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  1. I hope Sam is ready. Eventually he will beat them. He's too talented.
  2. Problem is, you need to beat the Pats in 4 phases. The refs will most certainly be a factor. I can see 2-3 roughing the passer calls against the Jets and no offensive holding calls against the Pats. Throw in 3 defensive holdings and two pass interferences and well....
  3. What a disgrace. I mean seriously?
  4. Why didn't Patricia challenge that obvious pass interference?
  5. Like Kalil Mack who shows up for a half on primetime games and then is fairly average most of the time. That being said, Leonard Williams wishes he could do that.
  6. A line should be reliable. You most certainly don't want it to be a BMW:)
  7. Get Robby Sabo! I guess he does that already.
  8. Yeah. Only on prime time tv. I knew I would get a big Monday night out of him in fantasy. Ordinary games, not so much.
  9. Sometimes they post the feed on twitter.

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