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  1. I can beat that. I started with Fant and Pitts. Then picked up Gronk. He got hurt. Then I dumped Pitts the day before the Jets game. Fant got 5 points. Now I dumped Fant for Knox. Guess who is about to tear their ACL. Luckily I have a stacked roster with Brady and Mahomes as my QB's.
  2. Not surprising because he looks like the worst QB in the NFL.
  3. You could say we need help at every single position.
  4. Not with this coaching staff we aren't. They are bad.
  5. Whoever said this defense is good. JD and Saleh are turning this around or that Wilson is going to be great should STFU!
  6. I definitely need to see who the back ups are for fantasy since they are about to go off on the garbage Jets.
  7. Jets have sucked in every uniform. Its the organization.
  8. Jets will never be a good organization. Maybe a year or two every other decade, but they will never be a winner. There is no reason to invest another second in this organization. Its a waste of energy.
  9. Building through the draft only works if you can draft. JD can't.
  10. I would be fine with firing JD. He has not produced a winner. Made the roster considerably worse with bad draft picks.
  11. Moore sucks and now everyone knows who he was a second round pick.
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