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  1. If you want good HD sports at 60 frames per second, you will need a good vpn and a good iptv provider. None of which is free. $20 a month should cover both. If you are getting a firestick, get the firestick 4K and don't waste your time with the lower models, no matter what your tv setup is. An Nvidia Shield would be better for IPTV though as there are less hoops to jump through to install apps and keep them updated. Amazon is tightening the noose lately.
  2. rldev

    Justin Houston

    Who was a better FA pass rusher then Houston?
  3. Love them too, but not so much live as they are a bit robotic.
  4. rldev

    RB Depth

    We still have Henderson, and the brass likes him.
  5. rldev

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    They should get more than a first, second and third and a decent player for a nut case? Seriously? That's a good haul and makes Pittsburg look completely stupid since A Brown is a better wide receiver.
  6. rldev

    If Lev then OBJ?

    Why do people continually say we traded a first for Darnold? We did not trade a first, we swapped firsts.
  7. Neal Sterling and Jordan Leggett say hello.
  8. Well he was one of the best defensive players in the playoffs by a country mile.
  9. Well he is better than Nate Solder who got $15 mill a year.
  10. Why are there some Jet fans salivating for one of the Tight Ends? To use a pick on a TE would be ridiculous. We have several good tight ends and a clear number one tight end. We are short on picks and need wide receivers.
  11. The one thing that seems glaring to me outside of his talent, is that he is always slow to get up after a tackle.
  12. rldev

    In a Jetsy move NYJ hire Joe Vitt

    I'll give Gase credit for one thing. He ain't pussy footing around.
  13. CBS Sports Network not to be confused with CBS.
  14. So you want to pick a loser team with your second chance? Good grief.

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