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  1. Crowder has really taken the day off. Pretty poor effort on his part today.
  2. Anderson needs to make that catch. QB's don't always throw perfect passes. The ball was in his hands. Should it have been a better throw, sure. But those catches are made every week.
  3. Unless it's younger oline, I'm not interested. Build through the draft.
  4. With 6 games left, Jamal's numbers look pretty good. He will have more tackles for a loss, 60+ solo tackles, way more sacks. Throw in a couple of picks and another touchdown, what's the problem? Certainly comparable.
  5. Rivers is one of the most overrated qb's of all time. Always comes up small in big spots.
  6. No imagine if we gave up a pick for him.
  7. Quarterbacks throw picks and make dangerous throws every week. Even great ones. Is anyone talking about Garopollo's two picks yesterday? No. 4tds trump a single pick no matter how you slice it. Throw more tds then picks, that's the qb game(hopefully 3-1:). Was it a dangerous throw, sure. If Montgomery actually puts his hands up, it's probably not a pick. While I would like to see less picks, I also don't want a game manager either. You have to learn what you can and can't do. It takes time. There is certainly enough to build around.
  8. As I keep saying Kalil Mack shows up for primetime games. There were many on this board that wanted to give up the farm for him. Follow the Belichick way. It's sustainable. These types have a few great years and then fall off. These guys never outperform their second contract. And yes, Jamal Adams is more impactful this season than Kalil Mack.
  9. Let's be honest. Tua's career is seriously diminished at this point. There will be no guaranteed millions for him. I'm sure he has insurance.
  10. https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jamal-adams-named-afc-defensive-player-of-the-week It's all a hoax. Another guy who doesn't what he's talking about. Box Safety!
  11. And what? Edelman still talks sh*t and still dopes up.
  12. They can't. Just pure vitriol is all you will get. And they call Jamal immature.

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