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  1. You're off topic. You're talking about the Raiders as a team. The question is how does the McCown signing bring either Petty or Hack any closer to being ready to take over?
  2. I thought you said you expected there to be a 3 way battle between Petty, Hack and a rookie.
  3. Geez I am not concerned about Bowles here. I am concerned there is STILL not a decent Qb on the roster. Again I don't see how signing McCown makes either or both Petty and Hack more ready than before.
  4. So there's going to be FOUR Qb's on the team again??? When was the last time there was a 3, let alone 4, way battle for Qb that ended well?
  5. I know some or most of those applauding the McCown signing more or less assume it means that Petty and/or Hack will be ready to play and get a good shot to take over the starting Qb position. I guess some of that thinking is that McCown will be a good mentor and help them develop. Is there any actual track record to base that on? For myself I can't see how this signing brings either Petty or Hack closer to being ready. Here's the thinking: We have no reason to believe as of now that Petty or Hack will be ready. Sure there's camp and pre-season between now and Opening Day. But to avoid McCown being the starter on Opening Day, one of them, even both if you prefer, will have to show they are ready and better on Opening Day. If the thnking is that is likely, then why not have signed someone like Hoyer just to be the vet backup? No, the logic is that McCown is the starter unless and until one of the young guys takes it away. Says here that means it is likely McCown starts on Opening Day. If he's the starter, he practices with first teamers, so again I am not sure how that helps Petty and Hack get more ready for his being here. Brings us back to mentoring. What's his track record? Just reading posts here today, I can't see reason to buy into the optimism.
  6. I disagree. The logic of signing McCown is that the Jets are not taking their best shot to win as much as they can in the short run. That being the case, how can Woody and the FO blame Bowles for not winning when they have not given him a decent QB? Bowles could still lose his job even so if he can't control the locker room, but short of that, he will be back for 18.
  7. Josh McCown. heh. I never thought I would miss Geno Smith. But I think the odds have "improved", the only question how much.
  8. Can't tell from this move if the FO is higher on Hackenberg than they have appeared to be in the past, or they just do not know what they are doing. I say that because I cannot believe they are planning on tanking the season. I suppose they still might take a Qb with a high pick. Can't rule it out at this point. But if they don't, and this is the Qb rotation, well, it could get very ugly fast.
  9. I think the Raiders are going to have a great year.
  10. To be clear I don't know what will happen. But my understanding is that the Jets will be meeting with Cutler. It may be that giving other Qb's a look is in part to let Cutler know he's not their only option. Of course it would be different if the Jets said they were not interested in Cutler. But they have not said that.
  11. Smith has been dead to me for a long time.
  12. I think the red-shirt stuff was after the fact putting lipstick on a pig. If he was good enough to play, they would have played him.
  13. If he was ready to play, they would have played him. Why was he not ready? What is going to happen now to make him ready? I'm not saying it can't happen. But it's hard to see what exactly it is that is supposed to transform Hackenberg into something more than he was last year, when he could not pass Petty on the depth chart. I think that in fact does mean something.
  14. Of course since he's not taken the field and done poorly, Hack can't be written off. Yet. And on that basis there is no reason not to hope that he can get it done. But as a betting proposition, there's little reason to have confidence he will. Last season, with the problems Smith and Fitz were having, the Jets turned to Petty rather than Hackenberg. I don't know how else to look at that but that Petty outplayed Hackenberg in practice. And yet when Petty played, he was underwhelming. At this point I think it is realistic to think Petty can be a backup, perhaps, but is not likely to become a solid starter. And Hackenberg ended the season behind Petty on the depth chart. What reason is there to think he will suddenly become a significantly better player? Cant think of any good reason.
  15. Whether Foles is a JAG or not, your main point is significant. I thought the Jets might consider Foles as having some upside, right age, probably be inexpensive, could be a hold the fort guy. And some here said that Foles was a terrible idea. So it turns out that the Eagles think Foles is better than Daniels, and how can we say they are wrong? I don't see how that makes Daniels a better choice than Foles or otherwise a good one.
