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  1. Watched the presser, as we all know by now Sam is a good dude. I’m rarely vested in players not on the Jets, especially former players. But can’t stress how much I’ll be rooting for Sam. He said all the right things in that presser. I do think Sam was the right guy at the wrong time. Time will tell, but I hope he does well in Carolina.
  2. Hopefully I made up for missing my last pick by picking instantly here, sorry again! @sec101row23 you’re up @BroadwayBenon deck!
  3. Falcons take rashad weaver EDGE out of PITT one second please to tag who’s next
  4. Apologies to everyone that I missed my pick, I feel bad about it but it was unavoidable. Once again, apologies to all.
  5. New York Jets Rondale Moore Purdue · WR Moore is a beast and a nightmare to tackle after the catch. He's neither a burner nor a huge physical specimen, but he fits everything the Jets are looking to be. Think Deebo Samuel, with his ability to carry the ball, catch the ball and generally be a DC's headache week in and week out.
  6. Peter Schragers first mock draft has the Jets taking Wilson at 2 and rondale Moore at 23.
  7. Falcons select Creed Humphrey, I believe @Beerfish is on the clock.
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