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  1. I don't think he can be compared to Favre. I think he is a lot like Romo. Lots of great needle threading passes, but lots of bonehead plays too. Romo wasn't great until he got an OL and then it was made even better when they had a running game. Give Darnold an OL and a great RB and he will be a top 10 or better QB.
  2. He reminds me of Tony Romo. Lots of stupid bonehead mistakes in between crazy sick passes. He wasn't a great QB until he got a stud RB and 5 stud OL.
  3. You are wrong about everything you post. Borders on idiocy.
  4. Trading jerseys is way different than stroking his d*ck and begging for him to sign their boob which is what the Jet players looked like.
  5. They all do it, but RA and Bell and whoever the JAG was next to them look like biyatches. Standing in line waiting for a jersey like he is Justin Bieber and they are 12 year old girls is embarrassing. This whole team is an embarrassing mess with little to no pride. Get his autograph after you beat his ass not after he prison raped your for 3 hours. He is your competition not some movie star. Text Lamar after the game. Its not like this kid is going to the HOF.
  6. Me too. I'm just trying to think of all the reasons why because he shows signs of being the guy. He also shows signs of other crappy Jet QB's.
  7. Believe I know he screws up a lot. I just wish he would be as perfect as some fans expect him to be. I'm willing to see what he does over a period of time. We ain't won in 50 years so I can wait another couple to see what he can become. Odds are against because he was drafted by the Jets.
  8. Nothing breeds success like picking the wrong coach every time.
  9. I hope Darnold is done with Gase. Get his ass fired like Gase did with Mac.
  10. I know I can still kick a 50 yarder and I know I can make extra points easily.
  11. We are about to be humiliated again on National TV. Buttfumble, Ghosts, what's next??

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