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  1. I want Claiborne, ASJ, Davis, and Ealy all back.
  2. Jalen Saunders lolol

    Finally the Pats lost in the Super Bowl to a team not name the giants, and I can actually enjoy the loss.
  4. Come to think of it this may work in the jets favor, instead of Cousins choosing where he goes in free agency, which if he thinks Denver or minessota give him the best shot, the jets can just offer the best trade package of offering teams and get their guy.
  5. If it means getting our guy of course I’d be willing to trade picks as well, were talking about the damn jets here, who don’t know how to draft and develop players. Top 12 qb in his prime jets haven’t had that in decades. Whatever’s necessary at this point.
  6. Doubt he would ever come to the jets
  7. The Jets QB’s have literally been so pathetic for more than half of my lifetime. Probably way more than half, I’m willing to live with the Jets overpaying for a good to very good QB in his prime years. Anyone against that thought process hasn’t suffered enough I guess, or at least hasn’t had enough of way below average QB play. When’s the last time the Jets had a top 12 QB?
  8. Jamal Adams with the response
  9. In the past 15 years we’ve had like 1 legit QB season and it was 11 games of Favre. Some of you are acting like we’re above overpaying cousins, were really not in that position. Honestly I would sign cousins and if the Jets QB that they love is there at 6 draft him as well. We need answers at the QB position, going on decades now. Sometimes you gotta be risky and not take project QBs in the later rounds constantly.
  10. What Will Go Down in the Superbowl?

    Won’t even be close, Pats will have a field day.
  11. Biggest Celebrity Jet Fans?

    Joe Lo Truglio

    Oh boy, but Kacey gets to stay? Really? And they won’t even get Haley, it’ll be Bates.
  13. Jets Unrestricted Free Agents

    I’d love to have Claiborne back, for the right amount of years and money of course.