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  1. Your last sentence here has bar none been one of the most disappointing things I've noticed. He has without a doubt the worst play action ball handling I have ever seen. How has this not been addressed is beyond me.
  2. What I got out of the Tampa game that Murphy-Bunting was allowed to mug receivers in the open field on crucial game changing plays. He will not get away with that against KC.
  3. He is a fool. That has nothing to do with Zach Wilson.
  4. If they take him to Arthur's they should be shot.
  5. On a lot of plays during the Clemson game, I liked Field's footwork. He always seemed to plant his feet square to his target.
  6. How were Trevor Lawrence's reads? How was his deep ball accuracy? How was his ball security?
  7. What makes anyone think JD doesn't like James Morgan? He invested a decent draft pick in him for a reason.
  8. They keep running that same play on 4 -1. It makes absolutely no sense. Run 7 yards to gain 1? That's the third time this season they ran that play on 4-1.
  9. Mims is most certainly not a rail. Adjust the aspect ratio on your tv. He's bigger than Lamb and Higgins.
  10. And the people rejoiced!
  11. Agreed. Look at what Kyle Shanahan is doing with all backups on offense and in game. Jeremy Bates was light years better than AG.
  12. I have a couple of Chinese ones that have a ton. They cost $25 a year a piece. You can try Aliexpress. I use TVMate app and Firestick 4k's or Nvidia Shield streaming devices.
  13. Hahahahahahahaha. Robert Lewandowski, Jamie Vardy, Ciro Immobile and many others say hello. I love Puli, but come on. Maybe in a couple of years.
  14. Alex does have a Covid potion. He's sold out out.
  15. You like to keep pointing out deaths. It is not just about deaths. People are getting sick. Many are experiencing lasting negative effects. Eduardo Rodriguez of the Sox is having heart problems after having Covid. At this time, nobody knows the long term health issues that apparently a third of infected people are experiencing. The ill effects are quite broad in scope. I know three people in fairly good shape in their 30's and early 40's that "beat" Covid in March. None are back to normal yet. I also know a handful of people that are dead.
  16. I don't agree with this, but he's not our problem anymore. Let the Seahawks figure it out.
  17. For those that said it worked to get our attention. It worked for 5 minutes. I turned on their competition who were far more reasonable. They commented on J&E 's agenda.
  18. These guys are so ridiculous. I'm reminded why I don't listen to them. Nothing but complaints about the trade.
  19. You could be talking about any number of American companies. Apple, Google, etc.
  20. Actually he could have won another super bowl if not screwed by the Patriots. He delivered the winning throw in that game twice. The last one was dropped.
  21. Austin did more than just make some plays. Every corner gets torched here and there.
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