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  1. That's hilarious and semi true!
  2. They will think it is utterly stupid because Dennis Potvin is one of the best defenseman of all time.
  3. Only Jets fans could think the Jets ever had the best uniform.
  4. Tough week at the office I suppose.
  5. Hahaha. I used to go there 25 years ago.
  6. The Jets signed Reed who is a much higher rated CB.
  7. I like and watch all of them for the most part. Ian from Jets Central has been doing it for a long time so he gets serious props. Jake Asman is one hard working dude. His coverage of the draft was excellent. His guests and collaborations are also good. I appreciate the effort of all of them. It is certainly better than watching SNY.
  8. Wilson is better with contested catches than Moore.
  9. While Jones can throw a nice lofty deep ball, his intermediary throws are weak. That and he plays dumb football.
  10. Don know why people ever ruled it out. I told my Jints fan friends don´t be surprised if they take Willis and OL with their 2 picks.
  11. Good grief with this thread. People are losing their minds.
  12. I used to know some NYC greek diner owners and their families a long time ago. Quite a crew.
  13. No way that can be. Next years first from the 49ers is not compensation enough. The trade makes no sense. I´ḿ curious as to what player has been traded during the draft for a pick during the draft in recent times.
  14. The fact that he provides nothing and asks the reader to infer(wink, wink) as if we should know who it is. Itś there. Who cares, move on.
  15. 100% Spot on. There is no guarantee we can trade pick 4 or 10 for much at this point. Trading 10 keeps all picks intact.
  16. Pretty sure El Prez said all the same things.
  17. Thank you Joe Douglass. Thank you!
  18. Ok so yesterday and this morning JD was an idiot for offering 10, 32, Elijah Moore, etc. Now heś a cheap bastard. Got it.
  19. Jake Asman is the hardest working Jet pod caster out there and he has a professional job on espn radio covering the Texans.Kudos to him.
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