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  1. It is impossible to determine just how good or great a newly drafted player may become. Since we've seen AVT play very well in his rookie season it makes sense to me to project this coming year as better result from him, but they have moved him to right guard even though he has played the position before I would hope he can still raise his playing level. One other thing that may affect AVT is playing alongside Becton once again. Becton is a question mark this coming season due to his long recovery from the injury. Will he live up to the hype? Sure hope so, if he does then both AVT and Becton may become one of the finer duos on the right side. As far as Garrett Wilson goes he also is a question mark but one with a huge potential to be the ORY or at least to raise the level of play for Zach Wilson. If it were just Garrett then his influence and production on the team would be hampered simply because he could then be doubled on nearly every play. But that scenario goes out the door because you can't double him and leave Moore and the newly improved tight ends to roam the field wide open. So for me the bottom line is that the Jets got the much better deal long term than the SeaHawks did. BY the way how they gonna stop the new and refined run game with the 1-2 punch of Michael Carter and Breece Hall both of whom can catch the rock out of the backfield and or just gain big chunks of yardage especially with this O line. I know it is more than obvious that I'm a die hard Jets fan with over 60 yrs of being wholly renewed in my hopes for the Jets to finally unleash a superior team to any we have put forth in the last decade.
  2. Mo Lew I like how you think, lets go kick some East Coast ass next year.
  3. I'm back and been reading the posts here. What I want to know is just what is your perfect scenario for the draft, the Deshaun Watson rumors, how do you think JD will go about this draft. Does he trade back and pick up another couple of picks, or do we stay at 2 and go with either Wilson, or Fields? If we keep Darnold how do we go about this draft? I've got thoughts on all scenarios but will keep it simple. We keep Sam and draft either Penei, or Devonta Smith or another top tier player with the #2 or trade back and get any one of several great talents to solidify the O line or defense. There are a plethora of wide outs and some great corners. As far as getting Watson, I'm on the fence. The cost will be very high but we do have extra first round picks the next two years, still I personally prefer drafting and building our own QB from scratch. I like Wilson and Fields almost equally but do give a slight edge to Wilson. If we do draft one of them then I would want us to go after Allan Robinson or Godwin and possibly try for Thuney to add to Bectin and another lineman in the draft. The choices are plentiful and I know all of you have your own fantasy draft and free agent signings in mind, so please convince me that you have a better scenario, although I still have more of them I prefer to hear how others are thinking because for the first time in years I actually believe that this Jets team of ours will be trending upward from here on out.
  4. I agree that we need a tried and true wide out who can bring this offense past just being OK to being a bonafide threat to the rest of the league.
  5. I would definitely love to see us sign Ryan and bring our corner backs up to the level needed to compete in todays NFL passing game.
  6. We've seen several moves by Joe Douglas to improve the team especially the O line. For this I give him a huge thumbs up, also he gets an extreme thumbs up for not buying into the former GM's habit of throwing big $$$ at questionable stars who turned out to be busts. The rumors going around about the Jets going after Logan Ryan, Larry Warford, Jason Peters and a few others have gotten plenty of interest from Jets fans. However latest news seems to be that Joe Douglas may not pursue any other free agents at this time. Now I'm hoping this means they will end up paying Adams what he deserves as the best safety in the league. But no matter how it all turns out I have complete confidence in Douglas doing what is financially and player best for the team in the long run. So my question is where do you other Jets fans believe things will turn out in the time left before actual team workouts and meetings commence?
  7. We've seen several moves by Joe Douglas to improve the team especially the O line. For this I give him a huge thumbs up, also he gets an extreme thumbs up for not buying into the former GM's habit of throwing big $$$ at questionable stars who turned out to be busts. The rumors going around about the Jets going after Logan Ryan, Larry Warford, Jason Peters and a few others have gotten plenty of interest from Jets fans. However latest news seems to be that Joe Douglas may not pursue any other free agents at this time. Now I'm hoping this means they will end up paying Adams what he deserves as the best safety in the league. But no matter how it all turns out I have complete confidence in Douglas doing what is financially and player best for the team in the long run. So my question is where do you other Jets fans believe things will turn out in the time left before actual team workouts and meetings commence?
