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  1. I'm moving on the 19th. I hope he is healed by then.
  2. Sam at safety. He was a LB in high school and its way easier to play safety than QB. Pay Sam. Trade Adams.
  3. Manning chokes at golf too.
  4. I'm not too worried about it. I considered the source after reading many of his posts. Some people are just sensitive I guess. And I'm not rooting for injuries per se. I think it would be great TV to see that arrogant prick roll up on his leg while he is driving a cart with his leg hanging out.
  5. I wouldn't go to game in NY, but would have no problem going to a game with fans distanced here in Dallas.
  6. You need to lighten up idiot.
  7. I still hope his left foot gets caught under the cart ending his career.
  8. I love watching him be terrible at something other than dancing.
  9. Well my brother is the one that became that. And he lives in NYC. So it all worked out.
  10. I wouldn’t know. I stopped paying attention to the numbers when every prediction they’ve had didn’t happen. Texas is spread out and you can avoid people if you want. It’s not like I’m licking door handles, but I’m also not diving in a ditch when i see another human.

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