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  1. He was actually fairly pedestrian.
  2. rldev

    Recency Bias

    The Saints lost there super bowl chance when Mark Ingram returned to the line up. They completely changed their game and went from explosive to mediocre. Alvin Kamara coincidentally cooled of upon Ingram's return.
  3. The difference between Bowls and Gase is that Gase coached circles around Bowles to the tune of 5-1.
  4. rldev

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Agreed. I don't know why people are jumping off bridges. You know one thing about Gase, he knows how to beat every team in the division and has, with sh*t QBs.
  5. rldev

    Just hire McCarthy already

    So what's Mac's excuse? He has a HOF qb and plenty of dynamic players. He had a good running back and didn't even know it.
  6. rldev

    Arians to Buccaneers: official.

    Why exactly is he a great coach? Not saying he is not a good coach, but great?
  7. rldev

    Just hire McCarthy already

    Man some of you people seriously overate McCarthy. He's a decent coach and you guys want the Jets to give him a blank check? Do you actually watch Packer games? I always see conservative play calls in crunch time, boneheaded clock management and a generally under achieving team who happen to have a HOF quarterback in his prime. This guy can't do it with a HOF qb, yet he's going to do something with the Jets? Talk about a reach. Why not hire someone who has proven he can beat any team in our division and does not get out coached?
  8. Well he's bitch slapped us, beaten the Pats and took his team to the playoffs.
  9. At least you know Gase is capable of out coaching other coaches. He does pretty well vs our division.
  10. rldev

    CFB Championship Game Thread

    Hire Dabo!
  11. Well all the QBs he's involved with are in the NFL. One most likely on his way to the HOF.
  12. So in one year on the bench mind you, Andy fixed his mechanics and taught him to read defenses to the point of historic proportions? What else did he do? Teach him to speed read? Yet KK had nothing to do with his development?

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