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  1. If you don't put talent around Watson, we can expect a 4 win season. This team needs draft picks as much as it needs an elite QB.
  2. I would rather have drafted Watson when we had the chance. Its irritating to have to trade all these draft picks and have spent so much on Darnold. And then to pay for a mega contract that he can just ask for a trade when he doesn't like the Jets anymore. Thats a very Jets way to get a QB. Actually the Jets way would be to wait until Watson is 40 years old and then do the deal.
  3. Not exactly true. I live in Dallas and they were on the edge of the seats while the rumors were flying.
  4. You tailor an offense for the QB. Gase had an offense and didnt tailor it to Darnold. Put Lamar in Gase's offense and he will suck even more.
  5. You can keep Darnold and draft a QB this year. There is zero trade market for Darnold so it makes since to let him try to win the job with a draft pick. If he wins it and resurrects his career he can be traded or the drafted QB can be developed and traded. We are in a great position.
  6. They need a Bosa to makes this defense good.
  7. Who cares. I just hope he is a good coach. I don't care about his religion.

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