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  1. ^ Is there a single credible source that the vets want to play Petty over Fitz? Doubt it.
  2. While as a purely informational matter I think the vast majority of us think there is significant value in seeing what Petty can do in a real game, I am not sure putting him in now is clearly the right decision. I don't see him up close the way the CS does, and I don't buy that the CS has some invalid investment in Fitzpatrick (see them benching him two weeks ago for the awful Geno Smith). OF COURSE they could be wrong in their assessment of playing Petty v. Fitz and choosing the latter. But do I know they are wrong? No. Neither does anybody here pretending they know better. But there is an interesting aspect of the next couple of games to consider. On one hand and assuming Fitz is healthy enough, you might still say the bye might be a good time to set up a Qb change. Sounds logical. Except for two things. One is under the CBA I don't think all that much actual practice time is available to work on that. The second is the next opponent up is NE in a national game. I don't feel very good about the prospect of starting Petty in that game if that's his first game. The Rams at the Meadowlands would be a better game to start Petty. If his psyche was the only concern. But it isn't. Says here the Jets start Fitz against LA, win, go on to lose to NE, which would be the 7th loss, and Petty starts the next week.
  3. This is a false analogy. A decision to vote for someone is different than assessing someone else's decision. Voting is something we all as citizens are qualified to do in the sense that we are entitled to make our judgment based on what we choose to make it on. The only qualifications necessary are to register, meaning be legally able to, and then doing it, and voting, meaning showing up and getting it done. Having said that a voter IS entitled to criticize who they voted for later if the candidate they voted for turns out to have misled, or turned out to be incompetent or whatever that was not clear at the time. When by comparison a fan looks at a decision a GM is paid to make, the fan has less information available, and does not pretend to be as qualified to make that decision as the GM. So even if I with my limited information and admitted lack of job experience as a GM thinks some move that turns out badly was good at the time, that does not preclude me from criticizing the move later. The GM is paid to make that decision and has more info available. Not the same.
  4. The refs overall for the season are not in the top ten of Jet problems, but yesterday it did seem like the calls were going more Miami's way.
  5. I find it amusing too many here seem to think the decision is solely Bowles to make. If Macc and Woody thought Bowles was just being stubborn or as some have said only looking out for himself, they could easily get together on that, and Woody could tell Bowles to start Petty. It sure looked like that is what happened when they benched Fitz for Smith. So why does that not happen now? I think the answer is what it has been all along. The three of them do not intend to play Petty until the 7th loss at the earliest, perhaps the 8th. Yesterday was only the 6th. So at least one more loss before Petty.
  6. In years past I would feel strongly that the OP is about to do a very bad and wrong thing. This year, after the last several years of disappointment, and recognizing the thinking behind the OP? Well, you do what you think is best, and I understand the thinking. I would add as a caution that it's possible the Jets will be playing Petty in that situation, and it would be somewhat unfortunate for a home game to turn into what in effect is worse than a road game, meaning a hostile crowd in your home stadium. Having said that, it's the reality of the situation, and Petty and Hackenberg might as well understand how much work has to be done to bring this franchise back to relevance.
  7. If we're counting on Johnson to fix this, I have a suggestion. Don't hold your breath.
  8. Whether it made sense at the time or not, the deal with the division of labor coaching this team was set up when Bowles was hired and then going forward hired Gailey to coach the O as a sort of co-head coach, with Bowles focused on the D and in game calls on the sidelines, and apparently no one in charge of special teams. That being the case I don';t know why it should be expected that Bowles would have much input on the O and on developing players on offense. Seems to me this is the set up Woody put in motion.
  9. But back to the OP, yes the season is over. Looking back it may have even been the first game that set the mold for the season. Home opener, a team that was a playoff team last year but arguably not one that matches up all that well against the Jets, and was a game that was winnable. And the Jets lost. More critical though was probably the Cardinals game. But whatever your choice, it's over now. Not much to see other than who steps up and who doesn't. Hopefully we get to see Petty and Hackenberg. It's not too much to ask.