  8. I've only seen one reference to Sons of Anarchy. A great series, well acted and a great cast. Also Peaky F'in Blinders what a great show, also based on true stuff. Oz captured us and brought forth some of our best actors today. Can't deny the greatness of The Wire and Sopranos both of which I have watched more than 3 times, each time there is more to be discovered. Now for shows that I don't think have been mentioned. I've been binging "NCIS" for some reason I got hooked watching it hoping Tony would at least get served for being such a piece of doo-doo with his misogynistic behaviors. I do not expect any of you to actually watch it but I got hooked.
  9. I can't blame everyone from being so pessimistic about Mosely. Remember he is one of the great terrible signings of the past regime who had a lousy record of forking over huge gauranteed money to players who never amounted to anything. I just think that we must see how this one plays out (we have no damn choice in the matter) if somehow Mosely does recover fully and comes back 100% and then lives up to all the hype then we can finally breathe a sigh of relief, but history tells me that we more than likely will be waiting to get this deal over with and move on. I'm counting on Joe Douglas being the man who finally brings reason and sense to the Jets front office.
  10. This may be one of the best draft picks in the long run. Having a punter who can consistantly pin the opponent deep in their own territory is priceless. With the upgrade in the defense the return of Mosley we can possibly become one of the top defenses in the league. Can't wait to see how he performs, this has been a great draft by Douglas and as long as he stays with the Jets we can count on future drafts being just as good or better than the 2020 one.
  11. Best draft in a few years for the Jets. Solidifying the O line was priority number 1 and he got it done without overreaching and panicking. Everything just seems right about this draft including the signing of undrafted players. This is of course a work in progress and will not be evaluated for a couple of years yet, still it just feels more or less safe and thats a first in several years now. Its like when your wife prepares the first dinner for your parents and you worry how it will turn out, will they approve of her or not. Well when it was over your Pops leans back from the table loosens his belt and just smiles. This is how I felt after this draft, satisfied and ready for a nap.
  12. When did any sports site not be a homer base? Its always been my belief that homers comprise roughly 85% of any pro sports fan base. Of course we're talking about the Jets here, where questionable coaching decisions, hirings and drafts have been the single most identifiable mark of this franchise over the years. For those of us who have been Jets fans for far longer than many of you who have stopped wearing huggies as your clothing of choice I do believe we have been cursed since the curse of the Namath guarantee in SBIII. For far too many years we have been subjected to idiotic hirings and owners whose egos were only outdone by the poor choices they made in trying to recapture the concept of magic in a bottle. While Rex definately has his shortcomings, I do finally think that we may have made the proper hire in MM and turning over the offense to someone who at least understands that if you can't score points with the players you hire and draft to outplay the opponents defense then you will definately be on the losing end of the scoreboards final results. Will this years version of the Jets be any better than recent versions? There are some good reasons to believe so, I do think that the offense will show enough improvement over last year to be competitive in games where they can at least do better than 8-8. Maybe not much better but definately enough to be taken seriously and perhaps have a shot at the playoffs considering just how many of the rest of the AFC will be struggling themselves to try and reach 8-8.
  13. Personally I liked the pick of Calvin Pryor, we desperately needed an enforcer to bring out the best in the rest of this group. Overall I wasn't wowed by this draft, there were too many reaches and we failed to address the need for a true young pass rushing OLB. I know that there were limits to how many were worth the investment, and because we did use the first two picks on players who I believe will be great additions to the team it made it that much more difficult to fill other needs adequately. Because I'm such a die hard Jets fan and truly believe that this team has been due one of those drafts where players selected late go on to become solid contributors I must (what choice do I have) think that this is the one that pushes this team over the edge and into the realm of playoff contention for years to come.
  14. Its hard for any Jet player to get an award, so many out there just don't believe the Jets have any viable players at all. Thing is that we and those teams who have played vs Sheldon know that he is the real deal and continue to be one of the top d linemen for the next ten years. Hopefully he'll get the award from the writers who know just how good this kid is. This result I believe was from a fans poll and means nothing in the long run.
