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  1. I think geno would spark something into this offense right about now, cause he can use his legs
  2. we must continue the momentum with a turn over here
  3. we need more passes like that, no more conservative play calling. spread them out
  4. If marshall wants to be recognized as the best, he can't do stupid sh*t like that.
  5. so how many points you think offense can score. Maybe 3, I will be generous and give them 3
  6. Let's see them continue to play conservative football.
  7. The jets are tired from the short week it seems. Game over with that TD
  8. we need a turnover.. Only way to get back in this thing
  9. Yeah at this point why not put geno in and let him use his legs, get some kind of spark. they just look flat. All these safe passes to the flat.
  10. If we sputter in this drive, hard to imagine they are going to score in any drive.We need to see some kind of spark
  11. We need a turn over to spark a momentum shift. Spark a light under the offense ass
  12. Game managing. Pathetic. Our d is going to be tired by the 3rd quarter
  13. Both bryce and geno active? 3 qb's
  14. If we would have played that way all game we be up by 40 by now
  15. this is a typical rex ryan game. let them in final quarter play conservative . Now time for us to turn over with a pick 6 or butt fumble and it will be complete.
  16. All they need is a deep pass passed cro and they back i it
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