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  1. Don't be a fat lazy POS and you will limit your injuries.
  2. Zach Wilson is 3-10. Neither QB gives the Jets the best chance to win.
  3. He will be the coach of the Cowboys.
  4. DJF71

    Bills VS Rams

    Donald looks retired.
  5. DJF71

    Bills VS Rams

    Jets will never overcome a one game hole.
  6. He should have to give back the money he stole from his COVID excuse.
  7. Nothing will beat Danny Woodcock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kcwcjt6qcYs
  8. Little man talking big to make him feel big. He has hit his ceiling.
  9. Yes they have been talking about trading for Mims here in Dallas.
  10. So its just a matter of time for Wilson to find undesirable turf and he shreds his knee.
  11. The knee injury isn't career ending, but his eating habits will be.
  12. Yeah Tammy had Arians fired.
  13. Becton has never played a whole year.
  14. I have a very unique memory unlike any other fan. So I watched every second of that game wanting to kick a hole in my TV which was a giant tube tv. My favorite Jet of all time was Marcus Coleman probably because of that game. Let me fast forward to 2016 when I met this super fast girl at my soccer training facility. She walks in one day with a Jets t-shirt on. I said "are you a jets fan!??" She said "hell yeah! My dad was a player." I said "who?" She said, "Marcus Coleman." I said some expletives and said "he was my favorite player." So I trained her for her last year in HS, then through 5 years of college at Oklahoma State and I just sent her to play pro in Iceland. Her first text back to me from Iceland was "You were right, there are no black people in Iceland." What a great kid and I love that I was a small part of her life, but she has been a bigger part of mine for a long time. This has been one of the greatest memories from my soccer coaching career. Not to name drop, but I have trained Tony Dorsett, Charles Haley and Emmitt Smith's daughters. Talking to Marcus many times over text and phone about his daughter was better than meeting any of those Hall of Fame players in person. Maybe if I liked the Cowboys I would care the same, but I doubt it.
  15. Put Zach's moms best friend next to his ex GF. I bet we will see Zach is a moron. This idiot could bang anyone he wants and he picks a grandma. Not smart enough to be a great QB.
  16. Dumping Abbey Gile shows me how stupid Zach really is.
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