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  1. Jetlife33

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    Fascinating timeline
  2. If everything goes right, and I mean everything, we’ll challenge for a wild card with this roster especially because we’re in the AFC. I just want to see if Darnold is the goods this year when he’s ready to play, that should be our top priority as fans.
  3. Colts also meeting with Tre Boston so they might let Vaccaro walk out of there.
  4. Jetlife33

    Antonio Garcia Released by Pats

    Yep, and they traded up to get him. This was their Solder replacement.
  5. Jetlife33

    Antonio Garcia Released by Pats

    The 6-foot-7, 302-pound Garcia was selected No. 85 overall last year after he was credited with 70 knockdown blocks and didn't allow a sack in more than 900 offensive snaps as a senior at Troy.
  6. Jetlife33

    Antonio Garcia Released by Pats

    He participated in the first four weeks of the Patriots' off-season program according to Cimini
  7. Jetlife33

    Antonio Garcia Released by Pats

    New England placed him on waivers with a non-football-illness designation, but Ian Rapoport reports Garcia was cleared to play.
  8. Jetlife33

    Antonio Garcia Released by Pats

    Kicker Nick Rose got cut
  9. Robby Quincy Kearse and Pryor could be dangerous
  10. Jetlife33

    Petty Cut

    I got his autograph on my jets football at training camp in 2015. Real down to earth guy and honestly seemed like he really cared. Good luck to him.
  11. Jetlife33

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    I spoke to an NFL shop representative, if you order the Darnold Jersey online that showcases it with the #1, it won’t ship until they announce his official number. So the one I ordered last week should be shipping soon with the number 14.
  12. Jetlife33

    O-Line - Not just us

    Seattle traded up in the 5th round to take... wait for it.... a punter.
  13. Francesa loves Maccagnan and has been drooling over Darnold for 2 years.