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  1. Now get that momentum back and shut them up for good by scoring a td. No more errant passes to marshall, time for some chaddy like dink and dunks
  2. only a matter of time before colts score. All these stops are feeding the colts momentum especially luck, he looks more fiery every time he gets on the field
  3. that timeout give them a much needed breath, that was along drive. they might have taken a timeout anyway just to recover.
  4. not really a wasted challenge gives his d some rest and prepare for the next plays
  5. everyone picking the jets on espn. We going to lose lol
  6. In Bowles presser, he stated that they decided to use owusu in the game plan instead of kerley based on the matchups of their corners. He stated that Owusu could block where as kerley couldn't match up and that every week will be different.
  7. if that was cromarti who knows it might have been a td the way he has been playing
  8. lol yep manziel will tear us up because we are the jets
  9. in typical jets fashion manziel is going to come in and rip the jets apart lol
  10. we were one yard away from killing our defense entirely if he would have scored on that run.
  11. What if you have a kicker and a dude at the 15 yard line while the rest of the team is in the 2 yard line. could they chose to snap it back to the kicker for the fg attempt with an option of keeping it for the 2.. lol
  12. I am just glad i don't have to watch rex ryan jumping around the sideline with his oc coach in a circle like they won the superbowl in their first game against the raiders last year.
  13. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2431358-lorenzo-mauldins-amazing-transformation-from-angry-foster-child-to-nfl-prospect awesome story here
  14. Jets will take qb in the 3rd according to the sources in my head
  15. don't know if this article was posted on him. http://www.northjersey.com/sports/football/jets/jets-look-to-bowles-for-more-discipline-1.1194584 What seperates rex and him.. Discipline!
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