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  1. I did do some assuming there, but I think completion %, rating, and td’s are locks. I forgot to mention more yards as well.
  2. Sams going to end this season with a higher completion %, more TD’s, less picks and a higher rating than last year (both seasons 13 games played assuming he makes next 3 starts) Maybe it wasn’t the leap we all expected but given the circumstances that’s pretty good for a 22 year old quarterback. He needs a real OL and some more playmakers. Kid could be really really good.
  3. The check down to Ty Monty was the smartest throw Sam made all game
  4. Sam has nothing to work with, this is not an NFL caliber supporting cast. Just isn’t.
  5. Like going for it but I put the ball in sams hands not a run up the middle
  6. I’ve started him the last 5 weeks including today, nothing to lose since my team was horrible this year.
  7. Hysterical Titans and Pitt winning. Things could’ve started to get interesting if we could just take care of business for once
  8. Haven’t seen this anywhere, hopefully not he’s been reliable.

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