  15. Pace is having a strong year because of the front line, but I'm not knocking him, he has 9 sacks now, not bad for a 33 year old linebacker is it. Still he must be replaced by a younger faster stronger option. Someone who can complement Coples and force teams to double team one or the other every down. What we're seeing in Coples is his natural ability to make plays, its not easy to go from a down lineman to an OLB/Hybrid lineman and he's getting better every game. Yes he's also getting fully healthy for once this year. Still we need at least one other dominant LB in this draft, and I'm still looking at replacing Harris before too long, probably in the next 2 years or so. Thing is that we won't really see this defense play out of their minds till we build that backfield into a weapon that must be respected. Right now our DB are a joke and teams come into games vs the Jets ready to feast on our weak backfield. Rex adding Reed wasn't a very smart thing to do, I think he thought that Reed could bring hiss experience and make those around him better, but it don't work that way Rex. what makes them better is bringing in better players who have a future in front of them not behind them. Rex is too sentimental to be coaching an NFL team and as much as I like him he just isn't the H.C. we need.
  16. No we didn't basically win that game. I wish that Jets fans would (some of them) face the simple reality that we have a mediocre team at best. Yes we do have what amounts to a very dominant defensive line, but it ends right there. Why waste the talents of Wilkerson, Coples, Richardson and Snacks by not adding the rest of the pieces needed to truly be a dominant all around defense? We need a solid pass rushing OLB who can dominate and make the rest of the linebackers better just because he must be doubled every play. Think of what Coples could do if he had a monster coming off the other edge? Actually i'd prefer that Coples gets back to being in the full rotation of D linemen and was replaced by another true OLB along with the pass rushing monster I mentioned before. And while I'm at it we might as well get the MLB to take over for Harris in the next year or two. As far as the D backfield goes, well thats our biggest weak link and its not getting any better unless we make a solid commitment to add the free agents and draft the safeties we must have to take advantage of the pass rush. We suck on pass defense and lately (last couple of games) we aren't looking very good at defending runners either. I'm only talking about our strong suit here, the side of the team that needs the least amount of work to reach the level of competing for a division title and getting into the playoffs consistently. And to make this defense that good will take 2 years of drafting and free agent pickups. So what can we do about the offense? Not very much, but we must get Geno the wide outs that he needs to see if he can make this offense work or not. But adding bodies that can get open and make tough catches isn't quite enough, because if the O line isn't brought back up to the 2010-11 levels then we'll never know just what this offense can accomplish. Right now the line is so very inconsistent that week to week no one can make any predictions other than we won't be moving the ball very well. Making Rex the focal point of attacks isn't going to change things unless Idzik decides that he must go, something that bothers me because I've always liked Rex, but as far as the Jets go from here on out I think we'd be better off by finally jettisoning him and moving forward with a clean slate. Rex IMO just doesn't quite see the whole picture and all the nuances of being a H.C. in todays NFL and this team sorely needs a H.C. who knows both sides of running the team. Problem for me is that unless we can bring in Cowher I don't see anyone currently available who can do much better than Rex at the moment. Gruden? oh no, not Chucky in N.Y. nor any of the rest of recently departed coaches especially Shanahan (who will be fired ASAP) or any of his offspring. I know I'm missing some strong candidates and want to see some suggestions as to who could come in and take control of this team along with Idzik and finally let us see growth every year instead of the merry go round we've suffered with for the last few decades. With the exception of Parcells the Jets always seem to be settling for second or third best option at H.C.. Why, is it because of Woody? Or just the Jets destiny to be forever cursed by less than competent coaching and a very poor group of talent evaluaters in our war room on draft day. Well we won't know until next spring just how well Idzik is prepared to take this team forward, he has got to make the bold moves we need to improve our team and this coming draft and free agency period will be what defines his memory as the G.M. of the Jets going forward.
  17. Me too, I hate it when they say we will definately win a game. Just seems to jinx us every time.
  18. Thanks for the updates. Now I need to get my rosters finalized before kickoff.
  19. I must have heard a wrong report, I just checked the weather channel and they say the winds may be around 10-20 mph not the 60 I thought I heard. Anyone with better info please post it. I'm in Cali and the reports are limited about east coast teams.
  20. Seriously!! 60 mph winds in Buffalo. Everything changes now, it will be who can run the rock without fumbling. No kicking today folks. Lets go Jets.
