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  1. Lach Edwards continues to progress, could be a huge weapon for a long time.
  2. Good luck and have fun to everyone going to the game tomorrow. Jets historically always do well against TB, and they have one of the worst run defenses in the NFL so far this year. Bring home the W boys.
  3. Have the Jets ever lost to TB?
  4. Jets will probably still be dogs for this game, even though they should be favored by at least 3.
  5. Hopefully Evans doesn't play
  6. Bucs Panthers Broncos Chargers all winable games, not saying they'll win them all but all could be had.
  7. Worst Coaching year

    Mcadoo was such a lazy hire
  8. Todays games...

    I don't think anyone should be surprised if he lights us up
  9. Todays games...

    Fitz always does good against the jets lol rather face a hurt Winston