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  1. Jetlife33

    Backfield Routes Darnold/Bell

    Pretty sure drake and gore had almost identical amount of touches (including receptions) and a scary close YPC avg.
  2. Jetlife33

    Backfield Routes Darnold/Bell

    If you read the fine print on the bottom of the picture I uploaded it tells you what routes it includes.
  3. I know PFF grades aren’t the be all end all, but this is really really cool. I think it works right into what Gase wants to do as well.
  4. Give me Namath and Martin without hesitation, and then give me LT in his prime. But yeah Bell is legit, haven’t had a player like him in his prime in forever and a day.
  5. Jetlife33

    Crowell released

    Obviously we won’t miss cro with bell here and all but shout out to Crowell for that huge game he had against Denver, I was in attendance and it was awesome
  6. Jetlife33

    Crowell released

    The #Jets have released RB Isaiah Crowell, given the addition of some other big-time RB they signed that you may have heard of.
  7. Jetlife33

    McLendon Returning

    Really cool, McLendon is a good guy and great leader.
  8. Jetlife33

    Jason Myers

    Myers year was an outlier.
  9. Jetlife33

    Andre Roberts to Bills

    Oh no
  10. Jetlife33

    NFL Free Agent Updates

    Dolphins Release Josh Sitton March 13th, 2019 at 3:17pm CST • By Sam Robinson This is breaking news. Please refresh for updates. Josh Sitton expected the Dolphins to make him part of their roster cuts, as they venture in a rebuilding direction. That happened Wednesday afternoon. Minutes after the 2019 league year began, the Dolphins parted ways with Sitton. The former Pro Bowl guard was limited to one game in Miami, with an injury shelving him after Week 1. wanted him last year, still want him this year
  11. Jetlife33


    Will they repeat this later tonight?
  12. Jetlife33

    Prime time games now?

    Hope we finally get a Sunday night game
  13. Jetlife33

    NFL Free Agent Updates

    Just spoke with Jordan Palmer who told me Josh Allen, Sam Darnold & Kyle Allen have been renting a house together since January right down street from him, work out every day together. Tyree Jackson & others he trains have been working out with them, throwing 4 days/week together
  14. Jetlife33

    Harry Anderson Re-Signed!

    Nice news. Dude can play
  15. Jetlife33

    Close to deal on Henry Anderson

    This I like

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