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  1. Here I TOTALLY agree with you. To be sure it was highly problematic that Chadwick could not stay on the field. I remember all the nicknames for him, from JET fans, like China Dollington. Fragile should have been his middle name. But as you point out the game on him was actually figured out before his string of injuries. Oakland figured out he could not hit the 20 yard out pattern, and could only beat you in the middle of the field. That game provided all future DC's all the tape they needed. Not to say he never won another game. Some teams just do not have the personnel to staff a game plan aimed at an opponent's weaknesses. Up until the Jets obtained Favre, I was amazed how many Jet fans showed their ignorance by being Chad Fans. Often Chad Fans more than Jet fans. For however problematic the whole Favre thing was, at least he gave the Jets cover to get rid of Chadwick. Good riddance I felt, and I was right.
  2. Yeah, that's pretty much the way I see it. That and that the rest of the OL is in turmoil, at least they know who will start at one guard position.
  3. I agree I don't recall a lot of Jet fans arguing that the FO should have done something last off season to redo his contract. But the point only carries you up to a point. No one here is paid to be the GM for the Jets. The man who is the GM is paid to look ahead at such situations and make the right call. Thus while it is true that we can't accuse of Macc of failing to see what many Jet fans saw, he can still be criticized. As for Winters right now I get the sentiment he's not worth a great deal of money, but it will be problematic to upgrade the OL if he leaves given Mangold's contract and that both starting tackles could very well be gone.
  4. Yes. While the GB OL is very good, it's Rodgers's pocket awareness that adds so much to his elusiveness. I don't think I've ever seen a Qb avoid the rush as well as Rodgers.
  5. The Saturday games were painful to watch. But yesterday, despite not being a Pitt fan, it was fun to watch Miami get destroyed, and then to watch a Qb who is playing as well as I can recall any ever having played. At least the last 33 minutes of the game, anyway.
  6. Yeah, some good points here. I am concerned about the Packer pass D. They can't seem to stop the out pass downfield, if the opposing Qb can make that throw. I like Matt Ryan and the CS at Atlanta, but I like Andy Reid even more, so after GB I would say I like the Chiefs again assuming the Raiders will lose out early.
  7. TO answer the OP's question, I would be rooting for the Raiders but as others have said here and elsewhere, they sadly seem to have no chance. They would have been very interesting with Carr still playing, and might have done some damage if they beat Denver, had McGloin healthy and could have used the bye week to work him into the O first team. But with Cook, I can't see them being competitive even in the wild card game. That leaves Green Bay. I am concerned about their CB's, but as a team I've always liked the whole ownership structure there and their history. If I had to pick a favorite player in the league right now it'd probably be Rodgers. They've been playing interesting, exciting football of late, and up this weekend I get to root against the midgets. It's all good. And on a side note as far as I am concerned anyone who roots for NE in any game against any opponent is not a real Jet fan.
  8. Totally agree. I don't get the hatred for Bradford. I have to assume it's coming from people who don't know what he actually did and dealt with this season. Someon actually compared his season to Bridgewater's with Peterson. too funny.
  9. One thing that is clearly right about Bradford to the Jets, contracts and trade consideration aside, is that the timeline of his career fits with what the Jets need from a vet Qb. Not that counting on Hack developing is necessarily Plan A. But yeah at his age Bradford would cover the Jets in developing a future Qb.
  10. League leading completion percentage with essentially no running game in support is "nothing special"?
  11. I don't understand the false disjunctive here. Johnson ownership and management of this team IS part of the situation with the Jets.
  12. Really? Try reading the rest of my post and respond to that rather than wasting time finding "clever" pics.
  13. I would look elsewhere than the Qb coach for why the position sucked so bad this year. For starters I think the late signing of Fitz did not help, and how much it hurt is an open question. People at the time said Fitz knew the O and did not need the camp time to get ready, but then when Decker got hurt, the WR roster that had worked with Fitz before was basically B Marshall and a second year player Enunwa who while talented did not have a large body of work with Fitz from 15. The rest were young guys who Fitz had very little or no chemistry with, and of course Forte also was new. So there was harm in the late signing. And what exactly did the Jets gain by the late signing of Fitz? Nothing as far as I could tell. They basically ended up taking the deal Fitz wanted them to give him. And then there was the Decker injury which made the lack of chemistry with the younger guys more of an issue. All the understandable hate for Fitz doesn't describe why he could have the year he had in 15 and then the year he just completed. The key variables were Macc's late offer of a contract and Decker's injury. I don't see Patullo as a major factor in all that.
