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  1. John Idzik released this statement after his firing: "I would like to thank Woody Johnson for the opportunity to work with so many fine individuals in the Jets organization and I wish them well going forward."
  2. It was really nice! I enjoyed it! More people than I thought took part in it. Really cool to be on the field, I personally thought it was a great experience. It made for some really great pictures. All around good time, would do again! Enjoy!
  3. Hey bro!! How was the post game passes that u used last year? I got the same deal for the Steelers game. Can u give me sum details? Thanks & GO GREEN!!!

  4. I still would take Peyton if I had the first pick to start my franchise
  5. Any idea on when to expect the new GM hiring?
  6. I was more than fine with the first 3 picks, not sure what happened after that. C+
  7. We haven’t missed out on much besides Love so far, corner from pen state or Ridley would be great if still there
  8. That was actually a fantastic move , and saints picked a safety
  9. Pretty sure Oakland made the playoffs in 2016, article says last made in 2007. ( just an observation)

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