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  1. That is what i heard, too. The real concern here is that while sanchez is awful, Geno might not be ready. Could be a very long season....
  2. Of the guys listed as questionable, I was a bit surprised to see Reuland on there. He's in his third year and imo showed improvement last year, and I think he has potential to be useable in both the run and passing games.
  3. I happen to be a big Cro fan, but I think he misses the point. At least some of those booing were booing the team for still having Sanchez on the roster, for still having to run a great risk of having him be the starter. THAT is what my concern is. I don't have much against Sanchez personally. he has a contract. He is showing up and the team is paying him. He may not be earning his pay, but that does not make him unique, in the NFL or elsewhere. And of course some booing may simply want him to perform better. But I think most who express their displeasure are really unhappy with the team more than Sanchez himself. Couldn't they have gotten someone in by now who would have been a clear upgrade? That the answer so far seems to be the team did not, and might have been able to if they had properly tried, that might be the main reason for hte booing. That and a general sense of frustration over the situation.
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