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  1. Well he was out of shape. And thats a fact. Good for him for taking his job seriously.
  2. Fitz will never be a winner. He won't even make the playoffs with a team that made it last year.
  3. DWS, I agree it was an accident, but I also think he deserves to be punished severely. Sometimes accidents kill people, but they should always have consequences.
  4. Yeah if he was involved in rioting then he would have received bail.
  5. Well Wilson won't have the same excuse that Darnold had. WR's look good. OL is way better. RB's are an upgrade. Coaching staff is what will determine Wilson's success.
  6. Cashman will be injured before the season starts.
  7. Somebody lit a fire under his fat ass.
  8. "Don't care" wasn't on there so I didn't vote.
  9. Its an upgrade if Wilson is better than Darnold.
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