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  1. That's the way it looks to me, too. The logic is inescapable. The FO does not want to go with Petty Hack and then role the dice in the draft which, of course, comes AFTER FA, and after the opportunity to make a big trade will likely have passed. If the Bears get Glennon, they will have to move Cutler and will likely be willing to eat some of his contract. If they want to move Cutler, the Jets are the most logical option. Likely it will be either Glennon at @$15 mil a season or Cutler at what ends up being @$10mil. Pick your poison. A distant third option might be Foles, but I don't see Taylor as an available option. In the draft I can see the Jets going Qb if a solid prospect falls to them since they really seem not to want to count on Petty and Hack, but that depends. I am far from confident even if they get either Glennon or Cutler that they will want to go into the season with either Petty or Hack as the #2.
  2. I think it more accurate to say Glennon and his agent are looking at the current FA/trade market for Qb's and seeing that they can parlay this into a very attractive contract for him. And by that I mean compared to his current contract and situation, because to be clear I totally agree with those here, which for some reason is far from everyone, who accurately realize that such market means an average NFL starting Qb makes in the neighborhood of $15mil. Before I get to how I feel about Glennon, one other comment to those arguing for sticking with Petty and Hackenberg for the coming season. I think those making that argument have failed to take into account why it appears the FO is NOT interested in going that route. The simplest explanation why is that the FO and CS have already concluded those two will not likely add up to a realistic shot at a starting Qb of adequate ability. I could see arguing for Petty and Hackenberg LAST off season. But Petty has since played, and looks no better than a possible barely adequate backup. And there's a reason Hackenberg did not take a single snap in a regular season game. I could be wrong about those two. But Occam's razor says the Jets have already decided they do not want to go with Petty and Hackenberg, and those arguing to do so should ask themselves why the Jets have not already indicated that is the way they want to go. (I'll get to Glennon later...)
  3. I can see the Jets getting rid of Gilchrist at this point.
  4. Revis was a truly great player. The Jets got incredible value for him when they drafted him, and it's not his fault the Jets failed to capitalize on the flexibility he gave the overall D by being able to lock down the opponent's best receiver with better performance in the playoffs. His time with the Jets was a wasted opportunity overall. All the people who called him Mevis can stick it as far as I am concerned. FO Homers are not imo the good fans they think they are. Having said that, the time to part ways certainly seems to have come. I wish him all the best in his future.
  5. Count me as one who does not think off the field issues, which Richardson certainly has, makes him automatically a locker room problem. There's some evidence he is that, but one shouldn't overrate that as an issue. And there has to be some level of compensation for him as part of a trade that is simply too low. Still, I think most here get that the FO has put themselves into a bad position with Wilkerson's contract and Williams probably the best player on the team right now. Richardson does not fit into that, not well, anyway. Hard to be optimistic about this situation. The Jets should probably have moved him last year if they really intended to keep Wilk. What likely happened was they were not aggressive enough with Richardson's situation because they didn't know they were going to reach a deal with Wilkerson. In other words, the FO misplayed that one.
  6. Mangold has been my favorite Jet since Curtis Martin retired. A top Center in the league, he came to play every game, a team leader. Sorry to see him go.
  7. To me the question is not whether the Jets organization should ignore the fans. it is instead that they do not ignore the fans. Or more precisely they do make moves based on what they think the fans think. Johnson will not let them take a position that in effect says to fans and in particular season ticket holders that the coming season will be a rebuild season, and that the team is not going to try and make the playoffs. Going with Hoyer as the sole addition to the Petty Hackenberg tandem would be, imo rightly, seen as a declaration that they will not be trying to make the playoffs. (I also think the FO is much more skeptical about Petty and Hackenberg than your post implies they are, or should be.) To be clear they may well end up with Hoyer if they try and fail to get some better player through FA or a trade. But given their history I cannot conclude that as of the entry into the FA period their plan A is signing Hoyer and standing pat. Finally I have posted before I do not expect the Bears to only trade Cutler if the other team takes over his contract in its current form, and provides additional significant compensation in the form of draft picks. I think they will eat part of his contract, taking it down to about $10mil or so a season, and require no more than a 4th round pick. If they insist on more than that, I would not take the deal.