  14. Yeah, I know. Except he'd still be working for Woody. Says here McCoy goes elsewhere.
  15. Yes, while I understand the retention of Bowles, I also felt they had both to fire Rodgers and "retire" Gailey. But yeah that means with Bowles on the hot seat for 17, who will want to come here to be an OC for a year? Either a first timer adding to his resume, but just perhaps also someone who might step in as the HC if Bowles is fired. Also want to point out if Gailey really had said he was going to retire at the end of this season, why was he the right guy to be OC for two developing Qb's? Did Woody know that?
  16. I am not pissed that Bowles is staying because as long as Johnson owns the team I have no confidence a move like changing out the HC will lead to an improvement.
  17. I voted to keep about half the players listed, based on the assumption they will not redo their current contracts. Hence I voted to dump both Revis and Harris. More problematic was I did dump to vote Wilkerson, which I completely understand would not be easy. But I don't think he will come close to earning his salary. Realistically they will keep him especially if they get rid of Richardson, but I was very disappointed in Wilk this year, and don't expect him to really turn it around. On the other hand I voted to bring back most of the receivers. Add a pass catching TE to that group and I think they would not be the part of the team going forward you would be most concerned about. Both Rodgers and Gailey must go. And with great pleasure I voted to dump Woody. he is the biggest problem on this team.
  18. I expect at least one of the OC or DC to be fired, perhaps both.
  19. Obviously I agree with this, and it would be wise if he hired an overall Exec for football operations if he's not going to have Bowles report to Macc. As for Bowles coming back, I am not surprised.
  20. I could say an owner who doesn't screw the franchise up. But the question was about positions on the field, so... Center. I used to think LT and C were equally important, but I give the nod here to C, and mention C first to give the overall nod to the importance of the OL. CB. A quality CB who can play an opponent's #1 wideout in man coverage does so much for the overall D I rate it first as a defensive position. LB edge rusher. DT/NT. WIdeout. In that order...
  21. I understand completely the frustration with not playing Hack, but I tend to agree he's not playing because of some combination that he's not ready/not that good, would be playing behind a bad OL (at least Fitz knows how to avoid the pass rush better than most), and one game will not make much of a difference. If Petty was not hurt they would probably be playing him, because he at least has been working with the first team, and imo has not had enough of a chance to show he sucks or can make it or any definitive decision about him. And we would not be talking about starting Hackenberg. But the chance to see more of Petty is gone, so I get that they are playing Fitz.
  22. The problem with the Jets is mostly about Woody, so I voted no since firing Bowles will not solve the real problem. That doesn't mean to be clear I think that Bowles is doing a great job or anything. Clearly he is not. I just don't think it accomplishes anything.
  23. As much as I think the OL needs help, I tend to agree that if one puts aside the Qb issue, CB is the unit most in need of help.
  24. The declining performance of the OL seemed to become lost in all the Fitz hate/debate earlier in the season, but now that the whole Fitz v. Smith thing is in the rear view mirror except for a few die hards, it becomes increasingly clear how the OL is a problem. Clady has not worked out replacing Ferguson, I think, Breno for all his faults had formerly stayed healthy but not this year, and Mangold has spent significant time banged up, now on IR. Carpenter was a very nice addition last year, but hasn't done much. I suppose Winters has been the sole improved player, which I admit to being surprised by. And with Breno out not that he's a big loss the RT position remains a problem. It will take a great deal to get this unit to the point where it will be a real help to whoever the starting Qb is for 17.
  25. My answer to the OP is I couldn't care less as long as it is not on the Jets. and of course I don't want him on the Jets. And I am dead serious. Think that covers it.
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