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  1. Focusing on Hackenberg, he would seem to be the one certainty as far as the FO keeping him heading into the tests of the off season, and would have to really crap the bed to not make it onto the Opening Day roster. Whatever questions there are about him and where they picked him, we haven't heard enough negative to cut him without giving him a shot. No way this GM does that, so that's clear. As for the rest, I could see them going either way with Petty. That leaves the draft and FA, and once again the timing of them would argue the Jets will at least try to get a solid vet before the draft. Doesn't mean they will get one. How much do they have to give up for someone like Glennon who frankly does not seem like more than a hold the fort guy at best. I don't see this team going all out to get a quality starter in the draft, meaning taking a chance on that. maybe they surprise us.
  2. I used to watch and follow many more sports than, and including, football. One by one for various reasons my interest in them fell by the wayside. Football has been the main and in some sense only one left for some time. I had liked the Raiders in addition to the Jets as a second favorite team, but animosity between the teams and Al Davis losing his mind made me put the Raiders aside about 10 or so years ago, leaving only the Jets. As I have posted elsewhere I am convinced Woody Johnson has the team on a downward trajectory, and the Jets will not recover as long as he is the owner. Meanwhile the hated and deservedly so Pats win another SB. I hated watching the second half, and in fact didn't watch a good part of it. Whether the fix was in is something I don't have to believe to still think it was just awful. As of now I like Aaron Rodgers, and hope Carr has a good career with the Raiders, but my overall NFL fandom is in clear decline. I am not swearing off football like some here. But let's just say I am increasingly more interested in other things.
  3. I like Stanton. He's a clear backup in AZ, but here? He's better than anyone who was on the roster last year.
  4. Nothing to do with politics on CK. I just think we've seen his ceiling and it's very low. I think his numbers are off because opposing D's know how to play him. As far as being an interim Qb with younger ones learning behind him, nothing about him makes me think he'd be a good teacher for them. I would definitely pass on him.
  5. We should apply here the First Rule of Italian Driving, and rip the rear view mirror off the windshield headliner: Once they are behind me, they are of no concern of mine. F Rex. Says here he never gets close to another HC job again.
  6. I like Marshall. He's an interesting and exciting player to watch. No doubt he dropped some balls but his overall production was down for a number of reasons including problems at Qb and the difficulty in replacing Decker. If they both cut him and do not bring in a decent vet Qb, that's the FO saying don't expect a contender for 17. Yeah that might be realistic, as in don't expect a contender anyway? Maybe. Let's just say it would be confirming that.
  7. Whether I think it was advised to take a political position for CK, it doesn't bother me at all that he exercises his right of free speech. More concerning is I came to the conclusion before that the effectiveness he briefly showed is in the past and going to stay there. In short opposing DC's have a book on him, and he will not overcome that. The numbers don't support it, it would be a huge distraction with no payoff, he's not going to be anything at best other than a stop gap, so what's the point? Is he going to make the younger players better? Doubt it. I get that the Jets are considering a vet presence at Qb. There have to be better options.
  8. seems like the Jets did not have many options in filling this job. He may nonetheless prove to be a good hire. Not sure what else can be said about the overall decision, but I do appreciate posts talking about Morton's history. I just don't see it as very illuminating info.
  9. So much of our focus is on the Qb position, but the situation with Clady in a nutshell shows how deep the problems are for the Jets. The central part of the story is that the FO is motivated to try to work with a guy they almost certainly wouldn't if they had ANY decent options. It's not just that there's no obvious starting LT in the draft. It's also that Breno sucks and should be gone and who else on the roster can play OT? Yeah, there are to be sure some young players on the team who are good and likely will have good careers going forward. But there sure is a lot of rot, too.
  10. I know. I was using hyperbole to make the point. Because yeah, I could see them guaranteeing some money into a second year. I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed that this talk about keeping Revis gives his position leverage in any renegotiation. At least somewhat more leverage than otherwise.
  11. Yeah I could see this FO reaching a deal for a lower number but make it guaranteed for two years. Yikes.
  12. I agree. In fact I agree so much I have to wonder if the new backs coach knows what he's talking about.
  13. While I do not disagree that the Jets need a franchise Qb, they also need a new owner.
  14. A good safety is a good tackler. Revis is not a good tackler anymore. So how is he going to be a good safety?
  15. Maybe he looks only to his left as he steps off the curb, and...
  16. As far as Godsey leaving Houston, I have to wonder if he was the fall guy there. Management presumably with O'Brien's input loaded up on Osweiler, and that might go down as the worst NFL move for the whole off season last year. Is Godsey mostly responsible for what ensued? I am thinking no. On the other hand did he make an evident positive contribution? None that I can see. As others have noted no top shelf OC is going to be on the Jets' CS for the 17 season. Get some warm body under contract and start working. I doubt they do better than this guy.
  17. I think the Packers and the way Rodgers was playing on a different level were very interesting. But as they say they ran into a buzz saw yesterday, and that show is over. I suppose I have some mild interest in seeing how the Falcons play, whether they can keep it up. But things being the way they are these days, it's probably best to expect the worst and a Pats win even if I can hope for a Falcons win. In short I don't expect much from the SB. the good news is the winter is about half over and it's been rather easy getting to this point.
  18. ON MAULDIN with all the focus on the Qb position drama and concerns about the CS, I have to rank Mauldin's drop off when I and many fans expected him to improve to be one of the big stories from last year. It did not seem the least bit unrealistic to expect him to develop into a solid starter, bringing needed youth to the linebacker corps, and a sack threat to the overall D. This is one I simply do not understand. Was it injuries? His first season was actually his ceiling? Poor use of him? Very disappointing.
  19. Speaking as a Jets fan, I think it's a small price to pay that Woody will likely screw things up with a if not the major ally of ours if this means we get a shot at better management coming from the owner. Well, not really but you know what I mean.
  20. Well, take the opener. Carson Palmer started as a rookie for the Bengals, so there was that. and Curtis Martin ran for 196 yards. It's true Chad had a 20-27 ratio on pass attempts. But it's also true Cincy had a bottom third pass D that year. I am sure catch my drift.
  21. As for the 2004 season's opening of five wins, I don't expect fans here to remember what happened in each game. Suffice to say I just looked at some records of those games and I don't think any fair minded person would say that Chad was the main reason the Jets succeeded in them.
  22. Meh. It's one thing to know how to play an opponent. It's another to have the right people to play the opponent. Not everybody had the ability to play the right kind of D against Chad. But those who did...
  23. Imo you often see with new Qb's that somehow succeed in the short run that it only lasts until opposing DC's get enough game film and time to figure out his weaknesses. My recollection was that moment occurred against Oakland, which shut him down by clogging the middle of the field and daring him to throw the out pattern 20 or more yards downfield. Which he couldn't do.
  24. Maybe Woody will just take the Jets with him. Investors from overseas can contribute to the Stadium, which will be named Don's Woody Stadium. That way Woody can continue to "run" the team.
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