  10. I agree with the points mentioned, but that does not mean yesterday that the Jets were coached well. Let's mention for starters since it's usually an afterthought that the special teams on this team suck. Last year they were bad, the only major move on the CS was firing the ST coach, and what is the end result? Worse than ever. I am not nearly as down on Bowles as some here, but Special teams is a wtf situation. Not every game is the same, and yesterday I thought the D was better coached as far as X's and O's than the O. Problems on D were more about lack of discipline and no doubt Wilkerson and Richardson not playing in the first quarter as the fish marched down the field twice. Yeah the CS can be criticized for that along the lines of "they let that happen," but to me that stuff is more on the players. But the coaching on O, especially in the second half, was simply inexplicable. What happened to the running game???? Talk about half time adjustments. Let me see, Forte had a great first half, so let's not give him the ball anymore. Possibly this was Gailey's worst half of football all season. So yes I agree with the bolded part. But there's an issue with the CS as well.
  11. Personally I don't think you are a real fan. Real fans are not fans who think only the way they think and feel is what makes a real fan. It also helps to open your ears.
  12. That's pretty much my take on Turner's career. I don't see how people think he'd even be a good OC for this team, let alone an HC.
  13. Cro played badly early last season, but it is far from clear his play later in the year was as bad as Revis's last Sunday.
  14. I never said the blame was only on Revis. Perhaps I should have been more clear, and in fact I think the talent is not there beyond Revis. M. Williams is clearly not up to playing outside anywhere near the number of snaps he has been doing so. And I agree the idea of moving Skrine to the outside was also a bad one. Neither of them are good #2 Cb's. The whole cb rotation is a problem, which is the main reason the Jets pass D sucks so bad. I just don't see an easy solution coming from a change in coaching schemes. Now if anyone wants to say the CS is at fault for in effect being a party to decisions to have this cb rotation, I can go for that. But I think the fault goes more to the FO who as I understand it has primary responsibility for the roster, the owner for doing the Revis contract, and the players for not playing well.
  15. That's too conspiratorial for my taste. Woody along with Bloomberg wanted to be part of having the Olympics in NYC, and if they had pulled off the WSS, they might have pulled off the Olympics, too. But the main point is if Woody's plan all along was to go in with the Giants (not that I agree it was, but for argument's sake), it was a sucky plan. You are entitled to your opinion, but I think the vast majority of Jet fans wish they had their own stadium. Yonkers did not happen and so that's water under the bridge, but I think the infrastructure problems were manageable. I do give you credit for not doubling down on the 9/11argument, though. Good for you. Too many people on message boards fail to acknowledge facts. I certainly try to do so when I am wrong. After all part of why I come here is to learn things, and I certainly don't pretend to know everything. You get a gold star in my book, not that it is out of character for you, not at all. Thanks for a good discussion.
  16. I don't think his teammates hate him. And the likeability of a player only takes one so far.
  17. What defensive scheme would work with the players that they have? Fact is this roster's corps of db's only made sense in a playoff team if Revis earned his money and could play man against the opponent's #1 wideout. I don't think the scheme is the issue. It is talent and performance.
  18. Maybe if Harris would just take off those cement shoes he seems to be wearing...
  19. ^ Further on the lead up to the joint stadium... However great the joint stadium idea turned out to be, or not, it CLEARLY was not what Woody wanted to do in the first place. That was the WSS, and for all the problems associated with it, it was not a joint deal with the Giants, and was not in New Jersey, and was what Woody wanted as his Plan A. It was not until June 6, 2005 that the deal was effectively scuttled, and before that Woody was all in on getting the WSS. The point being that when he lost on the WSS, and the clock was ticking on the offer from the Giants, he had not laid any groundwork for an alternative. Just another example of how Johnson is not really an effective businessman. The fact that the Jets have gone up in value on paper is because of other things than what Woody did and didn't do, but at a minimum the point that the joint stadium has whatever value it has is irrelevant, since it is not what Woody wanted. As far as getting to the stadium is concerned, admittedly when there rarely is no traffic, Yonkers Raceway is a short drive from the GW Bridge. It probably is just as close in average drive time as the WSS would have been, but yes I recognize the plan was there would be ferries from parking lots in Jersey rather than expecting Jersey fans to drive. Personally I thought that was an unwieldy and un fan friendly concept.
