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  1. Agreed. They have mostly been below average. Guys falling down, dropping big 3rd down throws, running the wrong routes and pathetic Tight Ends. Not absolving Wilson, but if you are being honest, this group has been a major disappointment.
  2. He needs to get those knees up in the hole. Seems like he does get arm tackled in traffic. Which is ironic because he smashes through on a couple of touchdowns. Give him time to adjust. I would like to see some Josh Adams though.
  3. Or he's just significantly better because he has more experience.
  4. Our young secondary looks great. Bryce Hall and Michael Carter II are fantastic.
  5. Any of you parents that have lured your unsuspecting children into being Jet fans should be charged with child abuse. Talk about selfishness.
  6. His route tree is expanding faster than the universe!
  7. It is? How many drops, wrong routes or would be catches have we had in the first two games?
  8. That's the point. How many other teams are putting two smurf wrs on the field at the same time in a three wide receiver set?
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