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  1. Classic Jewish chicken soup does not have tomato sauce in it. Period. That's not to say your soup isn't delicious.
  2. That was apparently not the case according to ESPN. He was going. But yeah, not pumped.
  3. That's what I'm talking about!
  4. Trading out is no guts? WTF are you talking about.
  5. I have heard this argument for the last 10 years. Enough is enough.
  6. Some of you are terrible negotiators. A first round pick for Clark? Why? There are maybe 3 teams that can take on Clark's impending salary. Why would we offer next years first? Unless the Colts are feeling loose and generous, Seattle's hands are tied, unless they plan on trading Wilson. They have little to no leverage so there isn't much they can control. Mac is good at trades, so I'm not worried he would do something as foolish as trade next year's first.
  7. The logo is horrible. I can't believe people get paid for this.
  8. He sucked in High School and went to Michigan? How does that happen? Must be a smart guy.
  9. Not saying it isn't so, but I've heard this story year after year.
  10. It's like nobody watches the draft year after year. It's mind boggling. How do you know the Niners value Bosa over QW? Just like it was a failure for Mike Mac to not trade up to one last year because Darnold was going to be picked at one. Remember when Ryan Leaf was taken ahead of Peyton Manning?
  11. If you want good HD sports at 60 frames per second, you will need a good vpn and a good iptv provider. None of which is free. $20 a month should cover both. If you are getting a firestick, get the firestick 4K and don't waste your time with the lower models, no matter what your tv setup is. An Nvidia Shield would be better for IPTV though as there are less hoops to jump through to install apps and keep them updated. Amazon is tightening the noose lately.
  12. Who was a better FA pass rusher then Houston?
  13. Love them too, but not so much live as they are a bit robotic.
  14. We still have Henderson, and the brass likes him.
  15. They should get more than a first, second and third and a decent player for a nut case? Seriously? That's a good haul and makes Pittsburg look completely stupid since A Brown is a better wide receiver.

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