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  1. Guess what?? Tannehill was never a franchise QB before Gase and won't be after. He now has a QB with talent.
  2. Glad to see a little Karma for Foster.
  3. DJF71

    2020 Free Agent Class

    There should be zero interest in a 38 year old LT.
  4. He couldn't get along with the worst GM in the league. I'm sorry thats not Gase's fault.
  5. He fired Mac. He has my trust for the first time in his life.
  6. The Jets will be fine. Most of the stuff being written is 100% false. Mac had to be fired. The coach and GM have the be on same page even if they are one in the same.
  7. I think thats Chris Ivory actually.
  8. Firing Mac means the Jets are headed in the right direction. So yes I'm excited.
  9. DJF71

    Robby signs tender

    Only took him 5 years to accumulate a handful of players.
  10. DJF71

    Jets will fail

    I'm definitely on the Gase bandwagon until proven otherwise.

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