  8. Again my position is based on the perception that the FO has already determined it is unlikely either Petty or Hackenberg will be serviceable in the #1 Qb slot. So I would if Foles could be had for a reasonable number redo his contract into a two year deal, with maybe an option for the Jets in year three. That would give the Jets two to three years to draft and groom an eventual replacement. $10+mil of course sounds high for Foles, but given the realities of the market, less than $10mil would be reasonable.
  9. Might is the key word here. At the right price Foles appears to be the best vet Qb fit for the Jets. His age is the best match, allowing some flexibility to draft and develop a Qb in the next two to three years if as I expect the Jets determine neither Petty or Hackenberg is the answer. I merely voted Cutler on condition he come at a reasonable price and on the assumption KC is not going to make Foles available.
  10. I realize mine is not a popular option here. But I voted for Cutler and will explain why. First of all I am assuming he would not be expensive. If I am wrong and the Bears would insist any team taking him has to take his contract as is, then I would pass. But the logic of the Bears' situation (I will not digress here on that, but I think I have reasons to conclude what that situation is) will I think lead them to eat some of his contract in order to trade him. Along with that they will not seek much in a trade. Again if they insist on huge compensation, would pass. So assume for a moment the Bears agree to something on the order of say a 4th round pick and a salary in the range of $10mil or less. Okay. Tanking is not a realistic option for the Jets. They need to look like they are at least trying to be competitive for the coming season. They do not currently have a Qb on the roster who is likely to make them that in 17. And both Smith and Fitz are gone and not coming back. Neither can they count on a Qb in the coming draft to both be available and make them competitive. That leaves a Vet Qb in FA or a trade the only realistic option. Among the alternatives... Romo. Pass since he's too fragile. A team that has a quality vet backup might consider him. That is not the Jets. Glennon. I like him, but I agree with those who say he will be too expensive since (unlike Cutler) other teams and maybe the Jets themselves will say he has not reached his (potential) ceiling, and pay like the Texans did for Osweiler. Taylor. I am far from sure the Bills will be seeking to unload him. He does have talent, but I don't think he's going to improve much. Still he might be a medium term solution given his age. But I think he has some issues with his play, like he does not see the whole field, and I doubt that improves. Which presumably would be why the Bills would move on, if they do. But they won't. They have no one else and will want to field a competitive team in the new post Ryan era. Hoyer. A cheap alternative who I think the Jets brass would fear being seen as exactly that by the fanbase. Not a Jets move for good or ill. Cutler will likely be healthy and is one year removed from a very good season. He's not a medium term solution anymore, and that is a problem. But he's the best reasonable option for fielding a competitive team in 17 and likely 18, giving the Jets time to assess Petty and Hack, and see if some better option is available in the draft (the latter is the more important consideration since I think the Jets have already concluded Petty is not starting material and Hack is too far off to say). At the right price he would be the best Qb on the team since Favre. I also think these so called locker room issues are overblown. I actually think he probably would have a good attitude in dealing with the New York sports media. So I voted for Cutler.
  11. Foles isn't on the list, but there's logic to your post. He's not too old, so there's some medium range promise there IF both Petty and Hackenberg fail, I think he's healthy, and if he's available I assume that's not because he has done badly in KC so much as that it would be a roster move for them. But I don't think they will make him available, so....
  12. Yep. giving Bowles and Macc two or three years in order to incentivize them to tank, putting aside whether tanking is a good idea (I don't think so, but...), is really the tail wagging the dog. Guaranteeing them, even if they crap the bed over the next two to three years??? Ain't happening. Tanking in any event assumes your FO will make good use of the draft picks. I can't get on board assuming that they will. Based on picking Leo? That he had talent at 6 was a no brainer. But the rest of the picks the last two have been on average mediocre. Same for Bowles. I am not negative on him like some. But neither is he a proven success. Says here a guarantee is a very bad idea, and probably won't happen.
