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  1. The Jets have always been their own worst enemy. Even with positive things happening in the QB room there’s all these other dark clouds. The Jets can’t get out of their own way.
  2. I love the thought of Manning throwing passes to Maynard. Had to take him there, had a feeling he wasn’t gonna last much longer.
  3. For defense I’m going with a top 100 all time player, Ray Nitschke MLB. He’ll be calling my plays.
  4. I’m going with my man #13 Don Maynard WR for my offensive pick
  5. All good with me! Just an opportunity to use the confused face haha
  6. Thanks man appreciate it, didn’t want anyone waiting on me.
  7. I might have, sorry I’m at work and losing track a bit trying my best to stay up to date. Not sure what happened since my last picks I’ll be trying to go through the post and catch up
  8. Am I after @nycdan? I’m losing track a bit of the order
  9. With my defensive pick, I’m going with the hardest hitting defender in the history of the game: Jack Tatum S
  10. The greatest QB-WR combo of all time? Yep they’re back together: Marvin Harrison WR
  11. Damn guys sorry gonna need a few mins, Strahan was a steal there. Gonna have to recalculate my defensive pick, but my offensive pick is ready ill post it now.
  12. Yeah really scary, Owens is my favorite non jet receiver. Just captivating on the field
  13. I knew @JiF was going T.O there. Nice moss and Owens duo, good pick!