  16. Is this supposed to be about something that is reasonably possible? Because if just a fantasy, it would be hard to top the Jets announcing that Hackenberg has really turned the corner, is playing great, and Bowles projects him as the opening day starter. And that they are upgrading the running game to support him. Yes, that would be awesome. But within the realm of the reasonable? I suppose signing Cutler would at least make the season interesting.
  17. If the midgets sign Smith, I will laugh my ass off for the next several months.
  18. Smith has no upside. I have spoken about Petty and Hackenberg several times and again the point is there is no reason to think the FO wants to go into the coming season with only those two. There is no reason to think either is likely to be good enough to start. Perhaps Hack may be ready at some point in the future, if then. You don't rebuild with young guys you don't have confidence in. That's not rebuilding. It's giving up. Is there any good reason to think the FO thinks it a good idea to have either Petty or Hackenberg be the starter on Opening Day? Nope. Mentoring is an overrated concept. It's the job of the CS to develop players. Sure the vets also must lead by example, and of course Cutler gets criticism on that front. I don't think he's as bad as the image, though. More generally I see people criticizing Cutler's physical condition. I know of no reason to think he's not healthy.
  19. Yep. This team has been overall on a downward trajectory since Woody bought it.
  20. Cutler doesn't negate anything. I don't understand this attitude. You have to get past the notion that the FO thinks Petty and Hackenberg between them will produce a competent starter the coming season. Once you do then you will understand the Jets do not have a starter currently on the roster and will have to look elsewhere. Cutler is the best available option. The larger picture is there is a fundamental flaw in the tanking argument. In the NFL you can't turn winning off and on. You can't build a team while everybody on it thinks that the CS and FO do not want to win. And despite what some here seem to think, the fans don't want that, either. Two years ago the Jets were preparing to start Smith for 15, and it looked like it was going to be a very bad year. Instead Smith got his jaw broken and the Jets went 10-6. In a typical year they would have made the playoffs. Cutler would allow the Jets to either go back in the draft for a Qb but one not ready to start, or give Hackenberg more time to develop, or both. That makes much more sense to me than the idea that the Jets would go with Petty, Hackenberg and another Qb project. That ain't happening.
  21. The Cutler haters here imo overstate his locker room problems, and attitude. Someone even said he's fragile, which is not true. As far as I know he's completely healthy. And has a live arm. To me his attitude may even be a plus since he's not going to be intimidated by the NY sports media, or the hater fans, either, for that matter. But here's the key thing that those who think there's some better alternative are missing - there isn't. For starters, it should be clear enough that the organization does not intend to look at Petty and Hackenberg as promising options. If they really thought those two guys were promising, they would have signed someone like Hoyer or some other vet scrub just to be a worst case starter if Petty and Hack both sucked. (Now to be clear I am not insisting that Hack cannot possibly be good at some point down the road, only that it should be apparent the last thing the Jets want is for him to be the opening day starter this year.) But the Jets are not going to go with a scrub vet. The cost is also not a problem. The Jets can afford to give him @$10mil, which is roughly his market value. The real issue with him is whether at his age he is a good fit for where the Jets need to go. At 34 he is not what you would want for someone to play here for @5 years or so. But with any luck he does not need to. At 34 he can be solid for this team for the next two or even three years. If the Jets cannot find/develop a Qb for the longer term in that period, we might as well all hang it up as fans, anyway. Last but not least, those who argue for tanking the season simply do not get that the Jets will never go that route. It's not even worth discussing, imo. It ain't going to happen, so don't count on it, or even hope for it. You'll just be disappointed.
  22. Good move for both Marshall and the Giants. I think he will do very well with them.
  23. As a long term and justifiably so Smith skeptic, it may surprise that I am more or less indifferent to the notion propounded by the OP. There is some upside. If he's back it would make it much easier to find something better to do with my Fall Sundays than watch the putrid Jets, as that is what they would be if he came back. In a word, unwatchable.
  24. From the available options in FA and the crap shoot the draft is, up to a point I can understand the posters who more or less argue to go with Petty and Hackenberg. Only problem is EVERYTHING we have seen and heard about them, including what we have not seen, gives no good reason to think either one will be even a decent Qb this year. NO good reason. Says here if the Jet FO ends up in that position, it's not because they are smart to do so. It's because they couldn't do any better.
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