  13. I see you are trying to cover yourself despite the implication you intend by including "seems like virtually..." In fact in his first three seasons Cutler was by all reasonable measures successful. Best Qb rating for a rookie in franchise history, his second year he was the 12th ranked Qb in the league, and he went to the Pro Bowl in his third season. Josh McDaniels's replacing Shanahan was accompanied by a report her wanted to go a different route at Qb, and we can debate why and whether he was right, but McDaniels did not succeed overall as the HC for Denver. Cutler forced a trade, and concededly his first year in Chicago did not go well. But in 2010 the Bears went as far as the Champ game. A lot of the negative image associated with Cutler developed during that game when he went out and did not go back in, but in hindsight it was very unfair. Lovie Smith did not announce as he should that it was his decision to keep Cutler out, who the next day was found to have a sprained MCL. 2011 was unfortunate since he broke his thumb in a season ending injury, at which point the Bears were 6-3. Without him they lost six of their last seven games. What to make of the last several seasons with Chicago is a discussion worth having. Personally I think the team has suffered through poor CS's and FO's, as witness the turnstile they have had there. But despite being injured last year, in 15 he had a career high in passing rating of 92.3. I can't speak for you, but for myself if the Jets had a Qb who last year had a 92.3 Qb rating, I think I would like him to come back. Now I am not saying that Cutler is the right fit for the Jets right now. But your post argues for something I think is not supported by the facts.
  14. Putting aside what happens, or not, at Qb, the real tension is the tradeoff in filling at least one starter in the secondary versus restocking the OL when it comes to high picks in the draft. Sounds like the FO is looking hard at getting that probably CB in FA, which even if it costs will open up going high draft pick for the OL, most likely tackles.
  15. I see nothing wrong with saying it's hard to be optimistic about an OL when you have no idea who the LT is going to be. It's a simple and correct concept.
  16. I tend to agree. It's hard to be optimistic about your OL when you have no idea who the LT is.
  17. Imo it's too risky to depend on an arbitrator ultimately ruling in favor of the Jets on the issue of conduct detrimental to the team. The risk is if Revis is found innocent, no arbitrator is going to say merely being arrested is conduct detrimental to the Jets if there's no ultimate disposition involving a finding of guilt. The only way the risk is acceptable is if the Jets reach their own determination that Revis is likely to enter a guilty plea or be found guilty. Imo.
  18. Hey newbie, a lot of posters here agreed with Marshall last off season IF the alternative was starting the awful Smith. You wouldn't be implying that you think Smith was the better option, would you?
  19. So much focus on the FO this season will be on what they do about the Qb situation. But handling Richardson's situation will also be a big test for them. Imo they pretty much have to deal him, but other teams know this. In that situation how can they get decent value in return? Not easy.
  20. It's hard to see any single scenario as the clear best one for the Jets at Qb. Perhaps there's even the option of a trade that would involve unloading Richardson, maybe someone else as well. (I assume the market for Richardson is not that strong, but he does have a lot of talent.) I still think it most likely the Jets make a move in FA, but who they will go after is not clear at all to me, despite rumors about Glennon.
  21. Yeah it should be obvious when talking about various scenarios and possibilities that the bolded part here is a huge factor. FA coming before the draft is a huge issue for a team like the Jets that does not have a vet Qb on the staff at the same time they might otherwise want to roll the dice on the draft to get a Qb with a first day pick. Since they can't count on scoring in the draft, they are forced to look first to FA, and get the best deal they can. ESPECIALLY considering that this GM is going into his third year. He's not going to want to depend on coming up with an Opening Day starter from either of Petty or Hackenberg. The fear is this will lead them to overpay someone like Glennon, but I don't need to tell you that.
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