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  1. Actually he could have won another super bowl if not screwed by the Patriots. He delivered the winning throw in that game twice. The last one was dropped.
  2. Austin did more than just make some plays. Every corner gets torched here and there.
  3. This post is just so bad on so many levels. The Pat's wide receiving core is good? How do you already know Zack Moss is better than Perine? Jordan Howard is suddenly great? Ugh.
  4. Considering the run of safeties, the league disagrees with your assessment. Trotting out 3 safeties is a real trend in the nfl. We have one that has the speed and flexibility to cover and close in on plays. Davis was graded out as high as a late first first rounder. We picked him in the third and got our WR as well. Joe D and Williams obviously love him. What's the problem?
  5. I'm sorry to hear. Welcome to my life for the past two years.
  6. So what have we been doing the last 3+ years besides blaming everybody else when things go wrong? Is three years not enough time to replenish the national stockpile of n95 masks? It's some kind of voodoo where everything that is good is because of one person and everything that is bad is the fault of everyone else. What happened to accountability?
  7. As opposed to the 5 trillion dollar socialist program we just embarked on.
  8. Is JJ better than Amari Cooper? If not, I'll pass.
  9. How does he lack polish? He's a good route runner, a good blocker, excellent at highpointing the ball, with great hands.
  10. To be fair, someone needs to come in and teach Sam the artistry of the play action. Sam can't fool anyone with the lame play action he has shown.

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