  20. I disagree that there was no talk about NYC being an Olympic site before 9/11. The bid was organized by the company NYC 2012, Inc. Which was formed in 1998, two years before 9/11. Here's a link to the Bloomberg report on it: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=5343883 according to Wikipedia the idea in fact went back to 1994, but you can look that up yourself. I have no idea where you come up with the stat that 70% of Jet fans live in New Jersey. I doubt it. And as far as the shared stadium is concerned, I am not primarily concerned about how much more money Woody made going that route. I am talking about what it means for the fans. And as for the fans the experience is not limited to how other fans behave when they attend games. It is more involved than that, and yes in NYC compared to the Giants the Jets are not generally viewed as at the same level of identification with the City and the area, and it is not my attitude that makes that so.
  21. I think Richardson is the better player, but once the Jets failed to trade Wilk and gave him that big contract, it is hard not to see that as what would end up being writing on the wall as far as Richardson's future with the team. Another, and a big, reason why they should have traded Wilkerson instead.
  22. Any fair minded person would acknowledge the Jets have a problem making proper use of Wilkerson, L Williams and Richardson. I think the data sample is too small to make a choice based o what happened in two games. The more significant issue is the secondary, and I tend to blame that more on the roster talent than the CS. Who is supposed to get more playing time there? Burris? In fact and counter to your point Burris has been getting playing time and whether it is due to Skrine being hurt is beside the point. I am not a fan of M Williams, so maybe if Burris can play beter than him and he does not replace Williams if Skrine is healthy, then I would say yeah that would be a poor coaching decision. But as much as I don't like Williams I am not prepared to say Burris should go above him on the depth chart. The problem in short is a lack of talent which Revis's drop in play is a big part of. Still Revis is probably their best corner, so him playing is not to Bowles's discredit. I also have no problem with the comment that backups are backups for a reason.
  23. Excellent point, it is not a good long term business model. And it will cost the league in the long run. But I am not sure what the answer is.
  24. Yes, the Jets share the stadium, and while I used to call the old one the Meadowlands and never Giants Stadium, I know Giants fans who still call the new one Giants Stadium. But I don't think the reason is because WJ is cheap. It's that he was all in on the West Side Stadium option, which I think was the main reason he bought the team, meaning as a real estate play. But of course Johnson is not a real businessman, so he both failed to understand the opposition to the WSS was unlikely to be overcome, and that he needed a Plan B. In case he failed. A GOOD Plan B was not to go into a deal with the Giants. My own preference since it would have been halfway between that part of the traditional fanbase that was from LI and the newer location in Jersey would have been taking over the Yonkers Raceway site and putting it there. I thought that was the best location, but there were other options. Problem was by the time it finally dawned on the not so bright owner that the WSS was not going to happen, he felt he had no Plan B other than going in on the joint stadium deal. I have never liked sharing the stadium with the Giants. The Jets are perennial second class in this town, and looking like they can't manage to have their own stadium only makes it worse, and continuing. Another screw up from the crappy owner.
  25. I consider myself a realist, and that means not being reflexively optimistic, at the least. But neither is it the same as cynicism. I think you are being somewhat too cynical. I don't think this bit about showing up out of shape is any sort of pattern. Most likely he felt limited by his wrist injury and did not do enough to alter his pre-camp training to address the situation. After that I am somewhat at a loss to understand why the CS and trainers did not seem to do enough to get him ready, but once again the CBA restrictions on practices and the like may here again have been a factor. In fact I do not recall any mention that Revis looked fat in camp. More at issue at this point is, is he going to play all out or not, the rest of the way? If he does and does not have any new injury, I don't see why we should expect a repeat of this year's situation. If in the meantime they can redo his contract to a more acceptable level, they can see what he looks like at the beginning of camp and proceed accordingly. Of course that all will be moot if he plays like crap the rest of the year.
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