too much to ask. But I will not hold my breath waiting for it.
  13. While I like to think of myself as forward looking, I get the point of this thread. While better players have left this off season and such departures have not been a source of much discussion, such as Mangold (Revis's departure did generate discussion, but partly that was over the effects of cutting him given his contract terms), Smith's departure deserves some note. The reason is he had a vocal minority of fans supporting him, fans for the most part who lack football knowledge. It was a never ending excuse-making machine. It should have been obvious from his first season that he was unlikely to overcome his poor decision-making. He shouldn't have been drafted in the first place, but once here the FO compounded the error in his first off season by standing pat with him and passing on Carr, among other mortal sins. And that vocal minority kept on loudly supporting him right on through more or less to this thread. Smith fans should be stand up and admit they were wrong about him all along. Instead some complain about Fitzpatrick, as if such comparison makes Smith any better as a player, putting aside that Fitzpatrick clearly will have had the better career when both players are done. For myself I am very unhappy that the Jets curren Qb roster is what it is. But at least we don't have Smith on it anymore, and I count that as the best development of this off season, I would say by far.
  14. I certainly agree the AFC West is more competitive than the East. But as long as Carr is healthy I see the Raiders as the clear class of the division, and I do think highly of the Chiefs. Still, the Raiders are better. Denver? Hard to say at this point. But unlikely to win the division. Chargers are probably looking at fourth place.
  15. Idzik's worst sin imo was going into Smith's second year despite his bad performance and letting Carr go in the draft when he could have picked him. He was too invested in proving that picking Smith in the second round was a good pick. The net result is Smith is now off the Jets and Carr is a real rising star in the league. The Raiders have a franchise Qb and the Jets do not. Let's hope IF Trubinsky falls to the Jets, Macc does not pull an Idzik.
  16. I liked your post, but if they say pick Trubinsky at 6, that says more like he dropped to them and they have to say to themselves they don't have enough faith in Hack to let an opportunity like that pass. In other words it's not having little faith in the general sense, but one of not having enough to let a chance like that go by.
  17. Raiders. I could be wrong, but I think there's a very good chance.
  18. In any event... A mentor as a concept is not that difficult. It is a tutor, or a coach. Yes it can be someone who simultaneously is working in your line of business or any other form of endeavor. But it is clearly something more than leading by example. Leading by example can be a part of the process, but without the specific communication of suggestions or information, you are not talking about a mentor. Hiring someone to perform a job with the primary purpose being to really tutor someone is what a coach is. Having the job in question be something else, and expect the person hired to be primarily tutoring someone, is ass backwards. If you want to hire a coach, hire a coach and pay him accordingly. The OP is right to say that people talking up McCown from the mentoring standpoint are really motivated by an effort to lend support to a hire that on the merits of his play is not justified. And more to the point, it implies that the CS as presently constituted is likely to be ineffective, by themselves, at handing the job of getting Petty and Hack ready. Finally on the leading by example thing, how is McCown even able to do that when he's not been good over his career? What is he going to show Petty and Hack that is otherwise not present on the Jets? It doesn't add up.
  19. Since I share the OP's skepticism about this whole bs mentoring thing, I was going to read his post and hope he would get through it without his never ending pro-Smith nonsense. Sadly he could not do that.
  20. Obviously the Jets went with four last year, so it's possible they do it again. But there were reasons for that last year that won't necessarily repeat even if the Jets do go high in the draft for a Qb. Like this year, the Jets were not prepared to start the season with Petty, and Hackenberg in camp made it immediately apparent he was not going to be ready, either. The key actually was that Smith was on the last year of a rookie deal, and they wanted Fitz all along. If they had to sign Smith to a new contract last off season, they would not have and would have gone with three. It was really Smith's situation and that the other two were not ready. This year they know quite a lot more about Petty. Unfortunately it is not good news. On the other hand Smith is gone, and that is excellent news. So they sign McCown, and still have an unproven second round pick in Hack on the roster. Says here if Trubinsky falls to the Jets at 6, they'd be fools not to take him, which raises the prospect of four Qb's. But I think that sorts itself out in camp. If Hack shows any real development and Petty does not, Petty will most likely be gone. The real risk is if Petty looks better, what then? Is there a real prospect they might cut Hack if he looks bad enough in camp? The right answer is yes, but that scenario does raise the prospect of four since it would be hard for Macc to cut Hack. My guess is Petty would show no improvement and if Trubinsky is picked, Petty will be cut.
  21. On one hand no doubt there is a benefit to watching a vet player who knows how to handle himself on and off the field, and to succeed on it. But for the most part the idea that a younger player will get better as a player is really up to him and the CS. The CS is paid to do that. Paying a Qb who clearly has mediocre stats and production $6mil to "mentor" younger players is not what is going on. At best there may be some marginal benefit, but the real reason you pay that kind of money is to play the game and hopefully succeed. We hear all the time about how this or that player is a great teammate, but even then it's more about such player contributing to the team's success with his performance and making the day to day easier to get through, than it is about literally showing a younger player how to play the game. Knowing how to play the game is much more the job of the CS, watching game film, practicing, than it is about mentoring. Mentoring here is overrated.
  22. Again, I get that McCown is not going to HURT their development. But it does nothing to improve their development, so it is only a good thing he was signed if one assumes or has concluded that Petty and/or Hack are near ready to be starters, near enough that is that one or the other or both can be the starting Qb at some point. As noted by JiF the whole mentoring thing is overrated, which I will speak to separately.
  23. "less of a block" is not something that MAKES THEM BETTER. "less of a block" implies that, without being blocked, with no impediment to hold them back, they will be ready. There's plenty of reason to think, at least so far, they have not been ready. So why does signing McCown make them more ready? I understand the part that Cutler would have played more than McCown is likely to play. So yeah, signing Cutler would have meant it would have been less likely we would have seen Petty and/or Hackenberg on the field this coming season. But signing McCown does nothing to make Petty and Hackenberg better Qb's. I get that playing can make players better. But it is no guarantee. In other words IF either Petty or Hackenberg as of now only needs some development in camp and pre-season to get to a point where they will be ready in the coming season to go out and make good use of playing in real games, after some period of watching McCown, then that will be a good scenario for them. But let me be clear - I don't think either Petty or Hack are near that point. Hope I am wrong.
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