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  1. Nice. Hopefully Frazier gets a job also. Buffalos continuity has been sickening.
  2. Without reading through all the replies, Davis was one of the better FA WR signings. Guys like Golladay, JuJu, etc did not work at all.
  3. Meanwhile Sam is getting ANOTHER new offense to learn. I think that will be 4 in 5 years for him. Bates, Gase, Brady, and now mcadoo. Only time he went into a year knowing a system was year 2 of Gase and he regressed. Yikes.
  4. Same GM, HC, OC, DC and QB with the arrow pointing up on a lot of them. If nothing else this is the most continuity we’ve had in it feels like forever.
  5. Not true. I don’t remember any outrage for either game. They were too busy celebrating Brady each time. It’s all narrative.
  6. Never really heard people complain about it before this game. Pats Falcons super bowl nobody cared
  7. McBride I think is a home run. Is Karlaftis really projected to go top 5? I feel like that’s a reach but haven’t seen as many mocks as I usually do by now.
  8. Did you always feel the coin flip was somewhat unfair or was it just the context of this game that made you think that? just curious.
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