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  1. Amen. Every year I fall for all of this nonsense. Every year I say to myself, I won't pay attention. Every year I do.
  2. Wow some of you seriously underrate Deon Sanders. People didn't throw to his side of the field either. Why? There was a good chance he was going to pick you off and take it to the house. Sanders was a great corner and play maker.
  3. Meyers was terrible the year after the Jets released him. Good to see he bounced back.
  4. If "99% of these guys barely make it to camp, and don't make actual rosters", then how exactly is 30% of the league comprised of UDFAs? Sorry, math is not my strong suit.
  5. They did a poor job today as it concerns the Jets. They cut to something else almost every time the Jets picked after Carter. But that is probably the programing heads.
  6. What is it that Trevor Lawrence does better then Wilson? It's not the deep ball. It's not arm strength. It's not accuracy. It's not better off platform throws. So what is it? What makes Lawrence so superior? I was big on TL before the last college playoff. The college playoff revealed to me that he is not a generational talent. But who knows. Maybe we will have to wait for Arch Manning.
  7. Becton, Williams and Mosley. There's three.
  8. 100% agree. It's a false narrative. What team has it ever hurt?
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