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  1. it sounds like i am hearing a radio talk show with these announcers
  2. oh look rex made one smart decision, Now woody will keep him lol
  3. this game is going to be one of those old football folly blooper highlights.
  4. this is almost like the toss around the back fumble but this time he decides to try to throw it
  5. yep looks like concussion. this is going to be a yearly thing along with milliners out for the season every year.
  6. "the jets are doing everything to lose today" LOL
  7. this,like last years last game with the fins is going to be the reason yet again they keep rex
  8. Woody is now going to keep rex and continue to settle for a mediocre buffoon who is too loyal to bench players that suck in time.
  9. The meltdown should commence after the 2nd quarter..
  10. we just take our sweet time as always to get to that line
  11. I joined a year ago. but yeah some of you know this name already so hey to the old and to the new.... ... i don't have any bedbugs anyimore!
  12. rex is like yes he threw a td. i can now say he played great
  13. time to play geno smith.. he can't do any worse then sanchez
  14. sanchez always looking for the dump off guy.. there was a guy wide open down the field on that 1st down
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