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  1. Not a credible source, but I’ve always liked Foles going way back even before his super bowl run. I think he’d be a great backup QB here.
  2. Missed out on the Saturday tickets. If anyone has 2 they don’t mind moving let me know. Thanks !
  3. I’m actually driving down to Virginia Beach and then North Carolina next week for summer vacation. Haven’t booked anything for the Jets game yet, hoping to do so still.
  4. Just saw this now or I would’ve done so earlier , god bless
  5. Feel like the same thing was said last year
  6. Way before my time, is there more to the story than him just becoming a FA and signing elsewhere?
  7. Doesn’t sound like a legit source/rumor, but would anyone be surprised? JD getting rid of all of those Mac signings
  8. Fantastic, this line has huge upside. Nicely done JD.
  9. Until it happens this is what I’m assuming is going on.
  10. I went in 2015 and had a blast, definitely will go back. Tons of autographs and chance to chat with players. Not sure now with Covid.
  11. I know next to nothing about hockey, but watching the series and rooting against Boston more than wanting the islanders to win. Tired of Boston sports. Go Isles. Nice to see the Jets supporting local teams.
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