  21. I hate this sh*t. When you watch all the experts and announcers picking the Jets to win. And Zerkle picking the Bills as his #1 team to lose this week. All this positive energy flowing towards the Jets just scares the sh*t out of me. Every time this happens especially when we go into Buffalo bad things have happened to us. I'll be sitting on pins and needles until the final seconds tick off the clock. With all that said I still expect us to beat these Bills with our defensive front and a strong run game. Forget how well the Bills play the run recently, this is a game about strength of wills and these Jets players had better be ready to step up and kick some ass. Biggest reason we should win? Because Rex has just added his favorite safety ever. Doesn't matter that Reed hasn't shown anything with Houston or that he might not even see more than 10 snaps today, its his presence on the field and in the locker room that adds something to this team that they need, solid veteran leadership and a SB ring to boot. Lets go Jets, beat the Bills and never allow them to even get into the game. Lets get into a groove to go into the Ravens camp next week and show them how to play the game to win.
  22. The biggest differance between Geno and Mark is that Geno makes you believe that its more a matter of time and experience reading defenses, with Mark it was if he could just not make the errors to cost us the game. Sanchez would make some great throws downfield but not with any consistancy Geno has shown he can make those throws but needs to determine when to do so. Also Mark had far better offensive line and targets to throw to. Geno Is learning the nuances of the position, reading defenses and will eventually develop the instincts to dissect defenses far beyond anything that Sanchez could do. I do not foresee Geno being overwhelmed by the game but rather see him becoming one of the better QB's who learn to take what the defense gives and make it work towards winning games.
  23. I find it hard to agree with the conservative play calling at the end of the game also. You know where the line is that you must reach to give your kicker a decent shot at winning the game. Those last two runs were half hearted attempts that the Patriots were stacking the box against. There comes a time when you must put the game into Geno's hands and tell him "Its all on your shoulders kid" forget the crap about worrying about him throwing a pick, you play to win the game no matter what. If we had lost so be it, at least it would not be for lack of trying to win and move the ball downfield. Next time I hope Rex puts the game fully on Geno and lets him decide his own fate with his play.
  24. Yes today Belechick did admit that he was at fault for not properly instructing his players about the new rule. In the earlier attempt at a field goal Colon sid he heard the ref warning the Pats players about the rule and they still went ahead and did it anyway. The player who was flagged also admitted that he made the decision to do the pushing before the snap. So all the b.s from Steven Smith and the rest of those who are disgusted over the refs call need to get a f' in grip and pay attention to the whole story. If having Belichick admit his error isn't enough to quiet them I don't know what else any of us should care about them being all bent out of shape over it. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander as the old saying goes.
  25. It looks to me like anything can and probably will happen this year. Teams that were expected to dominate are struggling and those who were predicted to be bottom dwellers are in the middle of the pack right now. Realistically speaking the Jets are in desperate need of bonafide play makers on offense but they are better than we thought they would be at this point in time. Why? Because our opponents aren't as good as we thought they would be either. So many teams are struggling right now to find some kind of identity and consistancy on both sides of the ball. Sure we have a killer schedule for the next 4-5 games but these Jets can win any one of those games if they eliminate the sickening turnovers and penalties. One of the great things that has helped our Jets is that so many believed all the negative and ugly writings from the talentless block of sports writers who cover the NFL. Rarely have you seen any one of them express a true individual thought or concept when writing about the Jets. Why is that? Because they didn't think the team stood a chance and also because they truly believe that Rex is the clown they try so hard to portray him as. I've spoken all along about my hatred for these writers and the inarticulate and lazy way they produce their articles week to week. But in the long run they may well be the reason why these Jets do have a stronger season, even the other players from our opponents believe that the Jets are as bad as these fools write them off to be. So keep reading the b.s .hype guys while our Jets continue to play the game as good as they possibly can. Now I know full well that things can go south starting with tomorrows game, we could see a quick return to the error prone ways that cost us both games so far, going forth and expecting Geno to play like a seasoned vet is beyond reality, but expecting him to outplay the competition on a weekly basis is within the realm of possibility only because we have a defense that can destroy the other teams QB and force them into multiple errors. So we must see our defensive front seven dominate game after game and for the rest of the team to catch lightening in a bottle.
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