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  1. Jetlife33

    Gase Press Conference Tweets

    Mehta should be ashamed of himself
  2. Jetlife33

    Joe Douglas quick profile

    Any idea on when to expect the new GM hiring?
  3. Did anyone mention Dex Mcdougle for crusher?
  4. Jetlife33

    Grade the draft

    I was more than fine with the first 3 picks, not sure what happened after that. C+
  5. Titans picked a safety , awesome
  6. We haven’t missed out on much besides Love so far, corner from pen state or Ridley would be great if still there
  7. That was actually a fantastic move , and saints picked a safety
  8. Jetlife33

    Raiders sign Isaiah Crowell

    Pretty sure Oakland made the playoffs in 2016, article says last made in 2007. ( just an observation)
  9. Jetlife33

    Backfield Routes Darnold/Bell

    Pretty sure drake and gore had almost identical amount of touches (including receptions) and a scary close YPC avg.
  10. Jetlife33

    Backfield Routes Darnold/Bell

    If you read the fine print on the bottom of the picture I uploaded it tells you what routes it includes.
  11. I know PFF grades aren’t the be all end all, but this is really really cool. I think it works right into what Gase wants to do as well.

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