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  1. Jetlife33

    What channel is game on today?

    Didn’t see there was a thread for this already, my apologies.
  2. Jetlife33

    What channel is game on today?

    My initial reaction is that they just put the wrong info for the 1 pm game, but I won’t be home for the start of the game so I’m recording it. Want to make sure I’m recording right channel
  3. I’m in Brooklyn, game on channel 2 says it’s showing New England vs Tennessee? Channel 5 not showing a 1 pm game and then there’s the 4 pm games. Any idea?
  4. Jetlife33

    Fire Todd. Period

    He literally said he has to look at the film in regards to Longs snaps and why he left him in there.
  5. This is so sad, really. Fans don’t deserve this anymore, it’s been decades and decades. They’re going to ruin a blue chip QB.
  6. Pretty sure there was a flag for illegal formation, timeout taken right before.
  7. Kearse got the first, what was that ball placement about?
  8. Jetlife33

    Thursday Night Football Eagles-Giants

    I hope giants fans enjoy Barkley’s long runs that mean nothing, they’ll be lucky to win the 3 games they won last year
  9. Jetlife33

    Is Sunday a White out?

    The players from the 1968 championship season will be honored with a halftime ceremony at MetLife Stadium on Oct. 14. There will be a perfect opponent for the occasion: the Indianapolis Colts. It will be a “White Out” game, so the 2018 Jets will wear white uniforms and cleats, and the fans will get a commemorative white rally towel. @kevinc855
  10. Jetlife33

    The Colts Will Be A Litmus Test

    Pretty sure he was just placed on IR yesterday
  11. Jetlife33


    Honestly awful
  12. Jetlife33

    Postgame field access 10/7

    Thanks JW, hoping for a nice day. Appreciate it.
  13. Jetlife33

    Postgame field access 10/7

    Nope, bought 2 tickets at 30% off and on field access postgame is included.
  14. Jetlife33

    Postgame field access 10/7

    I think they’re doing a similar type of offer for the following week against the colts. You get to watch the SB3 half time celebration on field on the sidelines.
  15. Jetlife33

    Postgame field access 10/7

    Thought it would be a cool experience, and I got 30 percent off. Pretty sure it was a VISA card holder exclusive offer. Going with a family member of mine. Haven’t seen him in a while, it’ll be fun.

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