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  1. stacy should have not run out of bounds and try to get that first
  2. The best thing that challenge could do is call as stand and gives us time to come up with some plays
  3. all the ball carriers need to do for oakland is dance around and our defense will miss the tackle, which way did he go, which way did he go..
  4. seems like since the return of sheldon and the change of scheme that they have sucked more and more or maybe teams found out their weakness and are now exploiting it.
  5. Defense must get a pick or turnover to shift that momentum
  6. lol fitz running fast there. As he ran down the field he probably thought oh damn what am I doing
  7. so 21-27 coming, fitz going to try a deep ball and get picked
  8. this is what happens when you leave lots of points off the board. we should have been up by 40
  9. Cro looked as if he wanted to intercept that ball which would have been dumb
  10. Winters playing better than colon or is it that suh is not making an effort
  11. surprised he didn't throw that threw the goal post
  12. If we had a qb, we would be up by more than 2 td's by now
  13. fitz is going to throw a pick with all these passes
  14. we need a td here too further demoralize the fins.
  15. lol bigger fish to fry... the dolphins! fry them ****ers
  16. I don't think it's the play calling, I think it'z fitz playing it safe. Just throw to check down and limit the interceptions. He tries throwing down field but it's always under thrown.
  17. Lets see a sense of urgency no more killing that playclock. They need to do like they did when colts scored last week. Score quick
  18. Game over for sure. But gotta like their fight, but no urgency on that last drive
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