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  1. Or maybe the Steelers OL is just better this year.
  2. I can't believe how many are crushing this guy for standing up for what he wants. The owners discard players and throw them for the gogs every day. Now a high profile player puts his money where his mouth is. Does a favor for all players in the league and he's a jerk? I don't get it.
  3. Our offense has gone in the tank since he left. Just saying.
  4. 100% Agreed. I bitched about him that entire season. The signs of ineptitude were there.
  5. Plenty would be playing on New England.
  6. rldev

    Macs talent

    He would be like any other receiver on our roster. Coaching, coaching, coaching.
  7. rldev

    Macs talent

    Nonsense. Put Robbie Anderson on the Rams or Vikings and he would put up huge numbers. We have poor coaching first and foremost. Watch any good team and no matter who they put in, they get guys open. Where was this great Ram offensive talent under Jeff Fisher? I'm not saying we have a ton of talent, but our coaching staff is horrible.
  8. rldev

    Game Day

    which is amazing because our kickers have been good.
  9. I'm leaving for the game shortly. I will be LOUD!
  10. rldev

    FIRE MAC AND BOWLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let it Roll! I'll take anything we can get.
  11. rldev

    Anderson and Crowell

    Our offensive line is the worst, yet Crowell is a JAG running for 220 yards. Good Grief.
  12. rldev

    Breer On Darnold

    Hahahahahaha. My childhood in Brooklyn verbatim. Except Mississippi instead of banana.
  13. rldev


    He didn't muff the punt. It was a fair catch and the defender knocked it out. what's the hub bub about?
  14. rldev


    JUst goes to show you how out of position players were under Kacy.

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